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16 comments on “Emma Seppälä: “The Happiness Track” | Talks at Google

  1. When you say "research shows that X…", you should remember to show how the research actually shows that.

  2. Super valuable content. Thanks Google. Speaker seems like someone I'd love to meet over coffee for a deeper discussion. I wonder if she works as a life coach, that would be neat.

  3. Could anyone help me? At the minute 38:47 Emma Seppala talks about a person called Mark (I think) who teaches breathing techniques. I'm an english learner and I cannot understand properly the surname of that man so I cannot find his videos. Thank you!

  4. This is a wonderful talk, Emma. I am going to move to Scotland to start my psychology studies in one month. Positive psychology and happiness research interests me the most in the field 🙂 This is so inspiring and I am so glad I found your work. Hopefully I have a chance to hear you live someday. I noticed you are coming to Finland in september but I will be in Scotland already then 🙁 Btw, do you speak finnish?

  5. Ok, so if you don't have to be a part of non-stop race, but your colleagues are, and your boss expectations are that you need to act the same way otherwise you are underperforming. Any thoughts?

  6. Emma Seppälä is a wonderful person and her book is amazing! Her book was the perfect read for vacation by the pool!

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