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flea market hunt

flea market hunt

-I’m Jex.
-And I’m Alex Jex: We are…
BOTH: The CineBros! Alex: And this is CineBrosSupreme.
Jex: You got it. Welcome, welcome. So what’s going on today, my friend? Well, we’re going to, what this is like a flea market? I’ve never been… Okay, okay, let me explain… It’s the Sussex Flea Market here in Sussex, New-Brunswick… Takes place once a year, every mid-August.
It goes on for three or four days. And I haven’t been in about six years. Last time I went was in 2013, so I’m excited… I remember it’s just a field FULL. There’s a lot of ground to cover here… Alex: Again, I’m all going “I have no idea”, but the multiple day thing, this is day 2… Jex: This is day 2.
Alex: Hopefully there’s still some stuff there. I think so, because I heard that new vendors kind of appear as the days go by… Alex: Weird, but alright.
Jex: People that weren’t there yesterday… …might be there today, so yeah. I know the last time I went, there were a lot of movies… …a lot of DVDs, there’s some records and obviously stuff for everyone, it’s a flea market… You got furniture, you got antiques, so uh…
But that’s not what we’re looking for… We’re looking for the movies, so it should be a good time.
Alex: Yes, yes. Alex: So what were you looking for, exactly?
Jex: Well, I got a lot of stuff on my wish-list… …that I’d like to find. Something that’s very up high on my wish-list is… I don’t really know how to pronounce it, but it’s the Ben Affleck / Jennifer Lopez classic “Gigli”. Alex: Oh, interesting!
Jex: I think that’s how… Jiggly? Yeah, “Jiggly” or whatever it was… Jex: Also, there’s “All About Steve”.
Alex: All About Steve! With Sandra Bullock. Jex: And Brad, uh, Cooper. Bradley Cooper.
Alex: Yes, Rocket Raccoon himself. Yes, that’s right. And just stuff like that. Oh! Speaking of Sandra Bullock, there’s “The Lake House”!
Alex: Right. Are you gonna… Jex: Way up high on my… On my wish-list.
Alex: Are you gonna get this with “Gooby” as well? Jex: That’s actually what I was gonna…
Alex: Yeah, you gotta get some “Gooby” in there… Jex: “Gooby” and that’s just, um…
Alex: That’s just to name a few… I mean, these are a bunch of cinematic classics… …that I think are just, like, generally underrated.
Jex: Absolutely. But if I find “Monster-In-Law”, I’ll let you have it. Alex: Okay, thank goodness because, you know, I’m a huge fan.
Jex: Absolutely… NO! What about “Failure to Launch”? Are we talking about…
Are we done with this now? “Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The New Generation” I’ve heard that is the best of… Jex: Just digging the stuff that Matthew McConaughey probably crossed off his résumé… That was immediately… I was like:
“Matthew McConaughey’s been in a lot of shit.” Blue Crush, wasn’t he in that? No. Jex: He wasn’t in Blue Crush, he was in…
Both: SAHARA! Jex: Anyway, let’s get serious.
Alex: Okay. No, no, I’m joking, of course. Looking for stuff like Anchor Bay… Out-of-print Anchor Bay horror stuff that I don’t have.
Alex: Yep. Like finding the Anchor Bay of “Society” would be kind of cool… Even though I’d love the find the Arrow blu-ray.
Alex: “Society” would be neat. For sure. “Society” would be cool. Yeah any Arrow, Scream Factory, which I’m not gonna hold my breath… …because it is a flea market, but those would be cool to find. And lately I’ve been wanting to build up my Alfred Hitchcock collection.
Alex: You were mentioning… Because I realized all I have by him, that I…
If I’m remembering correctly is “Psycho”. So I’d like to find like “The Birds”, “Rear Window”, “Vertigo”, like… I don’t have any of those, so that’d be cool to…
To build up on. I mean my next thing… Because I’m still…
I’m close to having all the Godzillas… But there’s still a few, but for the most part I’m pretty good. So the next series I’d like to get into is the Hammer Films… I want to get into the Frankenstein stuff, specifically…
Jex: That would be cool, yeah. Because I feel like Dracula, like I see it a little bit more frequently. Jex: Those are a little more common. They have that Warner Bros. 4-pack.
Alex: Exactly. But Frankenstein: A little bit harder to find so, that’s what I’m looking for. Oh, as well as… I’m still looking for “Texas Chainsaw
Massacre Part 2”.
