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Charity Shop Sue | Part 7 | Sue’s Antique Hunt

Hey Sue! Can you hear us? It’s only Sue’s Antique Hunt. Who planned it? OK Sue, you’ll have to answer my riddles to find the correct locations around Bulwell. When you find the location it will either be an evaluation or a challenge and the
money that you raise will go to charity. OK. Count me in. You’ve got 15 minutes. 3, 2, 1… Go! Come on! Say again for me. A place where it is stinky and some people use it as a bath. It’s not Bulwell Bogs is it? Come on, get up, now. What’s that? So basically, I’ve got my Grandma’s teapot. I don’t know when she got it but… That is 1920s! One word. What
have you got to say? Whoa. ‘Whoa’, I’ll go with that. Probably put 200 quid on that. Wow. Welcome to Sue’s Antique Hunt hey! Turn North East from where you are. Come on. Keep goin’. Keep goin’. Right… this ain’t here for
no reason at all is it? Has anyone got anything for that? That’s the sort of place, there’s gonna be a clue in there. They’re snidey like that. I know ’em. Come on! Let’s move it! Let’s move it! Challenge time now Sue. You need to find the £20 donation for charity. You’re having a laugh aren’t ya? How much? £20 donation for the charity. You’ve got eight minutes! I’m trying to do it darlin’ give me one second. Woi!!! Can you get that in? Eh? 20 quid down. Couple of hundred to go! Are you ready for your next riddle? Right! It used to have steam but now it’s electric. It’s a tram darlin’ int it? Yeah yep yep yep. Need to find a man on the tram with a red feather in his hat and he’s got a 20 pound donation. Go find
him. Just a quick one. If you see someone with a hat and a red feather, give me a shout. Man with a red… Excuse me darlin’ before you get off. Sorry darlin’ go ahead. Can you get back on the train. I want you to look for a hat. A man with a hat. Red feather. Go on, get on! It’s for charity, he’s got big bucks for me. [Inaudible] Darlin’ please. She’s very loud on this. She’s always loud. Keep goin’. It’s for charity. Just look darlin’. [Inaudible] I can’t leave this platform, I’m stuck here. Please come on. I really do need to go. I’m sorry but… He’s there look, I can see him! He’s there! He’s there! He’s there darlin’! Keep goin’. I work in Sec*Hand Chances… Come on Sue, you can do it! Scrap that one, we just lost 20 quid. Next riddle. Your next riddle then is – Wish for a horny
animal. Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue! You’re running out of time. It’s the bloody bull! She’s got it. What have you got for me? Er, 1950’s necklace as worn by my mum. OK. It’s from the Commodore, the Palais De Dance in Nottingham. It’s authentic. Lovely little bit of a story there. I’d give yer 10 quid for that, but because of the discolouration on it darlin’, how about… £2 straight off now? I’d rather keep it, it’s got sentimental value… It’s a family heirloom isn’t it. No. I understand that. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit of tat. If it means a lot to your heart. You gotta keep it. Lovely to meet you guys, thanks you so much. Alright? Thank you! Right can I have the next riddle please? That’s in the basket! Come on! Don’t stall, get on your mark. And you’ve got two minutes! Right ladies. OK. What have you got for
me? Is it a challenge? Sorry what’s that? Yeah. Wasting my time. Trying to raise money for charity. What’s that? No! What? You! Can you not slow it down for me? Ladies please. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 yeah! Stop that clock she’s in the
building. Just made it! Shouldn’t of had that fag, should I? Eh? Tell me, how much we’ve raised? £35. Push the £20 pound you’ve got
on the train. Didn’t get that one. Tram moved off before they got to it. You’ve been miscalculating it. I’ve been working on this stuff for five weeks. Still £35. £35? Eh? Do you know how much that works out as? That’s seven pound a week. When I said turn North West you went South. One… you made the riddles too hard. And don’t tell me you’ve been looking at this for directions? Well it’s a map. It’s bloody Nottingham ‘commetarte’. It’s about hundred years old. Look at that. Can you see a tram stop? No. No. Bloody medieval ruins
laydeh. You’ve ruined it. [Sniggers] Laugh all you want. But there’s gonna be a lot of people out there tonight that can’t eat. We’re not
having one next year. Fun’s over guys.

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