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“Blade Runner” Set Decoration, ca. 1960 | New Orleans, Hour 2 | Preview

GUEST: It’s a piece that
my husband purchased out
of California, through
the internet, back in the year 2000, from
set designers who did the
set for “Blade Runner,”
which was everybody’s favorite movie, still now. My husband was a big movie buff. He was also in television,
as well as public affairs. As far as people you knew, and
were with, they were people
who graduated from movie schools in California. Movies like “Blade
Runner” were uppermost. When he saw or heard that
this picture was for sale,
he went on the internet. My husband made an
offer, they accepted it. APPRAISER: Do you know what
he paid for it back in 2000? GUEST: Yes, it was about
$2,650 with shipping. We’ve had it hanging in our
home, and we think it’s a fine
painting, regardless of “Blade Runner,” but with “Blade Runner”
and everybody’s love of it,
that makes it really exciting. APPRAISER: Yes, now the
question is how exciting,
and that’s where I come in. This has what we call a “cult
following,” so any time you
have a piece that’s associated with a cult following, it means
we can go pretty deep into
the film to find things that people are going to
be interested in. And what I mean by that is,
sometimes if it’s a film that
there’s a spare number of people out there who like it, you need
to have really key props in
order to get some really serious interest in it. Other times, what we call
“set dec,” which this would
be considered, set decoration, and oftentimes, we say set
dec’s not as interesting
to collectors, just because
it’s in the background, and they don’t really interact
with it so much, but you see it. You do see this painting. It’s in Harrison Ford’s
apartment in the film,
as he plays Rick Deckard. And you can see it pretty
clearly in the scene
where he’s kissing Sean
Young, so that’s great. The most expensive thing that’s
ever come out from this film
was actually the hero gun that Harrison Ford used in,
the blaster, that sold for
$225,000, and that was in 2009. We had one of the painting
specialists take a look at it,
and she believes it may actually be a mixed-media piece. She thought– it’s possibly
an enhanced print done with
some paint and pigment. We’re not exactly sure, but
what they told us was, as a
painting, it’s probably not too old, it’s probably
from the 1950s or ’60s. And it’s probably not worth
more than $500 to $700 as a
painting, which, I know that you had a copy of the invoice
from the set decorators when
they bought it from a gallery in Beverly Hills in 1981- GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: in preparation
for this 1982 film. And they paid $720 and
change for it back then. Given the fact that this is
such a cult classic, today, at
auction, we would expect this to sell between
$10,000 and $15,000. GUEST: Now that’s–
that is really exciting. That is truly exciting. You know, when you hear
people say they had no idea. And I really didn’t,
so this is a marker. This is wonderful. Wonderful. I’m thrilled. APPRAISER: You’ve got a lot
of jealous nerds out there who
would love to see this in their home. GUEST: Well, could be
theirs at some point.

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