Jex: Oh! Well that’s… Yeah that one pops up. Alex: Yeah. So, we’ll see. Uh, “Ghoulies III” also. Jex: “Ghoulies III”. Man, that is a tough one to find. Is there even a stand-alone DVD for that one? Alex: No. Unless you live in Europe.
Jex: Which we do not. Awesome. So yeah, we’re gonna take you guys with us, and uh, hopefully find some gold. So stay tuned! alright guys so we have arrived we have
made it to the flea market that’s right and we have a crew with us today so
let’s meet the crew we got a my sister hey guys and we got
my wife Amanda hi my name is Amanda and I am currently working on an animation
for city Bros intro if you want to see some clips look right here and if you
wanted to see my progress on the city Bros and true I go on Twitch every
Sunday just check it out under the links sweet all right so let’s enter the
market and see if we can find some cool stuff all we have left to do is find
some goodies ok so what are you find here ok so this seems to be a
show-and-tell picture sound program by General Electric it’s like a record
player TV combo thing as far as I can tell I think this is it here yeah which
is weird I’ve never seen such a thing wait you thought record player from like
the top right absolutely and then I open this I’m like it still serves I’m
holding it holding it upside down is with there we go it was a struggle but we made it very
weird yeah with the whole table was this was a lite-brite Fisher Price movie
viewers theater which how it works is you put a cartridge in here and then you
turn it I’ve never seen this one we had a handheld one I was saying you were
living in the future and I use that so much as a kid but I do know it’s
available in this size see I always had like projectors so like a weird crank
one I’ve never seen yeah so as you can see there was a lot to take in I mean
I’m talking booths and booths of just CDs DVDs collectibles arts and crafts
just all kinds of interesting things there’s a whole field just full of
different booths we didn’t even like to scratch the surface of all the places
that we visited found Sandlot so you were telling me that you confuse Sandlot
with another movie I kept thinking every laundry but it was like so eventually after being outside for a
while we had to stop from we’re talking about the chairs situation because I’m
sitting on a stool so Danna yeah I bought a broken stool gonna break
eventually it’s gonna pull her pants and then the trek continued just again so
many booths to see we after being outside for so long
fortunately they had an indoor part of this whole flea market so I could get
out of the Sun for just a little bit inside now yes if the Sun was beating
down hard and I was like yes so what are you impression so far I mean like are
you seeing this it’s crazy there’s so much stuff well we keep saying like Oh
we’ll do inventory you know and you’re like you know we’ll come back but like I
can’t even remember half the places we see yeah the x-men vol 1 very Tampa
temple there’s all these trading cards we saw at one point no which I got some
b-roll footage of but now I’m like still looking for the gold the hunt continues it’s a good thing I didn’t get the other
7000 of these that we found the deluxe edition and giving you waited I’ll get
to take credit you found this person I don’t know still worth it
hey dude look Andre and I also got you uh you’ve been looking for this right I
knew it you’re welcome are you seeing this I don’t think that bitch is gonna
fit so again after taking a few more looks
around and taking it a whole lot of different deals we eventually had to
call it quits and head on home oh right that was a day I am still not
lightheaded but rocky it was like the heat beating down we are
beat it there’s a lot of walk my shoes for one’s black we’re all very were a
lot less excited from earlier as you can tell oh my god check this out yeah I
think that was the last one to crash but it happened so we’re just gonna share
with us with us with us ourselves and also with you our fines yes so I did say
I was gonna look for some Godzilla I managed to find for $1 which was like as
much as I wanted to spend on it ever the 98 Godzilla
which was pretty sweet I mean again like I spotted it from a bar I was like I
thought she saw this boy I don’t know maybe like a dollar and I’m like oh hey
yeah I mean I don’t need to haggle that that’s fine yeah so that’s it was pretty
status one to that yeah one of the few that you’re missing yeah I mean it had
all the inserts in it yeah this guy was kind of weird-looking but you know hey
per dollar all right you lose stood on this one for a while yes well we I
showed it off I don’t know if that’s gonna make the cut but I did show it off
once I bought it and it’s a fun land which is kind of a mysterious one but a
free chef heard about it in videos think cool dinner talked about it at one point
and it’s from the creators of that 70s show yeah I think you talked about this
I forgot so that’ll probably make the cut yeah yeah exactly social disc demanded music we have a moment I’m
