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Broadway Flea Market 2016! | Vlog

[upbeat music] Emily: What are you all most excited about?
Aya: I mean- Isaac: Anything Spring Awakening.
Aya: Yeah! Emily: Okay, fair.
Aya: We’re here for the Spring Awakening tattoos. Emily: Yes.
Elliot: I’m here for the playbills. *Laughter*
Emily: Alright. Got some playbills. Aya: Um, maybe like a cool shirt?
Emily: Yeah? Aya: You know, I mean, we’re all wearing cool shirts.
Emily: We’re all wearing pretty cool shirts. Elliot: Maybe a mug.
Aya: Yeah! Isaac: I have three dollars, so…
Aya: Hopefully they’re all microwave safe *laughter*
Isaac: Hopefully, something I can afford. Emily: Cool.
Aya: We’ll check back. Emily: We’ll keep you updated. Aya: Wait put this on your vlog! Aya: Ohmygod. Emily: Look at that beauty. Emily: How’s broadway flea so far? Isaac: It’s great!
Kelsey: It’s great. Isaac: I actually bought stuff
Emily: You did. Kelsey: I didn’t.
Emily: We’re getting a good haul. *laughter* Emily: Kelsey, what are you holding out for? Kelsey: I don’t have money!
Emily: Ohhh. Kelsey: I didn’t get cash this morning.
Emily: That is a problem. Emily: What’s your favorite thing that you’ve gotten so far? Elliot: Um, probably my Big River and The Times They Are A Changin’ playbills. Emily: Yeah, yeah. Elliot: Those are my two really exciting purchases. Emily: What is the best thing you’ve bought so far? Kelsey: Lunch!
*laughter* Emily: That was not a good bite to record. Emily: That was a mess. Emily: So what are you? What are you? Aya: We’re vest friends! *magical noise* Emily: So, Andy and Michael just walked by us. [Aya and Isaac unintelligably freaking out about this in the background] Elliot: He touched my arm. Emily. We’re a little overwhelmed. Emily: He’s wearing the salmon sweater, like we predicted, so. Isaac: He’s a nerd and I hate him. Emily: Alright, look at all this stuff we got. Aya: Also, my playbill ripped.
Emily: *gasp* Which one? Aya: This, cause the wind was so strong that like, literally, like I showed her what I was getting and the wind just- And I was like, well, it wasn’t mint condition before, but it’s definitely not mint condition now. Emily: The best. Aya: Oh wait, wait, wait.
Isaac: I’m so- Aya: Trifecta
Emily: Yes! Aya: It’s the trifecta Emily: We can summon him using these things. Aya: And then… no wait, hold that one up, and then this. Isaac: Hi I got this and I’m crying about it. *laughter* Aya: I mean I would cry about that.
Elliot: I got that last year. Isaac: I’m also crying about this.
Emily: Yes! Aya: Also we all got hella tattoos. Emily: So many. Kelsey: I got to pet a dog. *laughter*
Kelsey: It was great.
Emily: The real winner here Aya: Kelsey’s good for the day. Isaac: I love this quote- “Michael Arden is going to be big”. Aya: He is big, honey, he is. Isaac: *deep breath*
Emily: Stop. Kelsey: Someday they’ll actually show his face on the Tony’s
Aya: What? Kelsey: Someday they’ll actually show his face on the Tony’s. *laughter* Aya: Yeah, we’re still shady about this. *soothing guitar* Emily and Aya: *singing* There’s a part I can’t tell about the dark I know well. Aya: Um, why are you doing it from that side Kelsey? Kelsey: You’re gonna edit it anyway!
Emily: Your hand is in the way! Isaac: Anyways.
Emily: This is a disgrace. Emily: Ok. Are you just gonna stand there? Kelsey: I mean, Elliot’s in his bed.
Emily: Oh! *laughter*
Aya: There’s also a chair! Aya: It’s causing everyone too much emotional distress.

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