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ENGLISH ADDICT / What is LOVE? / Fri 14th February 2020 / Valentine’s Day / Expressing Old & New

hmm love is in the air everywhere I look
around love is in the air with every sight and every sound oh here we go
again yes we are back once again live we are slightly late for which I apologize
however we are here as we always say better late than never
yes here we go again it is English addict live from a very murky damp
England hmm it really does feel as if romance is
in the air yes hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are
you okay are you happy I really hope so because it really does feel as if
something special is in the air I don’t know what it is maybe my next-door
neighbor is making a very nice cake maybe they are baking something
delicious in their oven or it might be because love is in the air yes it is
Valentine’s Day today is Valentine’s Day for all those people who are in love for
those who are looking for love maybe someone who has already found their love
but that person doesn’t know that they are being loved from afar so that’s the
reason why we have Valentine’s Day it gives everyone a chance to tell their
loved one how much they are appreciated or maybe a person who you’ve been
watching someone you’ve had your eye on that’s what we say you see if you have
your eye on someone it means you are watching them you have feelings for them
sometimes the person who is the object of your attention might not realize it
they might sometimes get the wrong idea they might think you are some sort of
stalker and that is the problem there is a very fine line between trying to
pursue someone romantically and being a stalker so there is a very fine line
between those two things anyway I hope you’re okay
if you are in love if you have love if you’ve lost love if you are still
looking for love you are all very welcome here and yes we have made it
towards another end of the week the weekend is just around the corner how
was your week was it a good one I hope so yes it’s Friday love is definitely in the air if you are
looking for love if you are in love whatever your status it doesn’t really
matter you are still welcome everyone is welcome here if you are looking for love
you might be after a certain person if you are connected romantically with
someone we might say that you are going out with them
I always remember it’s cool all of my friends at school seem to have someone
they were going out with if you go out with someone it means you are dating
them you are going out on dates you are connected to that person romantically so
maybe you are starting a relationship maybe you are going out on dates with
someone you are going out with someone you are dating ooh
so we are talking about love today we’ll be having a look at one of my lessons a
little bit later on some excerpts from one of my lessons all about the subject
of love and of course you can find the full version of that lesson on my
website what’s that you say mr. Duncan you have a website yes I do I have a
website with all of my playlists you can find lots of things on my website and it
is it is available now can you believe it I’ve spent three months creating this
website three months of hard work and finally it is here so you will find all
of the playlists on this website and I will be updating it with lots of new
bits and pieces concerning the English language after all that is
why we are here we are here today to share our love of English and I hope you
are having a good day how is your Valentine’s Day mean have you had any
cards have you had anything nice I thought today it would be nice to have a
poem would you like to see a poem all about love okay let’s have a valentine’s
poem and this happens to be a poem that i wrote myself how can I explain this feeling of love
it appears so sudden like a bolt from a book the joy it brings forth cannot be
measured this feeling of love will always be treasured my heart swells up
with a magnificent glow my happiness in joy
I can’t help but show to the one who is there through my treble in strife the
one who’ll be there as I journey through this life so what is true love and why
must it be this thing is a mystery and remained so for me to fight it is futile
to deny it heartbreaking so let go of that doubt
when your heart is aching for the lonely and the sad and those who cannot cope
that feeling will not less on that you must hope for one day without doubt that
bolt will strike true when the Wonder and joy of true love finds you so a
little poem something to help us get into the romantic mood and I hope you
enjoyed that something-something I wrote this morning I was sitting in my studio
looking for inspiration and then I looked out of my window and I saw some
pigeons they were showing love to each other they were being very affectionate
towards each other would you like to see some love pigeons okay because it’s
Valentine’s Day I can’t resist showing you something really lovely and cute absolutely gorgeous
I hope you enjoyed that something nice for you to look at today getting us all
in the romantic mood oh I’ve almost forgotten about the live chat hello to
the live chat nice to see you here today as well
hello to grace chin and guess what grace you are first on today’s live chat and I
suppose that deserves some applause how about that I hope wherever you are in the world
today you are feeling loved you are loving life and you are here as well
improving your English so the live chat is up and running hello to Martha Martha
