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Build a Small Antique Clock with this 4.5″ Clock Dial Face

These antique metal dials are some of
the best quality printing of ever seen. The attention to detail of these dials
is simply amazing! They’re made on sheet aluminum so they will last for a very long time decades and they’re printed with epoxy based inks.
These inks are very very long lasting and should last I won’t say forever but
pretty close. These round dials can be used in a variety of case designs and
for each model we have actual antique hands. We have the antique black with these two
models and the antique white for the black dial. The thickness of these dials is just
under a thirty second of an inch. You don’t really have to add too much extra
space on your calculation for the thickness of the clock dial. I am Mike Brosman for ClockParts.com

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