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Bought $1600 STORAGE UNIT & MADE MONEY I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages we are back with part two of the storage unit right here we’re just
gonna get started the unit was it’s really full the stuff was kind of
trivial so what I did was I just took a little bit I unboxed I showed you a
little bit cuz I liked it or I thought it was interesting but for the most part
we went to the flea market we spread it out I showed you and I told you what we
sold we’re gonna do the same thing again because time is money right now and
that’s just what we got to do we’re jumping right back into regular stuff yeah we’ll be going through this heavily
tomorrow CDs and stuff our video might still be story inverse trip going down
gonna load up like I said will be ain’t gonna video tomorrow will be at the end
of this video I should say will be we’ll film it tomorrow will be at the end of
the day right now it’s gonna load up same feeling well just stuff that’s what
we’re doing throwing up bags and garbage cans I’m gonna keep loading the back got
TVs second load down now ladies and gentlemen look what it is we have a
special guest appearance and I’m late help wish you’re not lazy just 9 times
if you go to school yeah you ain’t get my head ok look it’s all of us again you’re right workers comp here no
insurance no slippin balls as we sing so good yes let’s see guess what they are Tarzan now trying to make the water go
back to where the Christians we could keep out we load number three on my way
down they’re gonna keep sack and stuff I’m gonna keep moving a load and uh got
to do what you got to do I know a lot of people think you buy a storage unit you
find a bunch of good stuff and you make money because that’s what’s perceived
but the fact is this is every store here it’s just random stuff if I wasn’t sit
here to film every one of these bags right now we’d be here for weeks that
doesn’t work are you buying one unit a month are you gonna make that unit pay
all your bills no if you think it will then I suggest you go through and watch
every one of my videos again and you watch the reality of what sells for now
when I find something I give you guys honest price a lot of people don’t like
my prices they tell me this and that oh you can get this so forth I sell
thousands and thousands of items I’ve sold over what 12,000 alone on just this
eBay account I probably sold thousands on Craigslist and I’ve probably sold a
million items at the flea market when I give you a price of something it’s not
because I went on eBay I found the most expensive one and I told you that’s what
we’re gonna get when I find something on eBay I automatically know the first two
or three or generally somebody bought them off yourself they try to manipulate
the market there was a rare chance that that one went very high but you go and
scroll down on any I’m on eBay and you’ll see once you get
down about a few items just either realistic actual sale prices of things I
look for the middle of all absolute sales and that’s what I tend to say
something is worth second no third fourth maybe fourth load
going down maybe fifth once again you’ll see all this tomorrow
least to me and Jasmine do the loads michaelis clean is she sick
Jasmine tell the whole world how school was today Oh school wise it was pretty
good I had art well so technically I don’t like taking pictures of myself it
was usually hard to find a picture pile of decent in the home and then week on I
make my own business whole world tell this young lady right here that she
should be very confident should not have a problem taking pictures same thing
always tell this young lady perfect look at Makayla with it what to just put the
extras on it is a perfect chance how we looking in the trailer I told the whole
world is sick today so we have to do all the work even though they saw you
Tiffany marketing stuff you are they so nice we got the free market how do they
see you sit there I want $1 for that map create a fleamarket frenzy by bringing
these unopened boxes right to the market and open them right in front of
everybody good psychology because people automatic when you get there in the
first person unload them they’re gonna look at the way the crowd is and when
you get the crowd to be in your booth that brings in more better quicker sales
flea market psychology right therefore you got to get the customers involved in
that’s where everybody swaps they loaded their Jasmine another load
all the way down there is the elevator to this unit we’ve made the back okay
we’ve made it to the back I decided I’m keeping the dining table for my future
home couch is junk nice washer and dryer here those will go out this weekend here
we got uh Jasmine Jasmine try this out okay I said
this doesn’t comfortable I think those are the cushions I don’t think I like
that now that I see it so the whole world was like okay we’re getting crazy
now okay it’s bouncy they’re like not the right ones huh I think it’s missing
cushions to be honest with you okay we can’t keep this tell you the rest of
this tomography my only unbox and sell everything in the elevator here this
last stuff we got Michaela’s in the air-conditioning where
we do all the work she’s got a fever of 98.7 okay family out there thinks to
find a store here it’s just gonna be all fun and games you see
on TV you see it on YouTube you think you buy a unit you get a safe you make a
bunch of money telling you right now those aren’t tears of joy I mean how you
