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Conan Hits The Streets Of Berlin  – CONAN on TBS

Conan Hits The Streets Of Berlin – CONAN on TBS

Hello, I’m Conan O’Brien. Over the past year, I’ve been taking my show around the world. I was trying to figure
out where to go next when I got an assist from our good friend, the German comedian actor and star of Pitch Perfect 2, Flula Borg. I would very much like to go to Germany. Maybe I could come to Germany with you. I will join you and you will join me. We would be like a three-legged sack race but with no sack and it’s not a race. We will take our time. (audience laughs) (orchestral music crescendos) (cheering) Hi, oh wait no. You don’t have to… You can come over now. You’re allowed. Since 1989. You’re allowed to come over, it’s okay. You can be with your lover. (audience laughs) I need something that
says I am Berlin guy. What’s that? This is a former east German medal. Okay. Thanks. You gonna kiss me? Yes. You’re a really crazy big man. Crazy big man, that
is my name in Germany. Are you the guy from
the late night show? Yes I am, yes. Letterman or? Yes Letterman. I’m David Letterman. (audience laughs) Would you like this? No, thank you. (audience laughs) So I must have this. This is a vice for sexual pleasure. This is an Amish sex toy. How much is this? (speaks foreign language) [Woman] 30! You know for the whole deer I’d pay 30. 21? 22 okay. Yes! Would you hold my vice please? Hold my vice, would you hold my cane? Stay right here, don’t you, I know what you’re trying to do. (audience laughs) Well, I’ll call the police. I’ll call the vice squad. That’s a pun back in America. (audience laughs) Danke. How much? (audience laughs) I must have this, how much? No it’s not the same guy is it? He screwed me on the price of
a deer giving me the finger. (audience laughs) What? (audience laughs) Kaput, ah! (audience laughs) This is for men? Do I need to give you my size,
or is it one size fits all? Yes what size do you have? Well, what are we talking about here? Stop laughing! (audience laughs) (cheering) Yes it’s really me, settle down. I blew that kid’s mind. Couldn’t believe he saw
David Letterman in person.

89 comments on “Conan Hits The Streets Of Berlin – CONAN on TBS

  1. People in Germany stare…. that's what I notice as well, when you're on camera in another country people likely wouldnt stand around that crazy like in Germany

  2. I was so tempted to go AWOL in Germany back in 82 when i was there from Fort Bragg! But my young mind thought better of being wanted

  3. The land of my ancestors. I would love to visit. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of sausages. But they have Spitzel. It’s vegetarian too!

  4. The King of remotes handsdown. It's good for him too because he's not getting any younger. I'm sure he enjoys this as much as we audience do.

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