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BMW 1 Series Old vs New – M140i vs M135i – Quarter Mile DRAG RACE, Rolling Sprint & Brake Test!

BMW 1 Series Old vs New – M140i vs M135i – Quarter Mile DRAG RACE, Rolling Sprint & Brake Test!

Hello. I’m Oliver from LeaseLoco. Today, we’re going to be comparing two BMWs on their performance over a 1/4 mile sprint. Oh, I don’t think that’s just… A rolling race. And a brake test. I’m sitting in the M135 hot-hatch. Now, this thing as a 2 litre,
4 cylinder engine, turbo charge Got 306bhp and 450 Nm of torque. I’ve drafted in my good buddy Tom, aka TGE TV,
he’s sitting in the M140 next to me. Okay Tom, talk to me about how do I look in this car then? In this M135 at the moment. TOM: Firstly, you’re supposed to say ‘over’,
we’re on walkie talkies, we need to make this professional, so that’s your first error. And, secondly,
you look like a wally. Over. OLIVER: Well done, yeah. Sorry about the code
talk. Call me Blue Knight please. Over. TOM: I absolutely won’t be calling you that.
Over. OLIVER: Right, about these cars then. So what’s
the big differences? TOM: Well, I’ve got 6 cylinders, you’ve got
4. My car’s going to make a nice noise, because it’s a 3 litre 6 cylinder. And, yours is a
2 litre 4 cylinder, so you’re gonna sound terrible and it’s going to be slower. Over. OLIVER: Ah yes, but in this new M135 I’ve
got the all wheel xDrive system and limited slip differential in the front axle, and it’s
wet on this runway so I think I have the upper hand. Ha! Over. TOM: Ha ha I beg to differ. I’ve got nothing
else other than let’s just see who wins. Over. OLIVER: Okay, nice. Okay. Well just one little
thing, which one’s got the best front grill? Because I know there’s been a bit of controversy
over these exterior elements. TOM: Personally, I think your one look silly.
Over. OLIVER: Thank you for that. Okay, it’s all
subjective. Actually, I like both really. But that’s a little bit of a lame answer.
Right, let’s get down to this 1/4 mile sprint, because this track’s drying up
and I want the win. Over. TOM: Let’s do it! Over. OLIVER: Now, both of these BMWs are completely stock.
However, Motech have added side skirts and bumpers etc. But nothing has been done to the engine. OLIVER: You’ve got a few modes in this car.
You’ve got the sport, which I’m in – obviously because I’m racing. We’ve got comfort and
the Eco Pro. And, the ECO Pro is good, because if you’re on a long journey, it’s not going
to wake up the turbo as much, giving you maximum miles to the gallon. I’m hoping that the limited slip differential
on the front axle and the all wheel drive is going to help me with my traction, get
a better start against that M140 because it’s not the driest day today. Let’s see what happens! 3,2,1, GO! OLIVER: Ah, that’s a good… that’s a good
start! I’m away first. TOM: Argh, I got bog down in traction. OLIVER: He’s catching me. TOM: Argh. OLIVER: It’s tight. It’s tight. TOM: Get a bit of scram.
I’m doing him, come on! OLIVER: He’s catching up. TOM: Come on. Power… OLIVER: *high pitch squeal* ooh it’s a…
I don’t think… it’s exactly the same time! TOM: *laughing* OLIVER: What! Is that a draw? No… So, let’s see the instant replay. The M135 got the better start, the M140 seemed to struggle with traction at the start, this could be down to it being rear wheel drive. The more torque in the mid-range seemed to pull the M140 back into the race. When it came to the finish line, both cars looked neck and neck, but it was the M140 that claimed the victory, crossing the line in 13.6 seconds with the
M135 only a bonnet length behind. OLIVER: Now we’re going to do the rolling
race. Now, in this we’re simulating a racing environment, we’re going to be going 50mph
side by side, until we hit the target line and whatever gear we’re in, we’re going to
flatten the pedal and see which one pulls off first. TOM: So we’re building it up to 50mph here OLIVER: And we’re going. Oh he’s got some pull in that car. This is pulling, it just doesn’t have enough. TOM: *laughing* see mid-range on this has got it. OLIVER: Doing 95mph, 100mph, he’s pulling away,
he’s about 1 car length in front, 2 car lengths. TOM: The torque’s got him! 500 Nm of torque versus
450 Nm. Absolutely done him, see you later mate. OLIVER: That M140, just unbelievable. I mean,
it’s got 50 Nm of torque more than this car, 500 Nm of torque. And when we hit that line
going 50mph he just took off like a rocket and there was no way I was catching him. That’s definitely a win on the rolling race for the M140. OLIVER: Now, we’re doing the brake test. We’re
going to be side by side doing 70mph and then we’re going to do an emergency brake as soon
as we hit that target line and see which car stops first. OLIVER: Right, now we are 70mph side by side.
70 mph side by side. TOM: BRAKE! Wow, we got a little bit of… I think, actually,
he’s stopped before me. TOM: I won that round. We’ll have that. *clapping* OLIVER: So, that car weighing 1,450kg has
stopped quicker than this car, which is 1,525kg. TOM: What can I say? The lighter and more agile car won the day. And, the best driver of obviously? OLIVER: Yeah, I’m not sure about that last part. All right, but it looks like it’s another win for the M140. TOM: Over. OLIVER: Over. OLIVER: So there you have it, we have battled through some serious elements today. Sun, rain, even a rainbow at one point. TOM: There was, it was quite nice actually. OLIVER: Now the majority of the time, on the
sprints, the rolling race, the M140 just absolutely dominated, I just could not keep up with you.
But, a couple of races on the 1/4 mile sprint, this baby the M135 actually won. TOM: To be honest with you, (A) I put it down to…
I’m coming up with excuses now… (A) I put it down to the wet weather and (B) pure
incompetence on my side. Some of my starts were shocking, they’re probably already having
a go at them. Some of my starts were shocking, so that’s probably what gave you the… OLIVER: Yeah. TOM: Sorry, sorry to detract from your wins
there. *laughing* You were boosting. OLIVER: I thought it was the racing blood
in my jeans. But yeah, I mean, this one, the brake test as well stopped first, rolling
race was ridiculous. TOM: Yeah, mid range in that car is just much better. OLIVER: There you go. But if you do like the
M135, we do have a great deal right now at LeaseLoco, details are below. Like, comment, subscribe, share
and we’ll see you on the next one.

