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Fedora Felt Hat Guide + Tips & Why You Should Wear Hats Today – Gentleman’s Gazette

Fedora Felt Hat Guide + Tips & Why You Should Wear Hats Today – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette
in today’s video we talk about the fedora hat. We discuss what it is, what
it is not, the history, what to look for when you buy one and how to wear it so
you look your best. A 100 years ago no man of style would go outside on the street
without a hat, however there were stiff hats that were more formal and fedora hats were softer. Even today, a fedora is a rather formal accessory, back in the day, the fedora was less formal and was more
a lower class or middle class men hat. Unfortunately a lot of people refer to
any kind of hat as a fedora which isn’t quite accurate so let’s discuss what
makes a fedora. Basically, a fedora hat is a snap brim
hat it’s called that way because you can actually snap the brim down. A fedora is
typically pinched in the middle and then again in the front. One of the big
hallmarks and probably the reason it’s so popular is that the Fedora is shapeable
in many different forms because it’s a soft felt hat that means you can snap
the brim you can have it up or down you can pinch it in any way you like and
just wear it so you as a wearer like the outcome. The exact shape is not defined
but you can see on this hand here, it’s more curved versus this one it’s more flat.
Also the height of the crown varies to taste. Those classic type of fedora
especially in the US is probably a teardrop crown which you can see here, it’s
slightly angled. Most of time you find them even taller and if you have a tall
head it may make sense, otherwise, kind of a middle-of-the-road kind of crown helps
you to never go out of style. Next up is the brim of the fedora. First of all you
can have different sizes. You can have very short brims, medium brims and wide brims.
Again, if you want to say timeless something around in the middle length is
probably your best bet even though personally I like larger
prints as well. Of course it all comes down to what your face shape is and so
larger brims work better for some persons and shorter for others so stay
tuned on our guide on what head shape to wear with what
crown and what brim based on the shape of your face. is subject to
fashion and therefore I would avoid the extremes. You can also have different
edges such as a raw cut edge as you can see here, or a kind of sewn edge as you
can see here, where it’s simply folded up and sewn down, or you can see a ribbon edge
which has an additional ribbon that makes the hat more resistant to wear or
you can have the cavanagh edge which doesn’t exist anymore because the
demand is not there anymore and the machines are not made anymore but
basically, it’s a felted edge that is neither cut but felted place which
is the highest quality level, usually only find that in vintage quality hats.
The brim of the fedora can be snapped down in the front or snapped down all the
way around or snaps up in the front and down in the back. I think the most
popular way to wear it is having it snap down in the front and up in the back.
Personally, it’s my favorite style and that’s what I wear most of the time. When
it comes to the pinch of a fedora, it’s really up to your personal choice. Some people
like clean lines right in the middle and a little pinch in the front but
ultimately it’s up to you. In terms of material, most fedoras these days are
made from wolf felt which is basically hair from sheep that is felted which is
not woven but the hair is taken together, rubbed together until they intertwine and
they don’t come apart anymore. Wolf felt is just the entry to hats.
