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Chalk Paint Color Wash Technique and Glaze for an Old World Vintage finish (PART 1).

Chalk Paint Color Wash Technique and Glaze for an Old World Vintage finish (PART 1).

Old World Vintage Finish using a Chalk Paint Multiple Wash Technique and Glazing using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and General Finishes Glaze Effects (Part 1) okay let’s go her real answer with old
wait as you can see this is pretty banging him I tried to
take some of this off it’s just really big in the tedious job three months so
we’re gonna cover it up these thick thick paint then we’re gonna do wash
just paint what a sophisticated you’re just gonna wash it on wipe it off it’s
gonna be under the listed unit of Aaron spray let’s see how that looks first if
I like it I may leave it if I know anything it needs just a little bit more
body or a little bit more tone to it I’m a novice in French linen I haven’t
decided yet I’m gonna focus this particular tutorial with the washes and – and I think some
of you guys are really scared about glazes but in fact ladies is the
ultimate antique finish don’t get me wrong I like waxes your cumputer I’m
gonna try to make this so easy and hopefully you’ll break down some
barriers of fear of a glazes these Bend ain’t brown its water bass
plays effects and I’m also going to show you gaze extender this is the master
because yes glaze dries so quickly what happens is you don’t have enough time to
kind of work it in the way you want this you don’t always have to use this
depending how fast you work but for somebody who’s not used to glazes how
you recommend it you can mix up your places you don’t have to use the
products that I use you can use any chalk paint you want I’m just giving you
a general idea of tones and colors I do know for a fact we are starting
with old white this was some kind of white I’m going to say there was a latex
paint it’s very very chippy I could probably keep chipping away and getting
it off like I said this time to lure to use project I don’t like to use projects
that are like sanding and in the chalk paint you don’t really have to do any of
that it’s it’s really good coverage you can’t really go wrong and whether you
use a varnish or you use the wax you’re sealing it you’re done I always as I say
how much joy I tell you guys you gotta clean them out that’s it
cleaning them out is really really especially depending where you’re
getting them bro I try to get them from estate sales it’s my big thing I like
pieces with history to them but I also want to demonstrate to you guys that has
just a normal literature that’s not even wood can look beautiful too so let’s get
started and we’re gonna start with old white I’m just going to cover this all
up over white the reason this is going to be a really good place and I
recommend using glazes when you have this kind of detail you want to make
this detail the dominant of your piece not the color the detail so she has more
detail than I think I’ve ever had in any piece that a chuck painted so this is
like the detail Queen in detail pieces of furniture so that’s where I’m going
to make it pop with the daisa so this is going to be a fantastic
toriel for keys and you’re not going to fear it you’re gonna love it and I’m
going to teach you all kinds of fun things to do with the keys alright let’s
get started so we’re back and I quickly showed you
that we did the gray wash on here it’s so faint very very faint but it
definitely gave it the tongues that I was looking for I’m actually thinking I
might do another gray wash I’m not sure either I think what I will do first is a
French linen wash and again all I want to do is create these different tones
from you know a topi tone the gray tones and we already started with the white
tones so this is just going to give it this old you know whether kind of
feeling with all these different tones matched in there there’s no right and
wrong way wash is so simple as you saw we did and we’re gonna do it again I’m
gonna film me doing it as close up as I can
because this piece has so many details in it I’m making the wash a little more
runny than I’d like to because I need to get it into the detail so it’s gonna be
a bit of a droopy mess I do get a lot of chalk paint on my floor but never ever
worry about dry paint it cleans up like that so I literally just take soap and
water it comes right off these are just laminate floor anyway and with all the
traffic that comes through here they always need a good wash so I’ve made my
French Lenin wash I usually just do one part water one part paint you can do
whatever ratio you want if you do two parts paint on part water it’s just
gonna be probably a little bit more dramatic so that’s all you’re doing is
you’re creating do I want something a little bit more effective or a little
less effective but we’re going with a little bit less we just rather build as
we go so yeah good moring my lovely the loves because
it’s just gonna be a big splatter mess but that’s okay I like today so yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and get started I’m gonna start from the top to the bottom I’ll
bring the camera closer for you guys like I said you just want to get it on
there wipe it off I try to avoid streaks so it just has like this binky I don’t
want that big smear on there so one thing I do is I kind of do circular
motions and wipe up and down back and forth and all we’re doing is we’re just
trying to get it into the the detail of this piece and it’s just going to leave
a little bit of a residual French lemony lulu-nee
that’s another word French linen just this little topi hue behind it’s just
another tone so lots tones okay so a big question that people have when
it comes to color washing is if I put water and a diluted new pink color on an
already existing paint finish does this mean this is going to lift off
it shouldn’t the only real reason it would lift off is because this finish is
too thin so if you only have one coat generally sometimes the already existing
paint finish will lift a little bit but sometimes people want that because they
want some light distress mint and wet distress by just adding water or color
wash is going to give you a little bit of take away and on certain areas so
where I’m going with this is the safest bet when you’re doing a color wash is
try to have two recently dense coats on your project first our first coat was
pretty thick remember we did two I think two and a half coats again that’s a
fantastic texture with that again there’s no right and wrong this is just
I’m just taking you to the process of what I’m doing to this piece so I’m super happy about the results
everything’s been great definitely getting this tone-on-tone just looking a
lot more organic as far as just a natural where within the colors
themselves even being such a light base so I’m going to go ahead and put another
coat and see if we can I’m absolutely loving our results these
this is so exactly what I was envisioning it was looking fantastic I
love it so we’re gonna let this dry probably about half an hour 45 minutes
it’s just slightly damp because it’s a wash but there’s gonna drive so something I mean just quickly
mentioning I’m actually starting to roam actually a
little bit harder I’m trying to actually bring a little bit of the white to come
back here on the really really like protruded points so you’re gonna see
that in the finished product you can see that just be careful with doing that
again because you need to apply the pressure but you don’t want to
necessarily wet distress you just want to bring back a few little layers so
just be mindful I find probably the safest way to do it is just lots of rub
rub not too hard just rub

14 comments on “Chalk Paint Color Wash Technique and Glaze for an Old World Vintage finish (PART 1).

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  6. You have such patience ! Looking forward to part two . You are giving me confidence to try painting a piece of furniture…nothing as intricate as yours. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work .

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  9. You work serious magic!! Your videos get better and better! They were good to begin with but i love having you explain what you are doing. You executed your plan perfectly because (i saw the finished pic for second part) the detail is the star! Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos and share with us your amazing creations. I look forward to seeing part two🤗

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