Poland hello to you as well also Ayesha Zeinab Val or mica mica is here on
Valentine’s Day I know a lot of people don’t even think about Valentine’s Day
for various reasons maybe they just think it’s a stupid idea
perhaps or maybe they are still looking for love and they don’t think too much
about it however it is Valentine’s Day for all those who are feeling romantic
ah there it is the word romance can you see it on your screen
now to have a romance to be in love to be affectionate towards someone to feel
close to someone you have a romance you are romantically involved with someone
so if you have a romantic relationship it means you are close to that person
you will share everything you are going through a romance I suppose another word
we can use is affection you might show affection to someone affection you are
showing care you are showing that you love someone you are showing that there
is a bond between you so affection is a great word it is the expression of love
through action and quite often you will give care and attention to someone that
you are in love with you show affection of course amongst family members you can
also have affection as well you are showing that someone is dear to you
they are special to you in your life so you can show affection to to anybody
really who is close to you you might show affection to your pet and your pet
might also give some sort of affection to you as well so it is possible
affection is a great word and it can be used in quite a few ways
hello fatty hello also Pedro Oh Pedro Belmont is here today Valentine’s Day
hmm I’m surprised that you’re here Pedro I thought you might be somewhere else
maybe having a nice date somewhere oh hello Belarusian Eleanor also Emmet
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as well we are in a romantic mood today because it is Valentine’s Day whether
you are in love looking for love or maybe there are things maybe there are
things in your life that you love doing so love can actually be expressed in
many ways indeed it really can hello also to happy day happy day this Friday
mean that the day is fried well for some people it might
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now hello pal Mira sunny day it is a sunny day in my city oh very nice let’s
have a look outside it is misty it is
murky it is cloudy it’s a very strange day it’s not a romantic day there is no
sunshine today so it doesn’t feel as if romance is in the air unfortunately I’m
very sorry about that I was hoping for some sunshine today to be honest but no
sunshine today here I’m afraid we are now up to date with the live chat oh
hello yes mean watching in Egypt nice to see you here today we are talking about
words connected with the love it is Valentine’s Day oh here’s an interesting
word lust lust can be described as a strong emotion of desire
so maybe the desire for someone or maybe the desire for something you can lust
after anything really you can lust after a person you can lust
after money let’s face it a lot of people do lust after food you might be
crazy about eating you might love eating food that might be your list so you can
lust after something or it can actually describe the feeling of desire strong
desire lust it is a word that sometimes people get very offended by it is seen
as something that might be a little naughty desire I just mentioned this
word didn’t I something you really want something you feel as if you need in
your life it might be something you wish to do maybe a person you want to date
you have a strong desire you desire something you have a desire to do
something or you desire a person desire a very strong emotion
must say it is a very strong emotion broken boy is here hello to you
haven’t seen you here today but now you are here
hello also highly quang nice to see you as well watching in Vietnam I think so
Vittorio hello mr. Duncan from Italy it is a long time that I know you
compliments for your work thank you very much
that’s very kind of you to say Lilia is here on Valentine’s Day Lilia I thought
maybe you might be off having a romantic dinner somewhere maybe it’s too early or
perhaps it’s too late who knows yes it is Valentine’s Day
today and also on Sunday it’s mr. Steve’s birthday so a lot of things
going on I can’t begin to tell you how chaotic my life is at the moment I
really want to do so many things with my website and my lessons however things
are a little bit crazy at the moment let’s just say and that’s all I’m saying
hello also – Oh apparently Irene is it Irene’s birthday today
is it really happy birthday Irene for your birthday today it’s your birthday
yes today it’s your birthday hip-hip-hooray so happy birthday Irene I
hope you have a good one hello – man a Bop hello to you as well words connected
with romance and love have you ever seen this word before whoo it is actually in
action if you woo someone it means you try to get them to be attracted to you
you are trying to seduce them you are trying to get them
to like you or to notice you so quite often you might woo a person if you are
trying to persuade them to love you and it is often the case that when a person
meets another person they might not like each other at first however over time as
they gradually get to know each other suddenly they realize that they have a
lot of things in common so woo if you woo someone it means you are persuading
them you are doing your mating dance like animals in the wild have you
noticed that so when an animal maybe a male is trying to attract a female quite
often the male will do something he will try to woo the female by showing his
