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Challenges of Appraising Asian Art

Challenges of Appraising Asian Art

APPRAISER: Assessing Korean art, Chinese art, there
was a number of benchmarks that you can refer to they give you examples where
you can say well this type of clay or the, the modeling of the figure or any
number of different points can be considered that give you an indication
of where something was made. With the screen we just started out with a
preconceived idea, really. Once it opened up and we saw it in front of us it just
shouted and it and it’s not that we weren’t familiar with the Korean screens
that were copying using as prototypes Chinese examples from that period, we
were. But it’s interesting how the human mind works. Once that was kind of
embedded in my mind and that of my colleagues, that is the path that we took.
And it just turned out to be incorrect. Now once we saw the Korean participation
about the end of the sale, all of which happened fairly quickly, it was over an
hour maybe from start to finish, we realized, “how did we fail to see this
that was right before our eyes? Why didn’t we notice this?” And of course
the explanation is it’s just it’s human nature.

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