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Cheapest way to get into Fuji GFX: FUJIFILM GR 50mm 3.5 (with samples)

Cheapest way to get into Fuji GFX: FUJIFILM GR 50mm 3.5 (with samples)

43 comments on “Cheapest way to get into Fuji GFX: FUJIFILM GR 50mm 3.5 (with samples)

  1. Great video as usual, Andrew! I actually JUST finished watching your coronavirus/Fuji video (while I wasn’t notified I did see your video in the recommended, so perhaps YouTube isn’t really burying CV-related content?) Speaking off — Andrew, I’m curious, do you think that half off price has to do with the corona virus situation?

  2. Great video I just brought 35mm 1.4 I do like more that 35mm f2 but that gr 50mm look fantastic so is it work with tx3 with adapter? Or tx4 iam going to buy it ?

  3. I love my GFX50R. I've got the 23 and the 32-64. Considered selling it at the back end of last year, but looking at the images I was getting I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Along with my X-T3 with 10-24, 16f1.4 and 55-200 (and adapted Nikkor 105f2.8D) I've got everything I'll ever, ever need for photo and video. Look forward to seeing your review of the 50 🙂

  4. I bought a used 50r yesterday from local camera store, and ordered the 50 3.5…..got to wait for the lens to arrive, so I’ve not picked up the body yet. Digital xpan here we come!

    What other GF lenses do you own/use?

    What adapters / legacy lenses do you use?

    I’ve ordered adapters for Leica M, OM, exacta & M42….all relatively affordable being ‘dumb’ adapters.

    The area I’m having trouble with deciding is a ‘smart’ adapter for my EF lenses, I really want to use my 24TSEii on the 50r. I’ve read mixed reviews on the Kipon/techart/fotodiox fusion/viltrox

  5. I am a noob… But I do not see much GLASS on the front end of that lens. Is that normal? Your pics are great, but I would think you would want more GLASS for more light to enter the lens. It is $499 on sale, so why so much for so little glass? IMHO

  6. Thanks for useful video content! Slightly off topic: Could someone help me identify that camera strap brand?

  7. Thanks, Andrew. Great as always. Thanks for also mentioning the limitations of vintage glass (my thing). Would you happen to know if it's the same with Carl Zeiss Jena's medium format lenses like the Biometar 2.8/80 from the Pentacon Six, by any chance?

  8. Good medium format lens on the cheap?
    The Mamiya 80mm 2.8 can be had for around $100. Everyone hypes and the 80 1.9 so the 2.8 gets ignored a lot, even though it is the sharper of the two (at 2.8)

  9. I have the itch to sell my X-T3 and x-mount lenses to grab a 50R and this lens… You're enabling me, Andrew 😉

  10. I don’t have a GFX but waaaaaaant one so bad . This also is the lens I want. I believe it is 40mm equivalent of ff fov. I have just recently purchased the Sigma 40mm Art and am loving it . I’d already had the Fujifilm GW690II with the 90mm which is 40mil equivalent on full frame and like it . This is what got me liking the 40 fov. 50 ends up feeling to tight most of the time and 35 a touch wide most of the time . I am starting to like the 35 and mainly because I got a Nikkor O (I believe) 35mm f/2 . Shooting it on my d850 and it’s a phenomenal lens .
    Loving you channel thanks a ton for all the info

  11. You may want to mention the 50R/50 "kit" which is now available from the same store for $3998.95, saving $1500.00. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1492299-REG/fujifilm_gfx_50r_mrls_cam_blk_gf50mm.html

  12. there's many vintage lenses that cover the full sensor though, that is one of the fun aspects of that camera, seeing which vintage lenses cover the full sensor or not, most of them do. Also it isn't actually 3.5 – with that sensor it is more like f2.8

  13. Great video as usual, those images look sublime. Would you put a couple of raws up for me to pixel peep?

  14. I've been waiting on the GFX and saving from gigs that clients paid me in cash. Got a nice fat stack and as soon as this deal popped up I jumped on it 😀

  15. Honestly came here expecting a great deal on a medium format body :). Is it possible that someone willing to drop $4k on a camera body is probably not going to stress about buying decent glass?

  16. so, how does this compare with the XPan lens? Is this 50 from Fuji for modern digital sensor better corrected and sharper than original XPan lens you tried? especially wide open? No real quantifiable difference? or older lens more awesome than modern lens, justifying the price?

  17. Hope 2have th monies b4 tat sale ends.1shot no stitching 16×9 panos results!! "Yeesss"… &those last images, inspirational.;^D

  18. Holy crud, that price! If I didn’t have it covered already with the 32-64… but … wow. I love what I see from that lens. I’m in trouble if they do this on a longer lens …

  19. It's also faster than for example the 63mm f2.8. Here in Europe it's in stock in most shops for around 550 EUR. And the GFX 50R body is -1.000 EUR. I even got my 50R for less than 2.700 EUR new. Awesome time for digital medium format enthousiasts!

  20. Also did you ever test the viltrox adapter for Canon EF mount? I have a copy here but have focus issues combined with a yongnuo 50mm f1.8. I'll continue testing with proper canon lenses and firmware update. The best thing is that most canon EF prime lenses cover the sensor and it supports exif and autofocus!

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