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Craft South | Nashville Fabric Store, Quilt Shop, Craft Store Tour | Founder Anna Maria Horner

Craft South | Nashville Fabric Store, Quilt Shop, Craft Store Tour | Founder Anna Maria Horner

Craft South gets to be this connection
between what people are excited about right now in the making industry and the
people who are doing at located in the ultra hip yet laid back twelve South
neighborhood in Nashville Tennessee craft South is paving new ground owner
Anna Maria Horner has dipped her toes into just about every area of the
crafting and creative industry and says the inspiration for her newest venture
came from several areas of her professional world coming together plus
she wanted to move her home-based business out and expand we have seven
kids our house is pretty crowded place to begin with and he was trying to sort
of reclaim our home what if I were able to teach more in Nashville and if people
are going to travel anyway could come here so it was kind of I think that the
more of the two point between traveling in teaching in having an online shop
already the stronger one compelling need to really look for space and do
something was the one needing to really get the business side of my house it was
time the retail shop stocks fabric textiles yarn patterns in books handmade items and supplies for sewing
quilting embroidery knitting crocheting and more I tend to like a very broad
spectrum of styles and designs but they’re all connected by just beautiful
you know that’s my thinking like is it beautiful and it’s a quality than yet
this space also hosts classes kids camps and weekend workshops featuring various
celebrities in students who travel near and far to attend it’s exciting for me
that I’m now in this position tonight just always run around and teach what I
know how to do and what I am interested in but I got to have a new and different
kind of involvement with other designers which is lovely craft south is also the
first exclusive Janome sewing machine dealership in the city and Horner
continues to maintain an online presence to service customers just about anywhere have been running a business for a long
time but you know doing a physical one is a whole different thing craft South aims to provide a supportive
environment for learning sharing and creating together the purchase of our
sewing machines are yarns and fabrics is comes with the support of being able to
walk in here and talk to us about it any time since opening the doors the summer of 2015 horner says she was
pleasantly surprised by all the foot traffic but I really enjoyed seeing is
people walking in and saying I’m so glad you’re here like I welcome to the
neighborhood you know and that’s really that’s part of why we chose this
location is because it was a true neighborhood without question craft
south is redefining the quilt shop is many brick-and-mortar store struggle to
compete with online commerce I’ve seen a lot of shops have been around for a long
time that have been a really really good job of trying to integrate the modern
aesthetic and I really like to see also kind of sticking to their guns in terms
of what they think is important in terms of the fabrics that they offer and the
types of hazards they put out in the type of luck that they’re trying to
promote her hopes to encourage someone from any lifestyle to get in touch with
the creative site my hope is that we’ll also in turn have
a diverse customer you know and so far I really feel like we have in terms of age
it’s been everywhere from kids that come to take our kids Kamp classes and went
to pick out with horses on it he you know to grandmas you know so it was
really fun is when the grandmas to something that’s like so modern you know
me so so traditional exactly so I think that you know you attract what you put
out and I mean I think that’s actually kind of the process of what I hope
you’re sort of building a relationship with people and they can count on as and
what’s next for this sought-after designer author and businesswoman always
tried to go about my decisions with my work very intuitive allelic whatever
makes sense at the time i’ve seldom ever SAT back and said in five years from now
I want to be doing X Y and Z because I just things change you know conditions
change variable strange my family changes are needs change and I’ve always
just tried to look forward to being the best in any possible scenario where we
are in our family and what we can bear as a family in terms of my work or my
travel or my designing

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