colorful feathers or by doing a little dance so even though this word looks
simple it is actually a very interesting word you woo someone are you celebrating
Valentine’s Day I know a lot of people don’t I I did something today for
Valentine’s Day well first of all you can see I’m wearing my red shirt and my
red hat especially for Valentine’s Day because we often we often connect love
and Valentine’s Day romance with the color red I guess it has something to do
with the heart I suppose so now we are going to have a look at one
of my lessons would you like to have a look at an excerpt from one of my
lessons all about love and you can actually find this lesson on my youtube
channel in fact I will post the link to this actual video under the lesson you
are watching now so I will do that later on however we will have a look
at an excerpt from one of my English lessons where I talk about that thing
that sometimes can be very hard to find love shall I can
to a summers day thou art more lovely and more temperate rough winds do shake
the Darling Buds of May and summers lease hath all too short a date so long
as men can breathe or eyes can see so long lives this and this gives life to
thee since the moment I first saw you I knew that I must have you you are the
one I need only you can satisfy my desire it was meant to be as soon as you
came in the room I must be with you I must hold you I have to have my lips
near you please be mine yeah baby next in this lesson we will talk about
something we all feel we all need we wish to give but also something that can
be hard to find or receive a word that can bring both happiness and sorrow into
our lives in today’s lesson we will take a look at that magical four-letter word
L o the word love means a strong feeling of
affection the emotional bond between two people who are very close to each other
the physical or sexual attraction felt by one person towards another to have an
interest in something which gives you great pleasure such as a hobby or an
interest what is love we know that it is not tangible it
cannot be held in our hands yet to most people love is a real thing
it reaches both from us and into us it exists in our mind but lives in our
heart there are various types of live which
have different paths and emotions connected to them familial love the love
of a person through a family tie such as the love of a mother towards her son
platonic love a close love shared by two people but without the sexual
relationship although the earlier definition of this
phrase meant something quite different unrequited love a love that has been
given but not returned he loves her but she does not love him puppy love the
innocent or naive love experienced by a young person of all the subjects ever
written about in literature love must surely be the most common one used many
poets and authors have strived over the years to capture the essence of what
love is many have tried and many have failed famous authors such as Emily
Bronte Catherine Cookson Charles Dickens and the playwright William Shakespeare
have all used the theme of love in their works every year all around the world those in
love get the chance to show their affection to a husband wife boyfriend
girlfriend or maybe to someone who does not even know that they are look for
example here in the UK we have Valentine’s Day this happens each year
on February 14th cards and chocolates are given as tokens of love and some
couples will become engaged on this date the words used between levers tend to be
special and are spoken as a way of showing that the other person is dear to
them words such as angel you are my angel darling I miss you darling
sweetheart I love you sweetheart treasure you are my treasure honey kiss
me honey baby call me later baby
precious you are my precious honey bunny hold me honey bunny
we call these terms of endearment love comes and love goes losing love or
ending in close relationship is a hard thing to do most people go through this
experience at some point and the younger you are when it happens then the more
distressing it seems to feel you feel empty your life seems pointless your
heart is broken but such is life the knocks you suffer from lust love will
never leave you just like all of life’s experiences you have to take the rough
with the smooth hmm one of the many lessons on my
youtube channel all about love I hope you enjoyed that you are watching
English addict on a Friday it is a very special day today February the 14th
Valentine’s Day we are talking about love have you ever heard of this Cupid
apparently Cupid is a very well-known word for those who especially those who
are interested in mythology Cupid was actually the god of love and he would
often fly around and fire his arrow into someone’s heart which is why you often
see the heart used with an arrow going through it it actually represents
Cupid’s arrow Cupid the God of love for those who believe in that sort of thing
or follow mythology and also Aphrodite yes the mother of Cupid and she is the
goddess of lust and romance and sexuality and sexual attraction oh we
often use this word if we are talking about something that can make you feel
more excited as it were we call them aphrodisiacs and the reason why we do
that is because it’s named after Aphrodite so you might often hear people
talk about Cupid’s arrow Cupid will fly around GE and will fire his little arrow
into your heart and from that moment you will fall madly in love it is all I
think it’s Greek mythology all of this comes from so yes I’m a very interesting
