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Elvis sings to us with surprise visit Flea Market Vlog 9 #HustleGrindRewind

Elvis sings to us with surprise visit Flea Market Vlog 9 #HustleGrindRewind

that is hustle Grindr wine right there
that is hustle Grindr wine right there this is us the grinder wine sitting in a
line for it even open I got two words for you Sunday morning I’m what is also kind of
why I like I said it’s everything every day you’re doing something to make money
to better yourself to further yourself to get secret eyerman serenity that’s
how the grinder wine you see that man out there posing the sidewalk at 5:00 in
the morning hustling and grinding on a wine you see the guy delivering a Copa
7-eleven feeding his family paying his bills putting lights on the in his house
hustling and grind and rewind him so we all do every to get into this flea
market on Hodesh trailer and we’re gonna make some money today make back some
money maybe getting the profits I’d pay some bills let’s see what happens what
Alex why are you talking to me from the other side offense Alex why you late
Alex yes you are do we work for ourselves
you work for you remember you want me your wife I’m late for myself I work for
your wife remember you said you work for your wife and your wife would be
disappointed you’re late ladies and gentlemen Alex of sales
trying to sell an air conditioner in the middle of winter this is a douche bag
free section right here that’s taken we said we saved you a spot over there see
that one over there civilize God you are so misguided why do you sound like a penguin like a
pelican michael so considerate of arrow heralds what I tell you first thing I
was mad cool go for nine hundred a Walmart but it’s not this brand his
brands sold out in their website and they do have some expensive guitar but
like I said one and two on the inside see the serial number and say forty
former finally set up slow slow got all this nice high quality stuff here Harold
in the background got Jeff November this guy here from the safe video what then I
understand I heard all I heard is my name and I don’t understand gentlemen
this man is opened up the world’s worst record store at the flea market here you
got all the records they never sell you watch the videos that I give you tips on
records neo-keynesian look at this right here this right here this is a frisbee
that’s what that’s worth honest truth that records absolutely work for nothing
78 barely ever sell and I know he doesn’t have the right one that’s what
you do with most records lot of records are and very good you can we talk about
a minute so you’re selling record collections for one and two dollars a
piece what records I gave Michaels three hundred and seventy dollars to he share
directly but you know that you could have had one
record worth $370 five boxes I buy one if they’re buy more it’s like with their
Beatles Led Zep was there some really good jazz was there punk rock
underground rap rubbish rubish another one know why breaking stuff is fun
especially when it’s your stuff let’s break this one if it makes you happy Elvis press really read I don’t want to
break it already broke one oh I’ll be nice
MT 4:40 we’re gonna play let’s make a deal I think it might be what do we
determine that will last one so for 150 million 0 for 16 1995 yeah but the last
one sell for 150 so I would sell mine for 70 this mailbox right here have you
looked up where they sell for me I can tell you right now the cheapest you’ll
find ones sold on eBay is 375 and they go upwards of 800 look it up real quick
cast-iron mailbox just type in that hit sold for the highest you’re not gonna
have any to look through there’s not one of those there’s not one of those it
might sell for there’s very few T’s it’s got the original painting on dividual
patina halo here with the same kind of stuff he’s usually selling there’s like
a spice it up a little bit I see something different from yesterday you
guys caught the previous vlog just got a bunch of stuff like always
shout out to Harold and his team on caboose our booth is full of some stuff
right now Stan’s expensive things expensive
you already saw that if you watch the reveal bows with us 200 100 we got just
some of those a couple of cases then we got complete ones here my sale there
goes my mailbox I sold for 245 good bye mailbox
you were good to us no I believed him I could tell by the look in his face Alex go ahead of course but the problem the
CD well y’all go look last week huh
which one nice how much this is 4,000 what is it it is a 1960 Shobha but see
how it belongs to a used to belong to a musician or her he is a nice from a band
called flogging.molly as I said he played with so I’m just asking more
because it has blown somebody usually about 2 grand no for him so yeah that’s
everything we got here at the booth I got cut short I don’t remember where I
was just well we’re at Uncle Michael just told somebody you need to take the
negative and turn it to a positive that is the most inspirational thing I’ve
heard him say in a long time he must be paying attention to my vibes I’m giving
him mazie you bragging about and you think your Kogi got McDonald’s for me
because he cares he’s the only one that does on Uncle Mike the only one who
cares wow I got breakfast beers coming he
didn’t want to breakfast be cool time to start packing all stuff up here in a
minute didn’t sell too many big items here got a lot left you’ll find it on
Alex eBay what’s your eBay Alex DVDs some great DVDs and Alex’s eBay we’ll
put the link like here somewhere in the link comment below or Sarah scription I
mind we don’t need to hear this is Alex an
eBay this is Alex’s eBay he’s put up a lot of items recently child to him in
this why would you show him dead donors I
know the dollars if you after 64 you want anything before 64 silver if you
fall for 66 is 40% you doing this forget what at 67 or 69 is 40 that’s why we
talk about silver coins we call we call it collateral damage today then I go do
you get the wheelchair thing at the bread thing last week yeah did you guys
get them today I mean you want this I’ll do this for 50 bucks this one this one I’m losing on that one
I’m losing doesn’t kick in some money too ladies what are you doing here the
flea market brings you guys our way how’d you get your hair straight again oh my
I quit Jazmin it is alright Alexes mines eggs best breakfast we in the world my
braids last night I prayed at Jasmine’s hair she got curly hair
Taylor has her curly hair went away I got some badass I got a hot self a
lizard the dad died and I got all the rare gift
nice what some to you I don’t want them you don’t sell no what’s that was 180 yeah you are not selling expensive
Gibson’s 450 I paid for this guy go do you do requests no no requests yeah
I want to see you play this one instead that’s expensive guitar what about this
one here that’s older than you 665 right there huh how old are you 35 Wow my watch baby of course we got Elvis such as Namath’s
that he goes by an Elvis serenading us with the guitar he does this every time
we have a guitar he tested out tunes of Forrest plays us a jam the volumes up that we roll here at the flea market
welcome I go just gave the toy to the kids huh
well who Michael gave the kid a toy and I he’s giving the kid the girl money I was like frickin Santa Claus over here
hmm look at Michael gave the one kid the car
and the other two kids felt bad and I was over there handing out money she was
crying she got some money see that she was right Alice’s dad to Uncle Mike
how much made you give those kids bucks what’s a couple bucks each shut up when
I go get my own a toy car and they gave the other kids McKay the cry he’ll give
me money no man thirty five Dorothy you said hustle grinder wine is the motto
it’s not a motto Alex it’s a way of life as a lifestyle – mindset lucky number
420 is what we each made today who doesn’t like the number 420 it’s loaded
down for a Monday stopped and supposed to rain at 11:00 we’re fitting to go out
and sell and be done and out of there before the raid because we need to
hustle grind and wine get some money going 24 36 82

