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Collecting Antiques : Antique Cigarette Lighters

Collecting Antiques : Antique Cigarette Lighters

You probably thought someone would like me
would show you some cheesy collectibles like glassware and all that, no, I’m not into that
stuff. Here’s what I like. Cigarette lighters, vintage cigarette lighters. Somebody wrote
a whole book about them, if you can believe that. They are so, so cool. There are so many
different cigarette lighters, look at these. Here’s a catalog from a nineteen-thirty cigarette
lighter ad, Carlton Automatic, how cool is that? Look at the deco, look at the enamel
ware on these. These are really collectible and very valuable. They could be worth upwards
of hundreds of dollars for some of these. Take a look at some of these stand up models
– look at these interesting images, these were sets that they sold for playing cards
where they have little ashtrays to go with every card player, with the little card theme.
And over here – see, there was a lot of those. There’s another one, and then they had flints,
here’s a box for Flint and lighter fluid, this is a Clark, that’s another famous brand.
And as you know, there’s – you’ve heard of Ronson, let me show you some more, Evans,
look at these, these are table models. They worked with a wheel and you twirled them,
here’s beautiful, beautiful enamel, deco, oh here’s the others I want to show you. Look
at this. These were really cool, these were in the shapes of objects, and they had really
kind of hidden ways to light them, like these were little guns so you’d fire the trigger,
and you know how those – they’d have that bang thing where you’d make a joke and it
goes bang, well these you’d use to pull the trigger and the flame would just pop out.
So these are very collectible and there was some airplanes, and here’s a puppy dog. I
wonder if in the seventies whether they had mushrooms, but I don’t recall any mushroom
lighters, no I really don’t. But they have some incredible lighters, they’re very collectible,
they come with – they’re butane, here’s all the old – look at this, these are mighty midget
lighters and that’s the old cardbacks that they used to have for these. But lighters
– people are asking for these all the time, and they also ask for pipes, pipes, and any
type of tobacciana, they call it, tobacciana which is tobacco collectibles. They’re very
hot. That was a pun, wasn’t it, it wasn’t very good was it? But anyway, here they are,
lighters, another fascinating hobby, I like it.

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  1. We have a really old 1870 isle of palms lighter. It is not like any lighter i have ever seen. It has has a metal stick that you pull out and at the end of it has flint and a cloth that you Strike Acrossthe Bottom of the lighter. Do you have any idea what or where this letter came from

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