subject if you are in love with someone however the other person does not return
that love maybe they have no attraction to you but you are attracted to them we
might call that urn requite ‘add love love that is not returned or given Mac
so quite often you might find yourself attracted to someone however the other
person doesn’t feel the same way it is unrequited love you don’t receive the
love that you are giving and this happens a lot especially in work
environments have you ever fallen in love with a work colleague now in many
companies it is actually not allowed you are not allowed to fall in love or have
a relationship with someone who works in the same place many years ago I remember
reading about the early days of television and many television stations
in the United States would not allow the employers to have relationships they
wouldn’t allow it it was actually forbidden hello to Lee
hello Lee you fall in love you become besotted oh that’s a great word if you
are besotted it means you are helplessly in love with someone you can’t help
yourself you are besotted besotted that’s a great
word isn’t it hello Cydia great to watch your live stream mr. Duncan Thank You
Cydia and thanks for joining me today the weekend is just around the corner
are you excited hello also to Alamgir again yes people
are excited celebrating Valentine’s Day it is also the first day of spring in
the bengali month very interesting I am looking forward to spring I really am I
can’t tell you how much this this winter has been awful the weather has been very
strange is being mild it’s been quite warm we’ve
had a lot of wind and also a lot of rain but it’s been a very long winter
I can’t wait for spring to arrive if I was honest with you hello Sarge
hello to you where are you watching at the moment Oh Jean B or Jean BAE says we
can’t control our emotions as in love well yes this is the thing sometimes
your emotions take over and this is why we often talk about love as being
something that affects you very deeply so that’s probably the reason why we use
we use the heart as the symbol of love because it does feel as if your heart is
being affected by it so everything that happens is happening
here in your heart and not here in your brain some people say that’s a bad thing
of course if you get too carried away with love if you get to pull if you get
pulled too deeply into a relationship you might forget to think you might let
your heart rule your head so yes it can sometimes be a very precarious thing a
very fickle thing some people say that love is very fickle some people find it
some people find it and lose it and some people never find it so love is a very
strange thing indeed hello – top game VN top game I think you might be in Vietnam
I don’t know why over the past few days I’ve had a lot of people join me on my
youtube channel from Vietnam so you are very welcome to join me here always and
of course you can find me here on Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time
I am with you at those times we are looking at some words to do we’re the
love and also I thought it would be interesting to look at some words and
phrases connected to things that are new and old so when we talk about new well
things that have things that have come along that didn’t exist before
so something that is new is something that didn’t exist before
a certain moment so maybe something you didn’t own but now you do own you can
describe that new thing as new it is your new car maybe your new house maybe
your new pair of shoes or maybe your new girlfriend or boyfriend
ooh so something that is new and of course the opposite of new is old
something that is worn something that has past its best
something old something that is been around for a long time a person can be
described as old even though it’s very rude to say that we don’t often say hey
you’re old we don’t often say that do you know why it’s because it’s rude so
something old something that has been around for a long time something that is
no longer popular can also be described as old something that has been around
for a very long time maybe oh he’s a good word I like this one fresh if
something is new or if something is in good condition especially when we are
talking about certain types of food such as fruit we can say that it is fresh a
fresh thing maybe a purse who comes to join a group and maybe it’s
their first time joining the group we would describe them as a fresh face so
if you see a fresh face in the room that means that you’ve seen someone you’ve
never seen before they have come for the first time so
perhaps here on the live chat I might say today oh I can see a lot of fresh
faces on the live chat even though I can’t actually see you physically so
something that’s fresh something is new when we are talking about fruit or
vegetables we can say that it is fresh it is something that has not gone bad or
hasn’t gone rotten oh there’s another good word so
something fresh is something you can eat something that has just been grown or
something that’s just being picked it is fresh maybe a person who looks lively
and happy we can describe them as fresh-faced so a fresh-faced person is a
way of describing a person who looks vibrant and excited about the world
fresh fresh I like that word and as I just mentioned we have the opposite word
as well something that is rotten something that is old something that
cannot be eaten something that is no longer useful quite often we describe
food as rotten if it is gone past its best if it’s gone past its sell-by date
