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Does He Work as a Carpet or Salesman or In Fashion? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.12

Does He Work as a Carpet or Salesman or In Fashion? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.12

– Ohhhh! – It’s like I’m taking the SAT again! – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down
a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (funk music) A team of four strangers will get three clues. – Guys, I am stumped truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess- – Here we go! – to solve this episode of “Guess My Hustle”. – Hey guys, my name is Adetayo Fajemisin. My nine to five is I do
home share cleanings. – Hi, how are you? Tayo.
– Elise. – Nice to meet you Elise. – Yeah, you too! – [Director] Do you think
people are going to be able to guess your side hustle? – I doubt that people can
guess what my side hustle is. It’s just one of those
things that you don’t see on a day to day basis. My name is Adetayo Fajemisin, which is Nigerian. Ade means crown, and tayo means happiness. I’m originally from Hyattsville, Maryland, in which I played the
saxophone for over ten years, and I see the number 11 quite frequently throughout the day.
– Whoa. – Spooky. – It’s not spooky, it’s
actually a good thing. – Oh, oh cool. – [Tayo] It’s supposed to
mean your guardian angels are telling you that things are aligned. – Oh! – So, it’s like a- just a
constant reminder that I’m doing the things I’m supposed to be doing. – Cool! – [Tayo] And also, my nine to five is not your typical nine to five. I actually do a lot of
home share cleanings. You know, Airbnb is just
taking off, and you know, there’s a lot of people that
need their homes to be clean, so they call on me to do it. – How do you feel about your nine to five? – It freaked me out at first. I was like, “Oh my god, I graduated with two degrees, and I’m a cleaner. Great.” But at the end of the day, it’s calming. It’s relaxing. It’s something that’s just easy. (funk music) – Word scramble. Unscramble the letters correctly
to receive your next clue. You have until the buzzer sounds. – All right guys, let’s do this! – All right, let’s see what
you guys can come up with. – Give me an E! Give me an R. – S, A, T, Y. R, E. – So many consonants. – Okay. – Okay, let’s see. – Pretty. – Pretty. – Oh, actually that works. – Getting so cold in here. (laughs) – This is like a really
long word, I feel like. – Very long. – I feel like there are
too many consonants. – Purity. – [Tayo] Nope! – Teyapyrste. – Beautiful! (laughs) – Don’t know what that was, but sure! – Wait a minute. Top? – Nope. – Tape?
– Nope. – Tapestry! (cheers) – Is that it? – That’s it! You guys got it. – Tapestry! – Nice!
– [Tayo] That was amazing. – Way to go. – Nice guys! – Tapestry, so yours has
to do with tapestries. But all right, okay. Do you have any tapestries in your home? – I do! – Oh, how many? – Um, several. – Lots of them, okay! – Several.
– Wow, interesting. – [Director] Do you have a side hustle? – I don’t have a side
hustle, but if I did, I think it would be dog watching. (cheerful music) – [Jeris] Great job on the first clue, but let’s read another one, shall we? – Blind box. You have until the buzzer sounds to figure out what the secret
clue is inside the box. (gasps) – All right. – Who’s going to go first? – Oh damn, it’s gonna bite me. Okay, so it’s like, there’s a zipper. – Uh huh. – This is weird. This is not a tapestry. Or is it? – Or is it? Maybe! – It’s like a hand muff.
– Look in his eyes. His eyes will tell us everything. – Okay, maybe I should let you guys do it. – Let me get my hands in. – Next! (yells) – What’s happening in here? Do you make these? – Yeah!
– You make these. – (hums affirmatively) – All right, all right
well keep it in there. See what’s in there. – [ Briana] Oh! – [Jeris] You’re from
the east coast right? – [Tayo] I’m from the east coast. – So you’re used to winters? It gets cold. – It gets cold. – And you need to bundle up, right? – I’m thinking maybe what
if it’s like, one of those- You remember those
cargo pants that zipped? – That’s true it’d be really furry. – Cargo pants? – Like pants that become shorts? – I feel like that’s not what this is. You want to try? – Oh, I’m- – Oh, sorry! – Scared. This is a shape I’ve
never experienced before. – Yeah. – How does that deal with a tapestry? – [Elise] I don’t know. – Maybe it has a design on it. – This is a genuine mystery. – I feel like you would either wear it, or it’s used to cover something else. – Do you like wine? – Sometimes. – Oh, a good question. I see where you’re going with this. (buzzer rings) – Oh!
– There it goes! – Maybe next time. – Saved by the bell. – Yes. – As they say.
– Aw, man. – Maybe in the next game. – I’m so confused! – [Narrator] What was
the weirdest thing that happened today? – Probably putting my hand
inside of a magic box, not knowing what to expect. (funk music) – Sound it out. Solve the pictogram for your next clue before the buzzer sounds. – Oh.
– I like this one! – Okay. – Right. – Okay. What do we have here? We’ve got a cash register. – This is supposed to be one word? – Yeah, like together, we’re
supposed to sound it one word. The person sitting, what’s
like the versus thing, right? – Oh it’s versus. – Yeah, like versus, but why is he sitting? – I’m bad at this one. – I’ll give you a little hint. – Please!
– Thank you! – The cash register is “till”. – Till! – Why, oh like money? – Til flame T. – It’s not flame. – [Jeris] It’s not a flame! – Is it match? – It’s not match. – It’s not match. – Light! – Versatile. Versatile! – Oh, shut up! – Versatile, versatile. – [Elise] Yeah that was- Oh. – Versatile flame, versatile light? What were you saying, light? – Wait, Versatile- tea. – Versatility! – Versatility! – Versatility! – Versatility? Oh my god. (cheers) – Versatility. – So there’s something