It’s a decent quality and it’s felted, it’s a natural material but it’s usually
a little rougher. The next step up would be a rabbit or hare felt which is finer
and softer and it usually makes for a great hat. The very best qualities are
beaver felt hats and they usually use hair from the belly of the beaver and
over time, the quality has deteriorated even though you can still find felt
makers that offer beaver fur felt and it’s the best things you can buy these days
and it’s the best thing you used to be able to buy. So if you find a beaver felt
hat, it’s definitely a quality item. Of course, there are differences within that
range but these days, they’re not that many
differences as there used to be in the 20s and 30s. In terms of hat decoration,
most hats will feature a band on the outside and there can be a bow, there
can be you can have different kind of ribbons, sometimes you have little things
that dangle on them, such as on this hat, other times you can have a really wide
band or a slim band maybe a leather band and sometimes you can even see people that add feathers to their hat just to highlight the individual character. You can also
find a fedora if you have a Panama hat and to learn more about panama hats
please check out our in-depth guide here. So how did the fedora get its name? in
the 1890s, there was a play titled Fedora and at the time, all men wore hats on the
street. The everyday man didn’t have much money and could only afford one hat that
had to serve multiple purposes. The fedora was great because it could be shaped in any
form needed. At that time, no gentleman would have ever worn a fedora hat. The
homburg hat, which are wearing here right now, was the hat of the choice. As you
can see, it has a center crease but it has a brim that’s curved up with a
little band and it’s definitely stiffer than a fedora hat. On the other hand, a
gentleman would maybe only wear a fedora hat in the countryside for very casual
outings. Just like many other things in menswear, the Prince of Wales wore a
fedora in 1924 and it became hugely popular that way because he liked softer
things. He went from a stiff evening shirt to a soft evening shirt in black
tie and to learn more about that, check out our black tie guide here. He also had a
soft drape cut that he enjoyed and we have a drape guide on our website as
well. Same thing with the fedora hat, he wanted something that was softer and
more casual and not as stiff as the old top hats and homburg hats. If you want to
learn more about the homburg hat, check out our in-depth homburg hat on the
website. If you want to learn more about the history of the fedora,
you can also check our in-depth guide on the website here. So how should you wear
a fedora hat in this day and age? Basically, you want to wear it with a
classically inspired outfit which means a jacket or a suit. If you want you could
wear it with a chalk stripe or pinstripe suit that’s rather bold, just
be careful if you wear it with a pinstripe suit or a bold chalk stripe suit, you
may look like Al Capone or any other mobster. As the fedora is a classic piece
of headwear that’s not worn a lot anymore, I suggest you go with like
double-breasted suits, peak lapels, maybe single breasted suits with a vest
like a three-piece suit or with a contrasting vest. You can also have
accessories such as cufflinks or rings maybe a tie bar or a collar bar because
it just underlines the entire classic look of the fedora. Wear the fedora the
right season. A felt hat is great in the winter and it’s cold outside maybe in
the fall and also in spring but not during the summer. Go for a Panama hat
instead. It’s very important to understand hat etiquette. Basically you
take off your hat in a private space as well as in church or in another place
of worship, however, if you go to a train station, you can leave your hat on or
maybe a big department store, otherwise, the golden rule is whenever you’re
inside, take the hat off. Also, if you wear a fedora hat, try to
avoid sunglasses because it simply looks odd and over-the-top. A long brim will
help keep the Sun out of your face and I would always go with either sunglasses
or a fedora. Some fedoras have a little feature that enables you to wear
it even when it’s really windy outside because you can connect it to your neck
or to your clothing so it doesn’t just blow away. So where and how should you buy a
fedora hat? The first choice obviously is to go to a local hat store. In my
experience, those hats are rarely really high quality because people are not
willing to spend five hundred, six hundred, or even a thousand dollars for
an off-the-rack hat. Because of that, they go with lower quality wool felt and
the bands around is nice but they’re affordable. Another option is to go with
vintage hats, you can either find them in vintage stores, thrift stores, maybe at
estate sales, or on eBay. In recent years,
eBay has become really popular so prices have gone up but usually you still get a
bigger bang for your buck. Now some people don’t like to wear
vintage hats because they’ve been used before and if you’re afraid of that,
simply have the inside headband replaced as well as the ribbon on the outside and
you have an entirely new hat. So, definitely
avoid fashion brands and avoid sized hats that come in small, medium, and
large. Since the fedora hat is soft, you have a
single measurement. It’s either centimeters, I for example,
usually get between a 59 and 60 centimeters. The American hat size would
be about seven and a half to seven and 3/8 so you just figure out what you want
and you can check out a list and a table of hat sizes on our website. So as you
can see, traditionally you have hats in many different sizes and you want
something that fits you perfectly rather than just a small, medium, large.
Definitely always choose a felt over synthetic material such as nylon and
polyester, beaver being the best, then rabbit and hare then wool felt. In
terms of color, I suggest you avoid extreme colors that
are very bold because they are very hard to combine with your outfits so stay clear
of all black, all white, bright blue, or yellow, or green because just too much.