then it is rotten or maybe a person does something nasty so a person does
something that is cruel we can say that they are rotten you are such a
rotten person how rotten how could you do that so something that is mean
something that is done with hate can be described as rotten something has been
done spitefully so a spiteful person might be described as rotten I’m sure we
all know someone in our lives who might be described as a rotten person rotten
if something has gone bad if something can not be eaten such as
bread we might say stale so something that is old something that has gone past
its best so maybe a slice of bread or a loaf of bread and now it’s gone hard you
can’t eat it it has gone stale something is stale a
stale thing maybe something that has been going on for a very long time and
now it’s become boring maybe a relationship an interesting subject to
talk about today because it is Valentine’s Day perhaps you’ve been in a
relationship for a very long time and perhaps you think all the magic of our
relationship has disappeared there is no magic anymore the spark has disappeared
we might say that the relationship has gone stale stale something that is old
something worn out something that has become dull and boring stale of course
we all like new things we all like to see new things something new arrives
maybe you go shopping and you buy yourself some new clothes something that
is very fashionable maybe something that
has only just become available maybe you want a new mobile phone and you’ve
decided that you want to buy the new Samsung S 20 yes it’s just come out it’s
now available it is hot off the press I love this expression if something is hot
off the press it means it has just become available it is something that is
brand new it isn’t old it’s something that has just become available it is hot
off the press it is so new it’s almost as if you can feel the heat from the
factory hot off the press quite often we use this concerning newspapers so maybe
when a newspaper is first published in the morning and maybe there is some news
that no one knows about we can say that that particular news is hot off the
press it is a piece of information that no one knows about something is hot off
the press something that has only just been published something that has only
just become available hot off the press quite often we use it figuratively
straight from the oven something that is straight from the oven something that is
fresh maybe something you have just picked in the oven you’ve baked a cake
hmm that cake is warm I can smell that it’s
just kurma straight from the oven something has just been prepared it is
very fresh it is straight from the oven hello sir hello also sweetness
hello also Irene hello – am mr. Duncan what is fad I’ve heard about
this word fad a food fad and fashion so is there another another type of fad
where we talk about fad it means something that comes along and people do
it or maybe a certain type of clothing that people buy because it’s fashionable
and cool but then of course that fashion slowly fades away it disappears
so when we say fad it means something that you suddenly discover something you
want to do but maybe you only do it for a short time so we might describe
fashion as being a type of fat something that comes along and people do it but
then slowly over time it fades away so a new fashion or a new thing that people
enjoy doing can be described as a fad fad it’s a very interesting word so
thank you for bringing that one up Allan gear says I love Samsung mobile phones
so much and I’m waiting for my Samsung Galaxy 20 the s20 is coming along yes
it’s just been released my phone I actually have two phones I have an old
phone that I don’t use very much anymore however I often use it when I’m in bed I
will watch my YouTube videos or maybe I will read my emails upstairs on my old
Samsung Galaxy S I think it’s the s5 so it’s quite old and here in the studio I
have an iPhone success as well so that is actually what I’m using at the moment
to look at the livestream so I don’t have a new phone I don’t have a new
phone I probably won’t either because they’re
too expensive the brand new Samsung Galaxy S 20 if you want the top phone it
is 1200 pounds 1200 pounds can you believe it that’s a very expensive phone
so no I won’t be buying a new phone this year I’m going to keep my old iPhone
thank you very much hello also to Tang you win hello to you
nice to see you here today I think it’s starting to rain outside look at that
it’s so dull and miserable outside in fact I think it is I think it’s starting
to rain at the moment outside Oh dear me not very nice is it hello also highly
Cuong my phone is a samsung galaxy j4 it is very outdated well as I always say as
long as it works if it does what you want it to do if it works all right if
it does the job keep it that’s what I say so something that is new something
that has just been released we can say that it is a new thing so something that
is just released it is now available so maybe something wasn’t available but now
it is available it has been released we can say that it is just released so you
might say that the Samsung Galaxy S 20 has just been released it is now
available so something has been released just released it is now available yes
I’m right it is raining oh dear remain the rain is really coming
down at the moment do you remain can you see it
Wow suddenly the weather has become quite stormy outside and apparently
tomorrow we’re going to get a terrible storm as well tomorrow don’t believe it
