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Decorating With Flea Market Finds : Lamp Shade Décor With Flea Market Finds

Decorating With Flea Market Finds : Lamp Shade Décor With Flea Market Finds

Hello, I’m Denise Robinson and on behalf
of Expert Village.com we are here to talk about flea market finds and the lamp and shade.
Lamps are probably the easiest thing to find at flea markets. If you find a lamp with not
so great shade, the base is probably the most thing you want to look for. This one is just
a regular candlestick kind. You could probably find ginger, jar shapes, baskets and if the
wiring is not so great, don’t think that the lamp is not good. You can unscrew this,
take this head off, pull this threw, go to your hardware store and buy another cabling,
have it re-strung and find a lamp shade that you like. Lamp shades come in different sizes
and say like if this one had a crack on the inside, but you liked the shape of the shade
you can get a piece of material that you like that you want to use in your room. Hot glue
gun, scissors and a little imagination. You can cover it and have a new shade. That is
just one style. You can have like a little drum size and say that you found a great shade
there. You like the coloring but maybe you want some designs. You don’t have to be
a perfect artist. You could probably draw some circles or anything abstract. Maybe you
are an artist. You can put that on there, may be string beads around it, fur or whatever
style you want to go to. My favorite type of lamps are the amber lamps. They give off
a nice, warm glow and I got lucky finding this one. When it lights up and since it has
this plastic coating here, it gives off amber color lights which is real nice and I found
this one at a great price.

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  1. thank you…you are very informative and easy to follow…is there anyway you could show us how to make VICTORIAN LAMPSHADES…there are no posts available at all toshow us how…please can you help, there arethousands of women outhere who want to know…sorry my space bar is broken..lol

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