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Do you like to listen or read?

Hi it’s Elise here and today I have a
question for you. What is your preferred learning style?
Is it reading or listening? Mine is definitely listening. I love audible, listening to
books is one of my favourite things. I’m also addicted to podcasts! My
three favourite podcasts, that you should check out are 1. Dave Stachowiak’s Coaching for Leaders 2. Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win and
3. The MindValley podcast These are 3 fantastic, free resources and great brain food every week! So, my question – what do you prefer to do do? Read or listen? The reason I’m asking, I do have some
really exciting news but I’m not quite ready to share it with you yet! But I’d love to
know the answer to that question. And if you have any recommendations we
would love to hear them – so put them in the comments below. We are stronger together! Until next time 😊

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