dropped quite often in the music industry when an artist releases a new
album or a new single or a new song a piece of music we will say that it has
been dropped it is a very modern expression that the younger people use
so maybe I don’t know maybe I want to say Adele but I don’t think Adele
produces music anymore I can’t remember the last time I saw Adele so maybe Adele
drops a new song that means that the song has been published so you might
drop something or it has been dropped it has been dropped hello – Barry Zac hello
Abba Razak nice to see you back here today
good thank you very much Mason says my phone is an iPhone 4 well as I said
earlier if it works if it functions that’s all it matters there is one thing
I’ve noticed last week I was I was on the train and I noticed a lot of people
using their mobile phones but I did notice that some of them were damaged so
it is amazing how many people how many people will keep their phone even though
the screen is broken so this is something that I’ve noticed quite a few
times looking around me something that is avantgarde whoa
I like that a vanguard have you heard of this word it means something that is new
a new method or something that is being tried quite often you
in the world of art or literature so in literature maybe there is a certain
style of writing that has never been done before or maybe in art maybe there
is a certain type of painting that has never been done before we can say that
that it is avantgarde it is new it is something that’s never been done before
you might describe my English lessons as being avantgarde although I don’t think
so because I’ve been doing this for nearly 14 years so I wouldn’t say that
this is new even though to you it might appear to be new because you’ve never
seen me before something that is revolutionary and again something that
has not existed not it not been around before it is revolutionary it is
something that is never existed until now it is something that has come along
and it will change our lives for the better I remember years ago when people
started having computers in their homes a long time ago the computer was
described as a revolutionary device a device that will change our lives the
way we live the way we work the way we function so something that is
revolutionary hello row Dolph oh hello Rudolfo hi
there how is it going I am row Dolph oh but most people call
me rod hello rod nice to see you I’m from Sao Paulo Brazil it’s nice to
meet you and I’ve been following you your YouTube channel for a couple of
years I love your British accent thank you very much yes I am coming to you
live from the birthplace of the English language that is of course England
if you want to get in touch you are more than welcome to do so and don’t forget
you can follow me on Facebook and if you like what you see you can even make a
donation doo-doo-doo-doo yes we are live on
Friday it’s the weekend everyone are you happy
the weekend is coming the weekend is on the way do you have anything special we
have some special visitors coming this weekend tomorrow hopefully if they can
actually get here because the weather tomorrow is going to be a dreadful we
have another storm coming our way storm dennis is going to hit the UK
tomorrow so unfortunately we do have another storm on the way hello
zenyk or Zandt zank team hello to you hi teacher mr. Duncan you are the best
teacher ever thank you very much is very kind of you to say if you could tell
your friends and maybe tell YouTube I would be very grateful modern phones
cost us an arm and a leg yes it’s true and that’s a good expression by the way
if something costs an arm and a leg it means it is very expensive talking of
mobile phones I suppose when mobile phones first came along we describe them
as innovative innovative so something that is innovative is new and also
something that changes the way we live maybe it is a new way of looking at
something or a new way of doing something so the mobile phone device
might be described as innovative and of course they are always changing so I
remember when mobile phones first appeared they were very basic and they
were huge they were like house bricks they were huge and the only thing you
could do on your mobile phone was call someone and that was it you couldn’t do
anything else however these days there are so many so
many hello to Netra hello nectar oh they are your visitors aren’t they yes I have
some visitors coming tomorrow to visit they are they are going to visit the
house and visit yes so I’m looking forward to that have you seen the new
mobile phone that you can fold I’ve seen them I think I think Motorola has one at
the moment I think they have a new version of their classic razor who
remembers the Motorola RAZR I remember when I was in China
everyone had Motorola phones they were the biggest brand of phone in China and
he would always see people with their moe-moe Motorola phones it’s not easy to
say that so yes Motorola have just I’m not sure
if it’s available yet is it available yet I’m not sure but Motorola have made
a mobile phone a smartphone that you can actually fold and when you open it out
the screen folds in half very strange so yes I have seen it I don’t know how well
it works or how it functions hello also to tang new in mr. Duncan do
you know about the corona virus what do you think about it
well I don’t want to bore everyone with my story but I remember in 2003 when I
lived in China I lived in China during the SARS crisis so I was in China when
SARS broke out so to be honest with you I’m not sure whether all the information
