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Flea Market Action Figure Massacre … WHY?!

Julie and I are at the flea market
because that’s what we always do, we have no lives, and we found this hot
glued hot mess look how many action figures had to die to make this (that’s kind of sad) Optimus
Prime is dead spider-man is dead Batman another Optimus Prime is dead…got there
Edison bulb… but the one that really makes me mad, where is it… it’s Baxter Stockman… they hot glued him…$12 I don’t think I’ll be paying 12 cents for
that…(even Ariel is shocked they are asking 12 bucks) there’s Ariel and then there’s a bunch of other action figures that are
locked up in mason jars never to be released again anyway I thought you all
would hate to see this so there it is and that’s the end of this video have a
great one see you next time

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