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Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House – Everything Left Behind

Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House – Everything Left Behind

[Music] [Music] there’s so many clothes in here today we are exploring this abandoned house in Mississippi it’s unbelievable how much stuff was left inside although we really don’t know what the story of the house is you can imagine what happened from all the stuff inside it’s almost like someone left for the day but never came back they left everything when this house became abandon holy cow but this right here like it was left abandoned camera slider there’s a bird in here it sounds like candles left and there holder there’s a children’s photos in here Wow look at this that is old this is nuts there’s still like stuff set up Wow still here to brush your teeth this is like walking into an antique shop almost and right even the toilet looks like the antique look out the window the whole area back there collapsed well looks like they used to be a covered area of like a back patio but the whole thing collapsed you see art attached to the roof up there kitchen this is kind of a weird spot for the kitchen it’s like in the back corner of the house and you have to walk through a bedroom to get to the kitchen that’s so weird the paper feels pretty old and brittle so I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been left here since this place was abandoned banned in places like this just don’t exist like this is crazy how much stuff is left here [Music] June 1818 25 a year 2003 2003 so it was a band in 2003 obviously it’s stuff in here there’s so many antiques and you look burned history I know [Applause] this place is big [Music] [Music] [Music] whatever happened to this guitar though does not look like natural decay looks like it was smashed by somebody [Music] there’s so much stuff just piled up in here and it’s like no room to move well that’s really animal fur telephone book put it down this was somebody’s grandparents house the ceiling collapsed eeeh buckets of water dripping from the ceiling second floor thingie sketchy yeah you can see right up very so much stuff left another hotel with hardly more stuff in here in antique stores yeah is this like a medical bed yeah so we’ve seen like four bedrooms so far just on the first floor the kitchen yeah but it’s just like stored in here yeah a lot of books just lying around it’s like angled in or that’s so cool do we trust this floor this is a children’s room over here be very careful about the floor here look at that TV I need to go see that TV out close [Music] that’s our stock I’m not gonna force it this room is sunny definitely a girl’s room check out this clock or knee another bedroom now it’s kind of sad thinking at the end it was probably one lonely old man or woman living in this house all alone with all these empty bedrooms is that like a Navy picture right there these look handmade this quote right also another kitchen there’s another kitchen up here our house and two kitchens just each other something these old clocks are cool whole mouth hush completely unused check it out a bird’s made a nest up there [Music]

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  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! If you want to see more of this house, don't miss our cinematic video that we posted last week -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSXc4uwHlKw

  2. Okay I've been watching a few of your videos and really enjoy exploring these abandoned places with you guys but I've been wondering, do you come across any anomalies in the audio, voices ect. I believe you captured at least one in this – when looking at the dolls one of you mention the fact that they look like they were burned. Right after that, at 6:15 there is an audible child's playful sounding cry or noise in the background (unless this was from outside the house).

  3. i wish everyone who does abandoned places videos could read the "best before" dates from kitchen or bathroom products. It would be the best way to know when was the last time people were actually living there

  4. How do you know it is advanced house how is this not trestpass or breaking and entering why does no one squirter rights I just don't know the deffent thanks

  5. That house would likely not have been built with a kitchen. Houses of that era commonly had detached kitchens, particularly if they had servants. A detached kitchen lowered the chances of a house fire, and kept the house cooler. It also kept smells out of the house. That kitchen was likely a later add on, or a room previously used for a different purpose was converted into a kitchen.

  6. Would have been a very nice house in the day, so many antiques and vintage items. I can just feel the history in the house, lives being lived. Just think how much the view from the Windows have changed since it was built, the cars etc. Very cool

  7. I always love your videos, I came back to watch this one after seeing it being used in a video without crediting you.
    The channel Top5s used clips of this video without crediting you in this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pef1NVQtaDE&t=1s

    I left a comment to credit you, so I hope that people can find your channel, but I'm sorry that this channel was willing to use your video and unwilling to credit you.

  8. So glad I found you guys ,great camera work no creepy music an you speak clearly like a real commentator .everyone else makes me dizzy can't hear or are overly dramatic thanks guys great work .

  9. It looks like this house could be renovated and brought up to code. You would have to clear out everything inside gut the house, replace all the wiring and plumbing, redo the rood but it could be done. Then I wouldn't mind living there.

  10. I don't know why but I would've taken the lion even though I'm not comfortable with taking something from a dead person, who knows it may be because I like to take a keepsake back home with me when I go to some place that really speaks out to me.