that we’re hearing is accurate however I think taking care and also making sure
that you don’t pass on the virus or see if the virus is a good thing and
lots of confusing information going around not only on the internet but also
the news as well so quite a few people are a little bit confused about what the
corona virus is or as they call it now the the Naveed
Navid 19 I think I prefer corona virus to be honest I think it’s much easier to
say hello mr. Duncan from Vietnam hello Tao Tao hello to you hello Mason
as well apparently this the folding phone has a plastic screen I don’t know
how it does it though I don’t know how the screen actually folds if there’s one
thing I know about mobile phones is that the screens can be very sensitive to
everything scratches and knocks so they do damage very easily something that is
old-fashioned something that is out of date
something old can be described as out of date and out of date thing is something
that is no longer durn or maybe something that people don’t buy anymore
or maybe something that is seen as useless something that is out of date
some people think I’m out of date mr. Duncan you are out of date so something
that is out of date we might describe food as out of date it means it has gone
past its best it is stale it is rotten it is out of date hello – parissa hello parisa nice to see
you here today also Noemi I have a Motorola mobile
phone and I’m watching you on it right now says Noemi hello – Noemi watching on
your mobile phone which happens to be a Motorola phone all very nice very nice
I wonder if you are going to update your phone – the one that folds I don’t think
I want a phone that folds to be honest I don’t like the idea of that
hello Rolfie apparently they have two journalists who were talking about the
corona virus in China have vanished well of course the man who originally
mentioned this virus in December died from the corona virus very sad hi Lee
Kwang the Samsung Galaxy S 20 is out of date it probably is it’s one of the
things about technology something comes along it’s new and everyone gets excited
about it and then a few months later it’s gone people have forgotten all
about it it’s old it’s out of date so yes maybe
you like wearing some clothes that you’ve had for many years but those
clothes might be unfashionable so something that it’s unfashionable if we
say that a thing is unfashionable it means that it is something that people
no longer do all people no longer choose it is something that is unfashionable it
is no longer done quite often we will refer to clothing so certain types of
clothes that people no longer might be described as unfashionable
something that people used to do but they don’t do anymore
an item can be obsolete something that is out-of-date something old something
that people don’t use anymore can be described as obsolete out-of-date
old it is no longer used yes Palmyra says what about obsolete yes
there is I just I just mentioned it that’s pretty cool isn’t it I think
maybe maybe you are psychic Palmyra I think Palmyra knew that that word was
going to come on the screen so there it is obsolete something that is out of
date that we no longer use something that’s up to date if something is up to
date it means it is current so something that exists now and is useful something
is up-to-date maybe some news that you’ve received and
this is the latest news we can say that the news is up-to-date it is the current
news it is the news that is happening now so the news is up-to-date we might
say that your phone is up-to-date it is something that is current new something
that lots of people are buying it is up-to-date maybe your computer maybe the
program inside your computer needs refreshing or renewing you have to have
an update then we can say that your computer is up-to-date so everything
inside your computer is current it is new it is not old
is up to date am it oh um it makes a very interesting very interesting
observation the BlackBerry phones are obsolete
do you remember when everyone was talking about Blackberry phones
I remember when BlackBerry’s were everywhere and people often used them in
their business so quite often people people had their blackberry phone if
they were in business because it had a certain type of software and a certain
type of function that allows you to use it for business however as soon as the
iPhone came along BlackBerry’s vanished
they became out moded have you seen this word before if something is outmoded it
means it is out-of-date it is something that people don’t do something people
don’t use anymore it is outmoded you might describe a type
of transport as being out moded so something that is no longer popular a
lot of people don’t like taking the bus so a lot of people see buses as outmoded
and that’s one of the reasons why people don’t like taking the bus they don’t see
it as fashionable or cool they see it as outmoded they would much rather have a
car I think so hello to Amit again hello also Cesar
hello Cesar nice to see you pal Mira says Donald Trump said that NATO is
obsolete yes I remember that yes that was that was a few months ago wasn’t it
he said that hello Tao Tao why have they changed the name of the corona
into covered 19 well I must be honest with you I think coronavirus was the one
that most people were familiar with but covered covered 19 is much harder to say
so I think coronavirus is much easier to say don’t you
I think so hello also net row hello also to Perry sir
hello Perry sir I love your red shirt and also your hat for Valentine’s Day
