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DIY Bird Hat

DIY Bird Hat

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. Today, I will show you how to transform a
baseball cap into a beautiful bird! Place the cap on a support that will help
keep the rounded shape of the hat. I decided to use a styrofoam head that I protected
with plastic wrap. You could also pack a towel in a plastic bag
and put it inside the cap. If necessary, start by painting the cap in
the colour of your choice. I was asked to make this project as an accessory
for a show and the bird had to be green. Since I wasn’t able to find a cap of the right colour,
I painted my cap with diluted green acrylic paint. When I started to paint the cap, I was not
quite sure if I was going to use the visor or not and that’s why I painted it green as
well. I diluted the acrylic paint so that the cap
would not become too rigid. Let the paint dry completely. For this project, you will need sheets of
foam to create the wings, the tail and the beak. I chose to create the beak with yellow foam while I made the wings and tail from green
foam. Draw the pattern of the beak twice on the
foam sheet. Use a ballpoint pen to draw both sides of
the beak and then cut out the beak. Glue the two parts of the beak together with
a glue gun. Just glue the edges of the beak together because
you need to be able to fill it later to give it some volume. When the glue has cooled down, draw a line
down the middle of either side of the beak. As I could see better what I was going to
do at this point of the project, I decided to cut away most of the visor. I kept a piece in the middle that will help
keep the beak in place. The material used for the visor is sometimes
very thick, so arm yourself with a good pair of scissors and patience
or ask a strong hand to help you cut! Fill the beak with tissue paper or paper towel
but leave a space to be able to insert the tip of the cap into
the beak. Now that you have finished the beak, draw
the tail twice on the green foam and cut out the two copies. Place the two parts of the tail side by side
and cut three pieces of stem wire. Place two wires lengthwise on each side of
the tail and also one in the middle. The wires have to be a little bit shorter
than the tail. The stem wires will allow you to give the
tail the desired shape. Glue the stem wires in place with the glue
gun. Finally, glue the other part of the tail over the first so that the wires are hidden
between the two layers of foam. Trace four times the pattern of the wings
and cut them out. Like for the tail, cut pieces of stem wire.
You need two pieces of wire for each wing. Glue the wires in place and then place the
second layer of foam on top to hide the wires between the two layers.
Do the same for the other wing. As you can see, painting the fabric with acrylic
paint does not guarantee a uniform colour. To hide imperfections and also to make it
look like feathers, I used a deer foot brush. I added white paint with a little green paint
all around the cap, the wings and the tail. It takes time to cover everything but fortunately
it dries very fast! Now that everything is painted, it’s time
to put everything together! To glue the beak in place, first put hot glue
on the tip of the cap and insert the tip into the beak. Then put hot glue on each side of the beak
to attach it to the cap. Only the top part of the beak will be glued
to the cap; the lower part extends under the edge of the
cap. Hold the beak against the cap until the hot
glue has cooled down. Now, glue the tail at the back of the cap. Fold the base of the tail to be able to attach
it to the cap. Glue the part you folded to the back of the
cap. Hold together until the hot glue has cooled
down. Now you have to glue the wings on either side
of the cap. Thanks to the stem wires that you put between
the layers of foam, you can give them the curve you want. Glue
the front of each wing on the cap. Finally, make two eyes. For the eyes, cut
two large white circles from Bristol board and two smaller black circles. Glue the black circles on the white circles
with white glue and let dry. Put a dot of white paint with the back of
a brush on each black circle. Glue the eyes in place with the glue gun on
either side the beak. And now, your bird cap is finished! This project can serve as a disguise for carnival,
Halloween or just for fun! To print the document with the step by step
instructions and patterns, click on the link below
the video!

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