  11. Every time you explore an abandoned house you should plant at least one tree. We need at least one million more trees planted

  12. Reminds me of items in my grandmother’s home in the 80’s that had furnishings from the 50’s and 60’s

  13. The wood work and door surrounds are exquisite. Beautiful large home. Must have cost a fortune to keep up. What a life they must have lived. In the end, I can see some hoarding, which leads me to think some loved one died and the other was left alone through their sadness, and depression. Most kids live far from their parents now. We need to go back and start raising families closer again. But in a world obsessed with self and ME, even more today. I’m not sure it’s ever going to return. This is utterly sad.

  14. Would it be a very wrong thing to do if you saved some of the stuff thats going to get burried under the collapsed house? Stuff like paintings and little figurines, lamps? Why not recycle instead of letting them go all broken.

  15. Reminds me of my grandparents house in MS. It’s a really old one level home with a weird floor plan too. Like having to walk through a bedroom to get to another bedroom

  16. Prob no one will see this considering I'm comment 3405 but I'm going to assume that a widower lived here (a man). He lost a lot of hope when his wife died. He became ill. The squad took him away & he ended up in a nursing home prior to passing away. When you sign up for Medicaid in most states, you sign your property away. The state prob owns this house & never did anything with it. It's a definite flaw in our system. The "grandchildren" photos are disturbing. Makes me wonder where they are. A person could go to the county courthouse & look up the tax information. It will list the owners & previous owners name. Edit @ 14:50 you're more intuitive than you realize. That's exactly how I feel about the house. I feel deep sadness too. That Navy pic got me. I"m married to a Navy Vet. We shouldn't forget people like this. They were young once & had vibrant lives.

  17. so sad to see prob soul savvier lost with no off spring to carry on so house is left to decay lost in time how sad

  18. I've found this to be fascinating and tried to find out more about the house and it's history. YourGlamorousLatina (in the comments below) found some amazing info which led me to this link: https://abandonedsoutheast.com/2016/09/07/southern-comfort/

    From there, I tried to track down Ennis Willie, the author mentioned in the article, who lived in the house with his sister, Eve Perdue (Eve Griffin), who later bought the house in 1987, but according to what I've been able to glean, although she and her family lived in the house when she and Ennis were children, she didn't live there after she purchased the property. Ennis wrote for only a couple years in the 60's, though his works have influenced other writers and can still be found. Ennis himself is a difficult person to track down. I did manage to find this article, which doesn't mention the house but does at least give a little insight into Ennis: https://www.augustachronicle.com/life/2010-09-04/ennis-willie-influenced-crime-genre

    I apologize in advance if I got anything wrong and welcome any and all comments, especially anyone who can shed more light on this interesting house.

  19. Someone prolly owns that home and uses it to hoard shit , i went to an abandoned home , it was full of scrap , like pieces of metal collected and stored i started grabbing everything and got told by a neighbor someone owns it

  20. You get the feeling that was someone's grandparents house. That they either died or got moved to a nursing home in 2003 and the family just abandon everything there.

  21. I feel like I’m prying into someone’s life… as fascinating as it is, I feel guilty for watching… we are seeing someone’s entire life… the place where they felt the most safe… such a strange feeling lol

  22. Okay- I’ll say it for you….those dolls on the couch are kinda creepy.
    Wonder if the bedroom you had go thru to get to kitchen was that of housekeeper/cook. Still kinda weird but possible.

  23. well done video, but for me it's so hard to watch, it just makes me sad. sad for the people and sad for all that stuff that had a purpose but now just sets there waiting ..

  24. This is really sad seeing stuff like this. I’m guessing it was an elderly woman or man that lived there and passed away. The kids may have been too devistated to get anything out of the house or they just didn’t care. So sad either way 😢rip

  25. I see houses similar to this, a lot. The older relatives die, the family either doesn't care about what is left behind or gets tired of fighting over what's left. It looks like they tried to have a Garage Sale, at one point and it looks like the house was abandoned in stages. Maybe the Father, stayed at the home for a s long as he could before he had to move in with some of the family or a rest-home. That would be m guess based on what we see in the video.

  26. Abandoned houses and buildings everywhere. And yet. The dumb government cant find a way turn these into homes for the homeless

  27. Again this is Madness! Millions of Homeless People sleeping on sidewalks and in Tents and here is a Huge House completely abandoned and empty. This is ridiculous misappropriation of Resources and Priorities. Why didn’t someone buy this House? Was it Condemned? Why? And they were Elvis Fans apparently. All those things in the House sitting there for No One. Insanity! Did the people here pass away suddenly? They left all their items behind like it was suddenly abandoned.

  28. What would really creep me out is if you found a corpse in a closet or something! You open the door and Viola! Something unpleasant and hideous behind door number 1! That would make me jump out of my shoes and run in the opposite direction fast 💨! And not come back!