yes it is Valentine’s Day it is the day of love it is the day where all the
young lovers get together whether you are human or maybe a pigeon Oh lovely
some pigeons and also some devs who are in hmm I’m going sue it is almost time to
say goodbye if something has become unfashionable if something is out of
date we might describe it as passe something that is out of date something
that is so yesterday something that people no longer do it is so passe passe
something that people no longer do however this word is actually French but
we do use it in English as well so you will be surprised to find out that there
are many words in English that come from other languages directly and this is a
very good example of that oh I see something out of the corner of my eye I
can sense something I can sense a person nearby can you guess who it is who who
can guess who is walking into the room right now just over there it’s hello
it’s mr. Steve hello mr. Duncan how are you oh my goodness what a surprise I
know I’ve just come back from work I can’t stay for long no I come and say a
quick hello okay happy Valentine’s Day Oh to everybody out there it’s very hot
in your studio mr. Duncan it’s like a tropical furnace in here it is it’s very
hot in here because of the light hot because of the lights you see so have
you had a good show it’s been okay we’ve been talking about love we’ve been
talking about words and more we’ve been talking about words to do with old and
new things that are fashionable and unfashionable things that are stale or
rotten and sale stale and rotten in your studio mr. Spence
thank you very much to have a pong in here is there a punk yes a pong
what does Punk me smell a nasty smell I don’t know what you’re talking about I
don’t know what you’re suggesting there lights the doors shut everything it’s
very hot it’s oppressively hot in here it’s my hot body you see I’m going to
pardon go on it’s your birthday on Sunday I know I know I’m hoping for so
many presents that I wouldn’t have time to open them all until this time next
year okay so I don’t know how many presents you think you’re getting I’m
only joking but anyway tonight we’re having lots of
chocolate tonight because I’ve bought Steve some chocolate and Steve has
bought me some chocolate as well so I think tonight we will be sitting down
watching telly and enjoying some some Valentine’s chocolate and I hope
wherever you are you’ll be doing the same thing when you see us on Sunday
we’ll be recently diagnosed diabetics that’s nice because of all the sugar
just trust Steve to take all the fun out I’m going it’s so hot in here I can’t
stand it mr. Duncan it is hot in here so I’ll see you all on Sunday for whatever
day that is it’s just a normal day Sunday obviously but it’s Steve’s
birthday on Sunday it’s not it’s not an I’m not excited at all I can’t no I
think you are too Tower everyone and I’ll see you later for a cup of tea yes
bye so there he was mr. Steve and you can catch Steve every Sunday so Steve
normally joins me on Sunday here in the studio however at the moment he’s he’s
just come back from work he’s very tired he’s had a long day Oh talking of
something old something that is dated might be old as well so an old thing can
be described as dated something there is old worn out something that can’t be
used anymore we can describe it as dated maybe an old
book that has information inside it that people don’t use anymore so maybe
information can be dated something that is old something that is no longer
referred to can be described as dated old out-of-date something that is no
longer used I hope no one ever says that I am dated or outdated which is
basically the same thing Thank You Lewis for your company today also quite a loop
thank you very much Theo a lot of people saying happy birthday for Sunday because
mr. Steve will be another year older on Sunday I wonder if Steve will tell us
his age we’ll wait and find out thank you very much for your company yes I
will be back with you on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. UK time also I’ve had some
donations during the week which I will be mentioning as well if you want to
send a donation you are more than welcome to do so here is the address on
the screen right now if you want to send a donation to help my work continue
because I do all of this for free it doesn’t cost you anything unless of
course you decide to send a donation thank you very much Rolfie Steve looks
very professional in his suit and tie I think so
I always think Steve looks very professional when he’s wearing his his
suit and tie I think so Thank You Jamelia Thank You Irene thank
you also Mason I hope you’ve had a good lesson today I hope this has been
interesting and of course we had a romantic day as well today because it is
Valentine’s Day for a few more hours here
thank you a Valentin ah Valentin Valentin on Valentine’s Day interesting
thank you stay up-to-date see you soon bye for now Thank You Valentin Thank You
Irene Irene once again happy birthday to you for your birthday today
and mr. Steve will be another year older on Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time Tatar for
now mr. Duncan and Steve have a great Valentine’s Day you too I hope you have
a lovely day this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for
joining me today it’s been a long one and I hope it has
been fun and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube you know
what’s coming next yes you do stay happy stay in love and ta ta for now 😎

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