breakin a sweat of excitement this is a lot of work it is time consumption it is
it’s yes I don’t even know where to go I’m almost speechless
you know what to say about that technically day to the store unit here
we have the flea market we got that load there it’s loaded here and we’ll be
going through this all the morning the flea market I’m gonna show you it’s
spread out I’m gonna show you the final sale so far i scrapped two hundred and
gold you saw Alex get a little bit I just told him to keep it for his money
he paid for reading the unit he got a couple hundred there and then we made
eleven hundred after expenses today so where it’s sitting at thirteen hundred
on this storage unit right now 300 ago until profitable people to get there
tomorrow I’m gonna go back the office and we’re gonna go through this couple
bags of jewelry here I just got told we carried out I showed you had the two
bags in my car found this jewelry in there whoo look at that right there but
we got everything laid out if went through everything looked it up or not
looked it up but I look to see I separated we got costume jewelry here as
you can see costume jewelry costume jewelry some nice pieces don’t get me
wrong this will all get boxed up I have a secret jewelry vendor I send them all
my costume jewelry they listed to sell it and we split the money and it’s a
good gig I think I’m gonna like it so or start a new box I would have been nice Jewelry jewelry drew makes me want to
contemplate going into the flea market tomorrow and instead in just unloading
this you didn’t going through it that was in my truck sterling silver rings
right here possible sterling sterling silver rings these are cute we got
butterflies I see potential gifts giving away that’s plate let’s look at that
heart the second one of those hearts I found in this unit we got more this
might be gold and have that test it might be gold might be gold silver
silver this is just marked R tau or something like that
we have gold here gold here this is 14 karat on it Jesus found Jesus not bad
and a 1/4 carat diamond earrings look at those
I like these you know why don’t ask me why but little show you why they matched
the ring I’m sleeping at the light here they matched the ring that I’ve been
wearing for some time on my necklace as a necklace charm that’s cool pretty
legit and they have a 250 dollar price tag on them not bad like I said we got
gold pretty sure it’s 14 karat feels like
about eight twelve grams there’s no 812 it’s not a good number
I’d say about 11 3 snowflake is support of snowflakes out there this little
snowflake silver silver possible gold not bad makes my guess we’ll know by
5:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the morning when I wake up like I do every
day whether or not I will be taking this load out or if I will be sorting it and
then selling another my glasses anyone on right damn it’s Thursday morning we’re here
get ready to start gonna sort this out I’m gonna see if we have anything good
we’re gonna show you what we found these boxes and then we’re gonna show you what
we made on the second load of this unit damn what is it oh we don’t like wolves look it’s all sorts of clothes ladies
and gentlemen right up to bat as now I didn’t want to go to being individually
like I was you know you don’t look and there’s a NAPA trust and believe guys I
buy more units names but you ever met maybe almost any but grams might be
creeping up on me and buy more units but I know what I’m doing out there right
here that’s actually what is Victoria’s Secret not yet but definitely we will start
with now we’ve already unloaded everything I did
not feel I saw anything of worthiness to show you guys it’s already knee-deep in
the dollar sale was just closed we’ve had such a small amount of sales today
and we’re doing all of it I don’t feel well I’m kind of sick today
Mikayla got me sick yesterday they’re trying to keep it low in the filming
would probably break even today but I left this fool for Monday and as well I
left this fool per month and being in the whole markets for if you look
everywhere people are selling and it’s harder to sell low-end stuff you’re
competing with everybody so I made a decision to just sell off this crap that
it find out that could stop unloading and wait till Monday we’ll come back and
finish this video start it’s like 9:30 our little bit sooner why are you doing
a dollar so like I said his stuff was very trivial I made a little bit of
money maybe I’ll break you in for the day but we’re getting rid of this Louis
about saving one more last low for Monday which hopefully will put us in
the profit everything we took out that’s the dump round we’re leaving for
George she’ll come pick this up me and Tony and salt princess are done for the
day at the end of that day I probably only
made about a hundred bucks and I did not have the stuff is so when I say trivial
it’s like cheap clothes broken glasses little kids toys books coffee cups etc
etc I don’t have time to take that to the goodwill so that’s why I do the
freestyle like the repurpose it give the energy back out to the community let
people take it who need it and then I just paid George and he makes it a
little bit of money the circle goes a round of energy so I wash my hands of
that because the average storage unit is full of that stuff when you’re trying to
sell it you’re not gonna make a lot of money I promise you I’m just saying so
yeah 100 bucks after paying everybody I’m done

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