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Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (GAME) ft. Ben Schwartz

Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (GAME) ft. Ben Schwartz

100 comments on “Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (GAME) ft. Ben Schwartz

  1. I'm really happy he's so successful now a days

    I remember watching him on old Jake and Amir videos and i knew he was destined for success!

  2. I’m just gonna pretend that this is Jean Ralphio and that parks and rec never ended and that my heart never got RIPPED out of my CHEST with the last episode

    yea I just finished watching parks and rec

  3. Am I the only one who is deeply obsessed with the cute horse thing, and the mushroom stool😂😂😂😂❤️

  4. Has a guest ever enjoyed themselves as much as Ben does in this video? I'd love to see him come back!

  5. I LITTERALLY just finished binge watching parks and rec and i decided to watch a montage of link getting mad and then i see jean raphio aka ben schwartz

  6. So if we're following the rules of the last round, shouldn't Link have gotten 2 points during the foosball round?

  7. Is anyone else enthralled by the entomological specimens in the little vials?? OMG, I would jump on that in a minute. $22 is a steal for that collection. Neat!

  8. Trading in bottle caps hahaha Knowing that existed dates us a tad cause my 12 year old wants to know why people would keep their "lids". 😅😅😅

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