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Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Antique Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Antique Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments

Then we have free blown which is just figural
that have little intents and different colors to them. This is oxidize you can see fun thing
to collect that is a example of a free blown. And here we have a couple of examples of fish
this is another area of collectibles that some people like to just collect fish different
sizes, different shapes, different ages. So in here I would show you which is the every
popular Santa and he oh people like to collect this guy he comes in different forms his arms,
his legs, are in different places. Sometimes he has legs sometimes he doesn’t, he can’t
be clipped from underneath, he can be hanged from on top and the sizes very from 1 inch
to all the way up. Very fun thing to collect and this is another more rare Santa which
has felt feet and boots, very collectible, little more pricey. Also there comes a variety
of snowman’s so it is really if you are looking at this there is endless amount of bulbs that
you can collect. You can collect a little bit of everything or you can collect one thing.
Here is a rather interesting ornament here which I kind of like these are a lot of the
girls and they where made with glass eyes mostly German early 1920s. A little bit more
expensive but a fun ornament to collect they came little red riding hood has a red cap
and this one has kind of a golden brown color. Very nice a little expensive.

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