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EXTREME Bedroom Makeover: Christmas Decorate With Me!

EXTREME Bedroom Makeover: Christmas Decorate With Me!

Coming up on this episode of designed to
the nines… we are going to be doing an extreme Christmas makeover on my very
vanilla very boring master bedroom and I’m going to show you how I took it
from this… …to this! if you want to see me transform my master bedroom into a
Christmas wonderland then stay tuned! all right so here’s the deal… I
really don’t like my master bedroom we bought this house furnished and I
wouldn’t have picked out pretty much a single thing in here including the wall
color it’s kind of this ugly butter yellow color I just do not like it at
all the only thing that I really do like at
this point is the nightstand that we made over in a previous episode we’re
going to be bringing in its partner for over on this side of the room that shows
the really cheap inexpensive nightstand that was here to begin with and I don’t
know if you’re like me but it seems like my master bedroom has been pushed aside
for way too long and it shouldn’t because this is the room where you come
to recharge your batteries to gear up for the next day and your long busy
hectic weeks and this room should be a sanctuary a place that is restful and
inviting and makes you feel good and to give myself that little extra
kick in the pants that I needed to get this project underway I decided to
decorate it for Christmas so we are going to be giving this room a makeover
we’re going to be painting adding some curtains and doing a lot of fun projects
we are gonna give it a huge transformation and do it on a budget so
I’m gonna go get changed into my paint clothes the room is painted and the real fun can
begin here’s where the rustic meets glam is really going to come into play
because instead of buying curtains just for a few weeks to go with more of that
farmhouse look I decided to just go ahead and buy curtains that I love and
that is going to be the direction that I’m taking my master bedroom in going
forward and I am so excited because they are so gorgeous
I found these at HomeGoods they’re kind of like an ivory velvet they’ve got a
pinch pleat top and this beautiful kind of like brooches at every pinch pleat
and they’re also going to go with this curtain rod that I’ve had for a while
that I picked up on clearance for like seven bucks
with the crystal edge and that really plays into the nightstand so it all
works really well together for the direction I’m taking this room and we’re
going to make it work for Christmas as well so I’m going to go ahead and hang
these and then we’ll go ahead and steam and try to get some of the wrinkles out now you’ll remember a couple of weeks ago we did a Christmas wreath tutorial
where I took some artworks that I didn’t like and I wrapped that artwork
in Buffalo check I have a third one so what we’re doing for this third one is
I’m going to simply wrap the artwork also in the Buffalo check wrapping paper
but instead of putting a wreath over the top of it I’m going to be doing some
vinyl lettering that says “all I want for Christmas is you” and I just love that
for a bedroom I think it’s really cute I found one on the Cricut design studio
that was premade ready to go all I have to do is hit make it make sure
everything looks good and we are simply gonna cut it I simply weed the vinyl to remove the unwanted portion and apply transfer tape I am using a removable vinyl so I can
easily take it off the glass when the holiday season is over now it’s time to
hang them I am so excited because this looks so cute I’m not particular about much I’m pretty relaxed but when it comes to my bed you
don’t mess with it getting a good night’s sleep is really really important
and that’s why I’m excited to tell you about this episode’s sponsor American
blossom linens I love being frugal I love saving money
and decorating on a dime but I’ve also promised you that I will tell you areas
where I do invest money in I will invest in good Linens
now they did send me some sheets to try out for free but I’ve been known to
invest in good sheets and good Linens forever now if you think about it it
really makes sense we spend way more time in our beds than we do on our sofas
and getting a good night’s sleep helps with productivity it helps with your
mood it just helps generally across the board. I’ll save money on like the throw
pillows and artwork made our DIY artwork here in the background they have been
sleeping on these sheets for the past few weeks because I wanted to give you
an authentic review and I am impressed so if you want to learn more about
American blossom linens I’m going to provide a link to their website below
and you should go check them out christmas is coming up it’s another good
area to invest some money it’s gonna be adorable bad it’s gonna be adorable so
let’s get making it now we’re gonna add our throw pillows I
got an assortment and so we’re gonna put them on now and this is definitely kind