    Oh, when you opened the fridge, I expected something nasty and that would be the place for some lunatic to store something unpleasant in order to preserve it, like body parts. God, that would be hideous and disgusting to find some decaying body parts in a Fridge that stopped working. The stench would be Horrific! I’ve watched too many Horror movies but that is what comes to mind first. Dahmer the Cannibal stored a human head in his fridge! When the police came and arrested him finally I heard that the officer who opened the fridge screamed he was so shocked! That would make me scream and give up the Police Force for good. That’s it I’m done! I’m out. I’d be scarred for life with a fright like that! But I digress. You guys have been lucky so far that you haven’t seen anything that unpleasant! Keep up the good work! You guys are good explorers!!

  29. My temptation in house like that would be to spend a day going threw things like the desk drawers and other personal items to get a sense of who the people where that used to live there and see if I might be able to figure out why they left without taking anything

  30. It was for sure one lonely elderly person left, you can tell by how the child's bed was made very neat and properly alone. My grandparents just passed about 5-10yrs ago and they did the same, still had the beds in the daughters' bedrooms made exactly the same way (my aunts'). It is depressing watching this one knowing the same fate lies in store for many of us that make it that long in this world. I was stuck in the same situation, there was sooooo much stuff to take, throw away, and donate. If there's only a child or two left out of the lot, I can see why so much was left. Far too much to deal with alone for most of us in today's rat race society.

  31. Its just cheaper to pay the taxes and not haul it to storage where if you fall behind in rent, they auction your stuff off for pennies. I would have done the same thing but kept it clean and eventually organized. This place is so overwhelming, Im exhausted just watching. Clearly someone started packing with good intentions then gave up.

  32. You guys make awesome video's, I really enjoy them! Thank you sooo much

    I would like to know what piano music is played in the middel of de video. Anyone know a title?

  33. HISTORY BUFF HERE – When you went upstairs and found another kitchen that's when it hit me. Way back in the days after WW II there where A LOT of what was called Duo-Homes made. 1 Family Down & 1 Family Up they consisted of a Family Room, a Kitchen a Bathroom 2 Bedrooms & a Storage Room. Known today as a Duplex Home, but today Duplex homes are Side by Side, Back then they where thin 2 Level homes so many could be built next to each other. They could also be called Baby=Boomer homes. But it looks like some of the original walls have either been removed & or others added over the years to make this a puzzling single family home. Back in the day this Duo-Home would have been a JEWEL.

  34. Looks a lot like a hoarding situation combined with a lack of home structural maintenance. Probably forced to leave due to it becoming unsafe.,

  35. Think about it, who is going to want to take your stuff once you are seventy or eighty years old and you died? My stuff, your stuff is going to go mostly to the trash……….

  36. Worked in enough old people homes. They have a lot of stuff and after they are alone for so many years at home the big houses wil start to decay for lack of maintenance and then finally the residents left either move out or get sick or something. If the family does not exist or fails to do anything with the property this will happen. Very sad.

  37. This is exactly what happened with my Grandfather's old house. The cost of living and inflation out paced the wages of my aunt. The family still owns the house, but couldn't keep up with the deterioration and costs of upkeeping the house. So they left it and kept paying the taxes on the property. Every item that didn't find a new home; was left to decay. Until the township stepped in and was going to seize the property unless the building was torn down.

    This is probably the same case and the family still likely owns the property. Turning it into a slowly decaying time capsule.

  38. Sounds like screams of horror and fighting at 16:21 Is that a sound track lightly playing in the background? If so good one that freaked me out i had to replay that part 2 times because i thought i was hearing things.

  39. NO, it DOES NOT look like someone left for the day and never came back! What is wrong with you idiots, can't you see what is in front of your eyes?

  40. Maybe the folks living their were old and didn't have the money or youthfulness to repair the house and it fell in to decay. Someone made an attempt to try to save it by trying to catch the water from the damaged roof with buckets and plastic kiddy pools, possibly living there for sometime under these conditions, sad that everything in life is temporary than fades away and diminishing to its core of natural state. The piano tune you used during your exploitation is appropriate sad and somber of a warm loving human touch that once was… nice choice

  41. I know 2 people that had to drop and leave all their possessions behind.. Its due to toxic mold and can be assured thats exactly what happened there.

  42. I love you guys , BUUT you guys say such such stupid shit!!
    @ 4:15 "I wouldnt be surprised if this has been left here since this place was abandoned" LOL
    as if someone would bring it in afterward?!?!

  43. 12:33 What happened to the Nintendo controllers next to the TV compared to photo here? https://abandonedsoutheast.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/27946887380_9948370d67_k.jpg?w=768

  44. I seen another reply earlier with some info on the house. I looked into it and it's for sale for $15,000 they have pics of it and it's pretty well cleaned out now. And the city has taken some measures to stabilize the home and stop any further damage. It's a shame to see such a beautiful house rot.

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