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Dr. Seuss-signed First Edition Books | Web Appraisal | Palm Springs

GUEST: Our daughter read very early. We live in San Diego, so it just seemed natural,
since Ted Geisel lived there as well, to buy his books because he would sign them. APPRAISER: Lucky you. GUEST: Yes. The first two books I bought approximately
30 years ago. I believe the Seven Lady Godivas was approximately
$175 and The 500 Hats was $25. APPRAISER: How long ago did you purchase the
Oh Say Can You Say? GUEST: This was published the year my daughter
was born in 1979. I would have paid whatever the retail was
at the time, probably under $10. APPRAISER: Yeah. Cover price. The Oh Say Can You Say title has an inscription
in the lower left side. GUEST: That is to my daughter. This was her favorite book when she was little. Even before she could read, we would read
out loud. Of all the Dr. Seuss books, this is probably
one of the most difficult to read out loud because your tongue gets all twisted. APPRAISER: Boy, I can relate to that. Notice how on the book for Kendra there, it’s
signed in the lower left corner of the page? GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: Dr. Seuss never signed books on
the title page of the book or anywhere else. Always in the lower left-hand corner. Over by me, we have The Seven Lady Godivas. An extremely early Dr. Seuss book, published
in 1939. It’s a first edition in a dust jacket. The jacket is worn and that hurts its value
a bit. It’s probably one of the more provocative
and racy titles that Dr. Seuss ever did. GUEST: The cover’s kind of racy, too. APPRAISER: So are the illustrations inside. Lastly, you brought The 500 Hats of Bartholomew
Cubbins. All three books, I should mention, are all
autographed by Dr. Seuss. Only Oh Say Can You Say is autographed to
your daughter. The other two are simply signed with “Best
Wishes, Dr. Seuss” in his trademark lower left corner spot. They’re all first editions. They have their dust jackets, other than the
Oh Say Can You Say book. It’s delightful to see a collection of early
Dr. Seusses like this. You had the foresight to pick them up back
then. GUEST: I’ve always enjoyed him. APPRAISER: You paid a fair amount of money
way back when when you bought them. GUEST: Yes I did. APPRAISER: But do you have any idea what they’re
worth today? GUEST: No. As I sit here, I have no idea what they’re
worth today. APPRAISER: The Seven Lady Godivas, we have
an ephemeral piece of paper that was issued with the book when it was first published. It’s not attached to the book. It was intended as a bookmark. There’s not very many of those in existence
anymore. That adds to its value. GUEST: That’s nice to know. APPRAISER: In the chip jacket that it’s in,
signed first $1,500. The 500 Hats would be $1,000 to $1,500. GUEST: Goodness. APPRAISER: About approximately $500 to $600
for the Oh Say Can You Say. The three books together would be worth between
$3,000 to $4,000 at retail. GUEST: Oh my goodness. That’s considerably more than I would have
thought. Considerably more than I paid. My daughter will be shocked.

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