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Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker Coat, ca. 1970 | Palm Springs Hour 1 Preview

Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker Coat, ca. 1970 | Palm Springs Hour 1 Preview

GUEST: I went to an estate sale in Malibu,
California, and the lady in line told me that it was the home of Carroll O’Connor. APPRAISER: Wow. Of Archie Bunker fame. GUEST: And I went in the house, I went upstairs,
and the master bedroom closet was filled with men’s clothes. It was actually his daughter-in-law that was
having the sale. And I said, “These couldn’t possibly be your
father-in-law’s clothes.” And she said, “Yeah, my mom never threw anything
away.” Even though he had passed 15 years ago. I bought it because I was just going to give
it to my dad. He was a big Archie Bunker fan, and I thought
they were the same size. APPRAISER: Mm-hmm. What did you pay for it when you bought it? GUEST: I think about $40. APPRAISER: So this was quite a while after
Carroll O’Connor had passed. Is that right? GUEST: 15 years. His wife just passed away about a year ago,
and so they had the estate sale about three months after she passed away. It just, to me, takes me back to a time when
my whole family was together laughing and having a good time. APPRAISER: All in the Family, man, that show
it just kind of redefined America. It took all of America’s, like, hang-ups and
values, it put them in a jar and it shook them, and it broke down racial stereotypes,
it broke down sexual stereotypes. It helped social justice in our country because
we’re all sitting there on the couch, and we’re watching this guy in this jacket just
changing America by being a bigot, and everybody could see the humor in that. He was actually based off of Norman Lear’s
father. What do you do with it now? Do you have it displayed? GUEST: Oh, no. I keep it in my living room closet, and in
the morning when I walk my dog I just throw it on, because it’s kind of warm. And I just use it to walk my dog. APPRAISER: It’s not a costume made piece. It’s actually a purchased piece, so perhaps
there may have been one or two others as a backup. But this was Archie Bunker’s, and Carroll
O’Connor took it home. And whenever you find provenance like this. You got it from Carroll O’Connor’s daughter-in-law. And then here’s photos of him wearing it. Here he is with Edith on the show, Jean Stapleton. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: And there’s the coat. You look at it up here, and what’s cool is
it even has his little flag lapel right there. That was a big social commentary unto itself
on the show. The condition is fabulous on it. It hasn’t been beat up. I love this shot here with Sammy Davis Jr.,
and there’s the coat hanging behind it. In that episode, when Sammy kissed Archie
at the end of the show, that broke the laugh record on that TV program. It’s an icon. I feel that at auction this is worth $10,000
to $15,000. GUEST: No! No! You are kidding me! APPRAISER: No, I’m not. I love it myself. I’d wear it walking the dog, too. GUEST: You are kidding me! (laughing) APPRAISER: Probably on this, I would put $20,000
insurance appraisal on it. GUEST: $20,000 for insurance?

34 comments on “Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker Coat, ca. 1970 | Palm Springs Hour 1 Preview

  1. Keep the Babe Ruth, keep the Abraham Lincoln autograph, the silver, the gold and diamonds, I would trade all of it to be the caretaker of that iconic jacket which for years, one evening a week, brought my family together with laughter true enough to mark that time forever.

  2. Boy does that piss me off. The daughter-in-law that the Oconnors were paying 15k a month to after their son Hugh committed suicide went and raided the Oconnor's house like that and sold off their stuff for peanuts to whoever. What a POS.

  3. Good for her. As much as I could use $10-15k, I think I'd probably have to rock that while I walked my dog too. WOW

  4. I've been to his house that the family still owns in Bel Aire. (about 10 years ago now) They left it alone, all original from when he lived there. Really amazing.

  5. Keep it, never sell it just wear it walking your dog, and know what you are wearing one of our best loved actors coats…. He was a really nice guy IRL. It will be worth more in 30 years.

  6. She can't be very smart. I mean, wearing it to take your dog for a walk? This is an important piece of comedic and nostalgic history for Pete's sake.

  7. Omg!! This jacket needs to be in The Smithsonian!! This woman is absolutely moronic for wearing a piece of American television history to walk her dog. I can't believe it was in an estate sale either. I just watched an episode of All in the Family and Archie was wearing this jacket.

  8. If anyone knows this woman, please put her in touch with me. Carol O'Connor is my favorite actor and this is my all-time favorite show. I would love to have it, even just put it on once. I'm in southern California, thank you – e6 AT juno DOT com

  9. That's got to be a VERY conservative estimate for that coat, because I think if sold at an auction, it would easily clear $75,000. The coat is a television icon.

  10. I would love that jacket. If I was her when the owner said 40 dollars I would have paid her and been out of there like a shot before they could change their mind!

  11. I saw this episode when it first aired and i STILL don't understand had O'Connors daughter in law could just sell that coat for $40. She had to know it was highly collectible. The furniture is in the Smithsonian – how could she know not that his coat would be nearly as iconic? All I can say is, goodnight nurse, i wish i'd been at that estate sale first!

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