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Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

100 comments on “Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

  1. My favorite part is that everyone clapped at him improving the education system, even though he admitted the new common curriculum was an experiment that failed

  2. Hi Ellen,if u read this,I recommend you invite Warren Buffet too,he is a cheerful folk,he should feat with Bill Gates too

  3. It's not happy people who are grateful. It's grateful people who are happy. Bill is humble, conservative and Christian.

  4. i love bill gates for many reasons like :
    he's whole family is humble, he donates billions of dollars for charity, he's the second richest man of the world but still wear clothes like normal class people do instead of wearing expensive clothes, how money didn't changed him, how he is so friendly and caring, this man is an angel

  5. Check at 4:16 I have the same lines as Bill Gates on my hand maybe I am on my way to becoming a billionaire.. (How I wish)

  6. The way he is portrayed in the beginning is so disgraceful. Allen, Bill Gates can buy you billion times, every day. Respect. My gratitude to Bill so being so humble in front of this ridiculous item.

  7. Bill Gates– is there Data Wars? Thankfully we have logical fellow intelligent computer people who hopefully can answer that with algorithms and patterns. Lots of intellectuals that have no money are dealing with computer science.

    Cheers to all.

  8. Most sportspersons,film stars,models hv become millionaires. But a few person who hv created things on their own r billionaires. So they know their sacrifices and hardwork paid off to build all these. They remain humble

  9. Tesla's revenue grew to almost 21.5 billion U.S dollars in the financial year of 2018, an almost 10 billion increase from the previous year. The US is Tesla's largest sales markets. @YuWI

  10. Ellen.. I saw many of your show.. and little champ are always awesome.. but do you know in Bangladesh, a country beside india, & also in india you found lots of lots of talented and extra ordinary boy and girls ( little champ).. you may hosting them in your show… thanks ¡!!!

  11. I like he s finally doing good humanitarian work in the world. Outside US, and inside. We need more people like him. Thank you Bill.

  12. It's very sad.. to see that the people come to Ellen show just to get some money or a prize.. i came for bill gates to see how is his personality.. i am impressed a billionaire came in simple wear.. with no expensive shoes coat pants etc

  13. If he talks for first time.. That means he is worried about his billions…
    Berny sanders is coming with a French pitchfork in hand!

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