21 comments on “BMW 1 Series Old vs New – M140i vs M135i – Quarter Mile DRAG RACE, Rolling Sprint & Brake Test!

  1. Haha, even on a soaking wet track the M140 wins, the rolling race show how much better it is over the M135. Gota feel sorry for the M135 fan boys, The B58 makes the M140 a proper weapon 💥

  2. That’s a fair result. The 135i did fairly well considering the power/torque deficit. It should have surprised no one. I still think both cars are mint and I can’t wait to get hold of my M135i. It’s easily going to be the better car for me to live with. (If I spent my days drag racing then I’d definitely by a 140!). Good vid 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Interesting! Would like to see the same race on a dry track. Recon in those circumstances the m140 would leave it for dead

  4. Both the cars aren’t stock for a start. Both have motech lowing springs and spacers, full exhaust systems. The M135i has upgraded brakes and still looses. Deffo not an informative video 🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. Nice vid but stop copying carwow be more original and sound editing needs improving not hating just stating the obvious!! 👏

  6. here in europe we got the ///M140i A Xdrive who would have smashed your small m135i to center of earth …i even do not talk about the music of the B58 compared to the noise of the 4 pot…nice vlog thanks

  7. Lets be honest, the 140 is too good value for money. They had to step it down to increase value on M2, M3 cars. If you can spend £20k +£3-5k in mods to have a 10k mile 140 which is 99% an M2, you would take it and the cash difference of a further £15-20k. Its too good value for what you get. They had to make the new one worse.

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