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Carter Vintage talks about the first Les Paul Standard Burst

Carter Vintage talks about the first Les Paul Standard Burst

this is the very first les paul standard
that has the yellow to red sunburst that we today call the burst there were a few
earlier ones that had some sort of a cherry finish there was one that had a
cherry wash cherry stain all over the whole the whole guitar and others it had
just the cherry but not the not the yellow in the middle but this is the
first one that looks like this and there were two of these made and shipped out
from Gibson on May 28 1958 to the to the home office in Chicago Chicago musical
instrument company gives its parent company and these were this one was
obviously pulled off the production line and was intended to be gold top because
the not only is that is does not have a center statement as a three-piece top so
it would would have been painted gold in no one would have ever seen that so these were sent to the office gives
you continue to make gold tops and finally later on decided to go on and
make the sunburst finish so this guitar was sent out with a salesman named andy
nelson to show dealers and he had it with him on a trip to Memphis and kid
fourteen-year-old kid in Memphis was was in the the ok.how communiqués tour that
day due to buy new guitar his father a tribute men and he saw this and saw andy
nelson showing this guitar and decided this is the one he warn’t so Nelson got permission to sell it and so
he bought it take it home not knowing that it was the first just that he likes
the color so he played it for a few years and then put it under his bed his
children stepchildren played it would take it out plate or you probably left
it out in the yard from time to time and so finally a few months ago he called to
see if we would be interested in he did when he bought it but didn’t
really know much he had heard that sunburst Les Paul’s were were in great
demand so he thought it was worth a fair amount of money and when he sent me
pictures I saw the serial number so it’s a space 3087 and when i was working at
gibson is there historian I have been looking through the shipping Ledger’s
from 1958 and there was a shipment on that day on May 28 that hand two numbers 830 87 in a 3096 and it has
the notation special finish Les Paul special finish and at the time i was
writing an article for Gibson to website and I thought will perhaps those are the
first sunburst Les Paul’s didn’t know that was around nineteen ninety seven or
eight and a year later the book beauty of the burst was published in there was
3096 on bus / guitarist with guns and roses so that told me that 3087 was also
sunburst and I hadn’t seen it I know what it’s saying it but i still remember
that number in so when I saw the picture of this guitar that was sent to me and
saw that number i was very excited but I help my excitement there and asked ya i
said i need to i wanted to see the person in and he brought it here we
looked at it from top to bottom inside and often he gets all there this is this is that other one from that
shipment that’s the story one owner gets are the the original owner has a picture
of himself as a kid is standing in his living room and sunday outfit with cum
thailand playing this guitar and others there there’s at least one of
the guys from Memphis who knew him as a child and remembers his guitar remembers
the kid that had this guitar

6 comments on “Carter Vintage talks about the first Les Paul Standard Burst

  1. I was born on 5/2 58. What is your best guess as to when this burst was started. I can not find out a lot of info on how long it took to build start to finish. Is it possible we have the same birthday?

  2. It reminds me of the Epiphone Les Paul my brother got and the first one I played.It had what felt like barbed wire strings and sky high action and sounded hollow as hell through the Peavy amp he got with it.Now I wish I had that one back and could work on it to set it up properly!

  3. 5 mins. $625,000.00. And didn’t play it for the camera. Cool story bro. But we’d like to hear it too. I know I know. Ed king plays it on video but every video of this guitar should include some playing of it. Come onnnn.

  4. If you've ever played or heard a burst in person than you would know absolutely that they have a different sound and feel than anything else, especially a brand new one, unless your tone deaf.

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