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Collecting Antiques in Nashville

Are you in the mood to do some antique shopping?
Stay tuned and I’ll take you on a tour of Nashville’s 8th Ave Antique Mall – minutes from downtown Nashville. Hi, I’m Suriva Fischer with Powerhouse
Property Group and Keller Williams Realty in Green Hills Nashville TN.
Welcome to the Antique Mall on 8th Ave South in Nashville.
If hunting for antiques appeals to you then you need to check out the 8,000
square foot showroom at the Antique Mall on 8th Ave South.
Thousands of collectibles, art deco items vintage clothing and boots, vinyl records
and players, mid-century furniture accents and more. This mall will appeal to
the casual browser and the serious aficionado. There’s something for everyone with boots curated by shopkeepers with a
range of personal styles. The area is fun and funky with nearby entertainment
including Zanies Comedy Club and plenty of shopping areas. There’s free parking
and plenty to do within walking distance of 8th Avenue South Antique Mall. Inside
the mall you’ll want to check out Atomic Art and Sound – a must see if you’re an
audio enthusiast looking for classic vinyl and vintage
record players. Where better than Nashville to find these? Again, I’m Suriva Fischer with
Powerhouse Property Group and Keller Williams.
I’ve enjoyed showing you a small piece of Nashville today I hope you’ll join
us next week. And feel free again to ask any questions – we’ll be happy to
answer. Thank you so much. (615) 955-0404 and have
an awesome week! If you like this video comment on it, subscribe to it and share
it with your friends. And don’t forget to tune in every Monday for more videos.
We’re gonna have some fun folks! Come join us and see what’s going on in
Nashville and the surrounding area. Hi, We’re at 8th and Roast on 8th Ave South in the Antique Mall section of Nashville TN not far from downtown Nashville. And they have some delicious coffee. You have to some by and check it out. And here we are in front of 8th and Roast.

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