versatile about what you what you hustle? – Does it have like one
primary purpose and then you can use it as other things as well, Or is it meant to be equally
used for different things? – [Tayo] No, it does
have a primary purpose. – [Elise] Okay. (buzzer rings) – Oh no! – [Director] What was the
weirdest thing that happened? – The pictogram puzzle, in my mind, I completely shut down and
I had no idea what to do. If my parents watch this,
they’ll be forever disappointed. I’m sure. – [Tayo] Let’s see who can
guess what my hustle is. – Okay!
– Okay, okay, okay. – Option number one. – [Jeris] Carpet wholesaler. – [Elise] Okay.. – [Jeris] Fashion architect. – [Tayo] And number three: – [Jeris] Antique furniture upholsterer. – They all have to do with tapestry. – They do. – I think fashion architect is my personal favorite for this because- – What is- – What is it? I’m not too sure, but- – But it sounds versatile! – Yes it sounds versatile. – Do you draw? – I can’t. – [Elise] Can’t draw. – That rules it out. – Okay. – Can you sew? – I can’t. – [Jeris] He can’t sew either. – Okay, I’m going to rule it out. No, he can’t do that. – Okay, all right, okay. – But then he can’t upholster either, if he can’t sew.
– Can you sculpt? Mold? – That’s true, maybe it’s carpets! – All right, so let’s get one out. – I think carpet wholesaler. – Yeah tear it down! – No, no, that’s my favorite one! – Tear it down!
Tear it down! – You’re over ruled. – All right, carpet. That’s out of here. – All right, all right. – Do you just want to vote on it? – Take a vote, let’s take a vote. – Who does fashion architect? – [Tayo] Two. – Oh shoot, now we’re two against two. – Now we’re split. – [Tayo] Two against two. 50 50 chance. – I don’t think he’d be an architect guys, if he can’t draw, sew, mold, sculpt- – Okay, why do you think
it’s the fashion architect? – I don’t even know, I just think that that’s the vibe I got
from the thing I felt. – I changed my vote. I’m going fashion architect. – What! (gasps) – Guys!
Guys, stop! – Get it out! – Because, because, because, what I felt in the box, it
was definitely a garment to be worn.
– Yes, I agree. – You could put it on your leg, you could put it on your arm. – Take it please.
Do the honors. – [Scott] Rip it down! (grunts) – [Tayo] All right, let’s see! – Watch it be like a big piece of carpet. – It’s the time we’ve
all been waiting for. – Fashion architect! Fashion architect! – Let’s see it! (cheers) – Yes! (cheers) – Fashion architect! – All right guys! Well, you guys got it right. I am a fashion architect. Eleven years ago, I actually
came up with this idea to create a line, and I
didn’t want to regurgitate something that’s already
out in the market. So, I’ve created a line of jackets and all the sleeves are interchangeable. – Oh! – [Tayo] So whether you have, you know, your duster, your tuxedo,
whatever the case may be, you can change the sleeves. So actually, the sleeve
that you were feeling in the mystery box- – That’s amazing – Was this sleeve! – So we weren’t far off! – You weren’t far off. – Just like the pants. – You can wear either as a
full jacket with both sleeves, or you can take the sleeve off. – That is sick! – You can wear one sleeve,
whatever the case may be. – Cool! – Mix and match. – Or, if you want to take, yeah- the sleeves off another
jacket, you can put it on. – That’s so cool. – Go for it. This is just one of the samples I just had made. Just a couple of pieces that are all fun. – Little runway show! – [Tayo] This is one of my favorite jackets to switch. – Wow. – It’s a full length duster. – That’s so cool! – This is your side hustle, right? – It’s a side hustle, but its
also a very full time job. – [Elise] Sure. – ‘Cause even if I’m, you know, today, I’m just seeking inspiration, just- I’m always working. Cleaning is just to you know, make sure that I have income
and that I can stay afloat and you know, not perish away. – So, how are you going to
incorporate the number 11 into your designs? – Well, I already have! It’s on that jacket. – Hey! – Oh! – [Scott] I thought this was really hard at first. There were a couple of puzzles
that we couldn’t really solve without any help. – It’s not flame.
– [Jeris] It’s not a flame! – Is it match? – It’s not match. – It’s not match.
– [Briana] Light! – But I was really happy
that we were able to guess the side hustle in the end. – I think, deep down
in my soul, just having a couple of moments to get
any idea of who Tayo was, I just felt like he- it had to be something in the fashion industry. – Ugh, I can’t believe my
instincts were so wrong! Not only was my first choice very wrong, my second choice was wrong, and then I almost led an
entire ship to sink with me. – I did not really see it coming. I don’t think, if it hadn’t
been multiple choice, I don’t think I would have guessed- (exhales sharply) Correctly. – I just want to say thank you guys- – Thank you! – For playing “Guess My Hustle”. You guys did an amazing job. – I’m going to keep all of this. – I’ll get it from you later. – Okay. (laughs) – Want to keep playing “Guess My Hustle”? Watch the next episode now, and don’t forget to subscribe! One piece of advice I would
give someone that’s about to embark in their own side hustle, is just to- don’t think too much about it and just do it! I mean, you want to get it
out the way and get it started and not procrastinate, and
let years go by like I did.

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