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Hello. Welcome To Thailand #Thaitube Now, I’m in Train I’m going to Kanchanaburi We are given something like this, It’s a ticket I chose that have a seat. It cost 200 Baht If no seat 100 Baht Let’s see Something behind me It’s a cliff the other side is a river so you can choose where you will end your life Jump off to the cliff or the river ****kidding**** both have similar pain haha So It’s terrifying enough we are on hill the first tip is to bring umbrella because your skin will get black, nooott It’s hot If your skin get black, don’t worry, there’s Sook Sook That’s right Promotionnn, ***come on order Sook Sook** Hello guys P’ Polly, Hello Hello, Welcome to Thailand Selamat Datang (Welcome) It’s the King Number 5 of Bangkok He was the person, you know, who built the rail not the rail here the first rail in Thailand the railway of Thailand, because of him took like restaurant style We gonna ring to let him know about what good thing want to get today 2 x Amen Amen Amen How do we call monk correctly, how we call them in Thai? Pra song Pra means can mean both Monk or Buddha Pra song means the monk The candle is like enlightment it means knowledge The light like when we in the dark influenced by Hindu, by Indian Buddha, Budha Principles, and the monk We’re going to have lunch But There’s Ice cream. Let’s buy it I wanted to have Ice Cream from yesterday. It’s really good time, in hot weather I want one Delicious Delicious? Coconut Ice Cream, there”re milk, nut, sticky rice Delicious?

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