Instead go with a more subdued tone. Here I’m wearing a brown hat which is great
for casual outfits. You can also invest in a grey hat because they go well with
all kinds of suits, it has a blue undertone. You can wear with navy, with
gray, or dark charcoal it all works.When I say brown, there are all kinds of shades of brown you can also have lighter colors, lighter shades of brown,
cognac caramel, and on top of that, you can have different kinds of grey, blueish
gray, lighter gray, dark gray, these are personally my favorite colors. I also go
with a navy it’s a classic hat shade that you can
wear a lot. For a traditional look, you choose a headband that’s very similar to
the color but slightly different with a different shine, makes for a very classic
look. If you want to be a bit bolder, you can change the headband and change the
entire look of your hat. So rather than going with colorful felts, I suggest
going with colorful ribbons. I’s easily replaced and if you don’t like it you
can change it but you always know you have a hat you can wear with many things.
That being said, if you want something truly unique and special, you can always
get a custom hat. In recent years, custom hatters have become much more popular.
They get decent felts, you can get exactly what you want, the shape that you
want, and that may be well worth the higher price ticket. So how do you take
care of the fedora? Because it is animal hair where it’s wool, rabbit, or beaver, it is
very resistant to water and so I would just say you dry it naturally if it got
wet, otherwise, a brush is your best friend. You want natural bristles that
are pulling by hand so your brush lasts for a long time then all you do is you just
brush out the dust on a regular basis that way your hat will last longer, it
will always look sharp and dapper. Some people say you have to do it
counterclockwise or clockwise. I believe it doesn’t matter at all, you just look
at your hat and make sure the dust gets out and stays clear of it and once
you’ve done your brim, and you can go from the inside to the outside so you
can really see the dust coming up, you can start going on your crown, go through
the crease, you may also want to take the crease out to really get every little
dust out of it. You just do it until you like the look of it and your hat is
good. This will ensure that your hat stays in shape and that it lasts longer
than if you let it just soil up. If you wear hat a lot in summer and you sweat a
lot, it pays to maybe disinfect the sweatband
or have it replaced every once in a while, that way you prevent having zits
on your forehead. Because hats are felted from a natural
animal hair, they’re receptive to moths therefore, if you buy a vintage hat
I suggest to first put it in the freezer for a while, take it out into a room
temperature, and repeat the procedure two or three times to make sure you kill all
the moths. If you see moth bites on hats that weren’t there before, you do that
same procedure and you make sure that you protect the rest of your wardrobe
otherwise you end up with lots of holes and it’s just not what you want for your
investment. So today I’m wearing a vintage hat which is from the 1970s from
Mayser which is a German hat company. It’s rabbit felt, I had a vintage ribbon
added because I like the look of it and I wanted a wider one and that’s something
you often encounter. Oftentimes, slims ones anything wider you have to
custom-make them. My shirt is a white dress shirt classic collar spread with
cuff links and it’s from in Milan Italy. My jacket is
a vintage sport coat from Bobby from Boston which is a vintage store and
Bobby unfortunately died I think last year but I went there and got this for
30 bucks it’s just a no-name Harris Tweed but I like it it’s a nice color
herringbone is a classic pattern I’m pairing it with a shantung silk tie from
Fort Belvedere which you can find in our shop it’s striped and it has some knobs on it
which gives it a casual character my cufflinks are also secondhand I found
the vintage like carved malachite with sterling silver so is my ring to
match. Then my shoes are brown from a small shop in Florence. I have a matching
belt which is made out of alligator skin, American alligator skin. I
keep the buckle in silver so it all matches. My slacks are from Polo Ralph Lauren, they have a small kind of charcoal and off white houndstooth pattern and
my socks are burgundy and off white striped Fort Belvedere socks over the calf that add
a little bit of pop of color to the outfit that’s otherwise very consistent
in brown, oatmeal, and dark colors. The other pop of color is my pocket square
which is silk from Fort Belvedere, it’s printed English silk so the blue picks
up the blue elements of my ring and my cufflinks. The orange contrasts well with
the green and the brown and the tie and the jacket. If you enjoyed this video
please give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our Channel and especially subscribe to
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