19 comments on “Elvis sings to us with surprise visit Flea Market Vlog 9 #HustleGrindRewind


  2. Records are my game now! Don't sleep on classical/orchestra.. I do good with jazz and rock but the high dollar buyers all want classical.. check the comps

  3. This guy is a real kick. He came by my booth a few weeks ago when I had some ukuleles for sale, picked one up, and started singing in a high pitch voice. He's funny. And talented. I grabbed my phone, asked him to do it again so I could put him on my YouTube channel, and he refused. No joke! I couldn't get him to do it. I don't have the Storage Auction Pirate charm I guess. Great video, I enjoyed it!

  4. What a cool day at the market,music,friends,family,love and positivity…and a Big double thumbs up 👍👍 for uncle Michael bless him

  5. Great Video, Thanks for turning down the NOISE. Elvis was pretty cool, you should give him a deal on one of your Guitars. He actually knows how to play. Looking forward to your next video.

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  7. I always look forward to seeing your videos it was kind of funny seeing Alex on the outside of the fence. It kind of looked like he was behind bars and was needing help to get him out.
    Elvis was really good in my opinion I dont get the whole think with Harold and the records the money isn't there when it comes to selling records I could be wrong though I would think that it costs more to try and sell them then the profit you make from them.
    I have always heard a saying about supply and demand there isn't a demand to buy records unless people have record players and in 2019 very few people have those anymore.
    I will say early this morning I seen a perfect example of #hustlegrindrewind I noticed a guy moving stuff at 3:30 am he had a truck load and a trailer load full

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