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Christmas Shop With Me | Holiday Vintage Dress Try-On, Decor and Visiting Santa 🎄  #christmas

Christmas Shop With Me | Holiday Vintage Dress Try-On, Decor and Visiting Santa 🎄 #christmas

hi everyone so today we are at Kohl’s
shopping for Christmas now it’s a little bit early because it’s November and it’s
a week going into Thanksgiving but it’s a special day because my husband Ruben
is playing Santa here and so we came to take pictures with daddy and we’re all
holiday decked out because we wanted to take some cute pictures with our sound
and of course we have to ask him what we want for Christmas I need to tell her
what we want right like he would it so anyways that’s what we’re doing we’re
here we’re gonna go check out it’s just right now right so we just finished taking our pictures
with Santa and the group it’s doing such a good job I know he’s gonna shop and
look for more Christmas things it’s so much fun
I was gonna show you my outfit of the day because I can’t talk to out of here
so I’ll do it later today I’m wearing a special Christmas
dress one that I picked out two months ago from Kohl’s with the intentions of
adding it to my winter Christmas 10 item wardrobe it is part of the Ralph Lauren
chaps line I love the burgundy the velvet the
neckline it’s got a vintage Flair to it and I just feel so sophisticated and
beautiful it’s like the perfect Christmas dress for me and I actually
bought this because I thought I would wear it to the Nutcracker but since
we’re gonna be in the Nutcracker I figured I could probably wear it after
the show I just thought it was such a lovely
dress for the theater for dinner even Christmas parties walking through the
store dressed elegantly like this was very fun and you know what it makes a
great dress for pictures with Santa some of the best things about shopping is
finding Christmas decor that I liked and I really like we’re looking for
nutcrackers and Christmas village people like Victorian Christmas village things
I’ll show you in a little bit but that’s what I’ve been looking for and some
colors that would go with my decor for this year which would be like the pinks
and browns so that’s why I came I really like just Lauren Conrad
collection so let’s see how he’s doing looks like Santa’s job is officially
over for today see buying Hodari daddy is done how did he do isn’t it so cute
watching we took pictures all together as a family
and we did it one that was really cute that we did on purpose for like a
special and we just want to show that yet we’re thinking of having that as
like a Christmas card or something I think it’s gonna be I know it’s cute so
anyways and Reuben does it two more what two more times in December so yeah that
Sony yeah he’s still good with the kids the kids loved everyone there the last
one with a little baby oh it was so cute okay so sweet he’s like the sweetest and
everything and I feel like mrs. Claus and then Hodari is like a little like
Santa Junior like like little little daughter are you an elf or a little what
are you I’m a no you would be like an elf a little elf girl and then I
understand I missed Anna or senators across yeah it was so we’re just looking
around now and I think we’re gonna wait for Danny to come out pretty soon but
his shift for the day is done and now I’m in the dressing room and I’m going
to try on some Christmas dresses I’ve been looking for some pretty formal
holiday wear and so I found this first dress it’s actually exactly what I’ve
been looking for I found something similar to this dress on eBay however
this dress is so much nicer I really love the plaid I’ve been looking for our
Christmas dress with that plaid with the red and the black
and it has the bell with a bow it reminds me of the other dress I bought
for my fall tonight on wardrobe the swing skirt it’s got a vintage 50s feel
to it I just absolutely love it so I think I can pair it with a blouse
underneath and change it up a little bit but I definitely love this dress the
next dress is a beautiful red sweater dress from the new collection by Jason
Wu and it’s part of the new line of holes for holiday where I really love
how it fits it has a swing skirt I have never really owned a sweater dress
before but I love to sleeve with that sequence it’s kind of got that extra
pizzazz and red is so pretty for Christmas so I do like this dress but
not as much as the first one but it was fun to try on and I thought it was very
warm so I may consider something like this in the future very fun dress this next dress is also a favorite of
mine I really liked the vintage style in it it has like a 1940’s
cocktail dress kind of mixed with a little bit of a 50s formal prom but I
truly love the way it fits I love the velvet belt the sweetheart
bodice and that just really pretty feminine and ruffles sleeve all about
this dress is so classy it just says elegance and sophistication
and I’m very surprised that I found it at a reasonable price at Kohl’s so I
really like this dress and I think I might want to get this later now I did
pair this dress with a little fur jacket this is also by the JSON wool Holiday
Collection and it almost has like a Barbie fashion style to it
it’s so vintage and I love the 50s and 60s feel adds a lot of classic
sophistication to any holiday outfit but it’s so pretty and I can see myself
pairing it with some black gloves and also maybe a little hat okay did you think okay so that was our wonderful blog
today ribbon I’m so proud you did so good thank you alright so we’re going home and I hope
you like this video is kind of different yeah but I thought it would be fun to
share this wonderful experience that only happens once at lunch I write I
hope you like my office and shopping for Christmas make sure you subscribe to my
channel for more and I will see you in my next video

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