of like rustic farmhouse I’ve got these awesome plaid pillows that ties like
pretty much our entire color scheme together so these are really good anchor
pieces we’ve got the Reds we’ve got the black we’ve got the gray and we’ve got
the cream the only thing we don’t have in here is green and that’s on the wall
and the green is really kind of acting as a neutral in here I really like
feather down and these were a great deal these were like $19.99 (US) and they’re huge
and they’re down… beautiful! now we’ve got some Buffalo check throw pillows and
what I really liked about this particular one is it almost matches our
stockings identically even down to the fur that was just kind of lucky find so
this last pillow is a fun find because it’s almost a knockoff for the ones
being sold right now at Pottery Barn it’s not an identical match but it
really looks like it could be part of the collection and those ones are really
expensive and this was $12 so we’ll just throw that on there as well and there we
go and then of course you need a soft cozy throw this is just one I had on
hand I just picture myself falling into bed and hibernating for the rest of the
winter so now it’s time to place our lantern from last episode I love this
project and it’s gonna look so cute in here so we’re going to just place that
over here stick with me just a little longer
because I’ve got a free printable that you’re gonna want to find out about now I brought the tree in that’s been in
my craft room and it’s gonna go in this corner and we’re gonna decorate it
I bought this tree a few years ago on an after clearance sale at Big Lots it was
like $15 on like 90% clearance so it was an incredible deal but as you can see
we’ve got a lot of lights out and I don’t want to go one by one and test
each and every one to see what’s going on so I had some Christmas lights in my
stash we’re gonna use them and now I also want to kind of show you what I’ve
got to work with as far as Christmas ornaments or concerned all right so I’m
gonna be doing another Christmas decorating tutorial I think in next week
or the week after soon so I’m not gonna do it like a full-blown decorating
tutorial but we’re going to go ahead and decorate the Christmas tree
and have a lot of fun I usually like to kick on a little Christmas music to get
in the spirit something that I really love to do is
hang banners on my Christmas tree I just like it I think it adds a fun little
touch I made this one years ago it was a printable I found on Pinterest and I
just printed it out and hung it with little mini clothes pins and I think
it’s gonna look good on this tree I had I had a piece of artwork here that didn’t
quite match so my solution for that was I printed out the lyrics to Silent Night
in just a really subtle tone and I went and printed it out on an engineer print
now this is a 24 by 36 then I’m going to be offering this as a free printable to
you and I’m also going to do it in a 20 by 30 so you can have the option of
putting it on like a foam core board and adding some trim or just use some tacky
putty to tack it on temporarily for the holiday season for a couple of dollars
it’s such a fun and cute addition a really good way to get into the
Christmas spirit is to have Christmas scents in the air and this is Christmas
Day by antique candle company it smells amazing if you want to learn more about
their offerings I’ll put a link below but we’re gonna light this and get in
the Christmas spirit it smells so good my extreme Christmas makeover on my
master bedroom is done and I am absolutely thrilled how it turned out I
just love the mood that it sets it’s so festive and fun I know that this is
really gonna bring the holiday spirit into my home and into my life this
Christmas season I just love Christmastime it means
family it means friends I just love all of the touches I love using our
affordable ornaments that we did I loved using all of the things that we’ve been
making the whole key to good design is knowing where to splurge and knowing
where to save and I think we did that really really well in this
transformation we spent the money where it really counts and we saved where we
could and that is really important when you’re trying to design your home to the
nines and that’s what we’re all about here I hope that you enjoyed this
episode if you did would you let me know by hitting the like button below and if
you haven’t already done so make sure you subscribe to my channel below and
turn the Bell notifications on so you don’t miss out on an episode I hope you
learned something today I hope you had a little fun along the way now go have an
awesome and amazing day we’ll see you next time bye

39 comments on “EXTREME Bedroom Makeover: Christmas Decorate With Me!

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  3. Your bedroom is beautifully decorated. I put a tree in our bedroom, too. I add garland to my bed frame with white light and red ribbon. Then we have decorative Christmas pillows on our bed.
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