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Charity Shop Sue | Part 4 | Royal Lady

Charity Shop Sue | Part 4 | Royal Lady

What do you mean she’s your girlfriend? She’s my girlfriend? What did I just say? I’ll juk her up. Watch you don’t make me do it. I swear to God! Take it back darlin’. Pass it here! Don’t tell me who to talk to. You f****** d***. You better come now. Give me the bottle. Do you want me to tell her? F*** off. Come with me now. Now! See you later darlin’. Don’t you touch her! Don’t you tell me who to f****** touch! You know next time, if I have to come down here again, I’m gonna knock that b**** out, I swear to God. You f****** threaten my girlfriend? I will threaten her! She’s not your girlfriend ****. She wouldn’t be your girlfriend if she knew. You better go and get that money off her. Hello Sue Tuke. ‘ello Bernie you alright?
Can she not just come down? I’ve got some… The thing is Bernie you keep putting it down to age. Do you know how old the Queen Mum is? Eh? Oh God she is isn’t she. I’m on about the Queen. Sorry, I’m not a Royalist. What I’m trying to say to you darling is, she’s still cutting ribbons isn’t she? How many… Oh dear. Viki? Mable has cancelled, she’s a
waste of space. Sue, stay calm, it’s okay. Sue? Can you edit that out for me please? Yeah sure. Thank you. What’s up with you. I need to take some time off. Sit down there. Go on. You’re not feeling yourself. What’s going on? My mums had an accident. Oh dear. How’s that bloody happened? She fell down the stairs. She weren’t on the… was she? Give me your hand? You know I look out for all my staff. And I’m gonna do what I can to
support you. Don’t ever feel bad about coming to ask me anything. Eh? Get out. Go on. I’ll speak to you about it later. Do you know her Sue? It’s our Belinda.
It’s me sister. You alright? Can you edit that out? I can see you are interested in this? I like that. Fantastic. What I’d like to say, the grill is broken. But don’t panic Will you reduce the price then? I can’t do that. Oh no. But what some lady did the other week, put wallpaper round there, she made that into a shelf. She just used the bottom bit for roasts. Oh that would be alright wouldn’t it. OK so that’s going at 70 pounds today, I’ll give you a little bit of time to think about it
thank you very much. Thank you. Hello. Hello It’s Joe isn’t it? It is yeah. Yes I remember you My wife used to come in here regularly. She used to love coming in here. Such nice people in here. She’s not been here for a while has she? She passed away three weeks ago, with Alzheimer’s. She went in a home. You’ve been having to sort her things out then? Yeah one or two bits and bobs. Very sad when you have to do that. Oh look. That is lovely. Oh look at that. That’s a Royal Lady. She’s a Royal Lady. You think so? She’s a Royal Lady. Excuse me, sorry, I couldn’t help but listen in there. Sue Tuke, Manager. Oh you’ve got a lovely box. I know. One or two bits what the wife had. There’s still some more to sort out. And I overheard that. Sorry to hear that Joe. OK? I’ve got a bit of bad news for you. I’m trying to help ya. It’s not a Royal Lady. When I bought it, that’s what it was. That’s what they said when I bought it. I’ve heard a lot about these scams. Do you know why I knows it not a Royal Lady? Coz a Royal Lady wouldn’t have a fist in a muff like that. Eh. They call it a cheap lady. OK? They done me then when I bought it. Let me have a look at this. Joe you need to let go. Alright. That includes you Vera. So not a lot I can do with that, but given
the circumstances it has got sentimental value. I’ll pop it on the top shelf,
I’m gonna get it to a good home. Good. Right I’ve got a lot to do today, I’d love to stay and chat. But I can’t. Right Viki, come and give Joe an hug.
He’s goin’. I know it’s emotional but get up and show him some love. And that’s how we do things
around here. See you then Joe. Lovely to meet ya. OK I’ll bring some more things in when I’ve sorted them out. Oh fantastic! What some cheap lady’s? Oh, well, they will be cheap yeah. I’ll try and get them in to some sort of mosaic maybe. I’m a bit of a dab hand with the crafts, aren’t I? OK bye. See ya! Look after yerself. See ya Joe. Just pop in we’ll give you a cup of tea. Yeah I will do thank you. Alright bye. You take care. Bye. Wow. I don’t know how you dare. Excuse me? You know that’s good stuff. So he’s gone home, thinking he’s been robbed, because he bought something that’s
not right, that his wife treasured. It is a real one. I’ve looked underneath. You couldn’t sell that for 10p on a car boot, let’s not joke around. Well the figurine was. Right, you know what? It’s got me down. I don’t want to talk about it any longer. I’m gonna go and
spend some time upstairs. Where’s the lappy? It’s upstairs. Fantastic.
Right OK, I’ll see you later. Don’t come knockin’, cause it won’t get

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  1. Vik key is straight pulling that girls man to be honest I’m not surprised the leopard print woman pisses at the back of the shop lol

  2. We used to get some right old tat in our shop. The people didn't even have the good grace to give the items a wipe over. Someone donated a milk jug and sugar bowl with the sugar still in it, the jug probably had milk in it too but most liked spilled out on the journey. lol
    People basically use you as a dumping ground for their shit. We'd fill 3 industrial bins EVERY week with stuff we couldn't sell. Such joy…

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