curious I’m not expecting too much but I think it’s gonna be a fun time he’s
gonna be one that was a fun land so the next one that I got is oh well
hellofax pawnshop but I got this double feature
so village is damned and children of the Damned both fantastic like it’s like if
these kids in this town and they like their eyes are glowing and stuff it’s
like there’s a bit where they’re trying to get into the mind of this guy and he
just keeps thinking of a brick wall to stop them from seeing because he liked
it a bomb to kill ma is fantastic I’ve never seen and not a double sided kiss
which is what I like so I couldn’t say no man that was pretty dirt cheap very
nice this one with two dollars so also for me it was like I had to get it I
have to be just I think I still have the VHS I had at one point anyway and I mean
to upgrade it’s fun one from my childhood
don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s dead on HBO a little stoked about this I’m
pretty happy this is fun it’s right up there with adventures babysitting I
always kind of put them in the same category because I remember TBS
superstation would often play them back to back and they both star this guy
right there you were pointing at a lady but the name
Keith Coogan yeah I just got Christina Applegate you know this was during her
prime doing married with children this is from nine I think is 91 or 92 so yeah
it turns to get more things poking inside how is that no use he had
it look perfectly alright my second find of the day I’ve got about four lives how
many do you have live for as well hey pervert so the next thing was we saw a
multipack with this movie in it I was gonna buy it just for this movie and
then we’re like oh let’s check the dish and I opened it and one of the disks was
missing so I was like no nevermind incomplete then I tracked this down
Pacific Heights Michael Keaton it’s a really good thriller I find it’s a
little bit of damage at the top not too not too bad I mean again very very cheap
prices yeah I used to see that one pop up quite a bit and I never knew anything
about it until we watched the Bravo 100 scariest movie moments yes and I was on
there and I was like I got me curious yeah cuz I mean it’s like is this couple
buys like a little upstart thing they’re like old rent out some of the plays like
this some apartments and you know it I can’t describe it than that but anyway
Mikey moves in and just goes crazy and like it’s he goes crazy in a way where
he’s like using the law to make them seem like they’re the ones who were
crazy yeah yeah it’s the whole thing excellent thriller this well you pretty
much pushed me you’re like you got it oh I’m like you were like I don’t know someone I messed up a lot this one I
used to have the tape bachelor party someone would say Tom Hanks is fast from
the 80s I would I would disagree and say that’s splash verbs probably the birds
like me more so but yeah this is a fun one you know for what it is early on in
his career thanks for getting it forced into the force and from the same place I
can found idle hands which I’d seem like a couple of times like in passing but
never Lee was always messed up like there’s always bad condition and I mean
these cases are like a little like could use some love but yeah you know I have
some spare the movies at that table a lot but I mean the disc itself is like
I’m convinced yes sir and it’s like not ruined in the
slightest like the insides were fine and just the hook size right alright the
next one oh I freaked out I accidentally threw
this across cuz I’ve been looking for it forever
and I was hoping to find it today and Alex was actually the one who found it
and its airspace original I’m building on my Joe Dante collection
it’s one of the few I’m missing it’s got a little bit of a wrinkle to it as was
often the case with these snapper cases Oh what you mean they’re not absolutely
the best case in the world man when you’re young you make mistakes you know
but I’ve grown and I realize hey these skis aren’t so great but it’s not water
damage it’s just got a wrinkle to my Hank I’m not gonna happen we’re not
gonna complain instant insert so yeah okay loosen if it’s attached and it’s
like the disc is in like near mint condition so this is really cool so have
you found this to finally have it to get through this again at the same table
that I got idle hands at Oh God nightmare for cuz you talked me into
this dude one three and four those are my
favorites yeah sorry that’s what I’ve got at the moment yeah you know it’s
funny like I was trying to describe with you but four and five I’ve they’re often
blended together I think like I love you know Freddy and Jason and all that stuff
like by 238th Nymeyer now sir you came wrong however I’ve seen them so like at
around the same time how they all just kind of meld
so I have a hard time this thing was shake which one is poison goes to me
Friday 13 5 & 6 to me I often can’t tell them apart
alright I got one too so you probably show him off both cuz you got the same
spot just go oh yeah so this is Crede – it has a twenty the twenty dollar price
tag and the guy kept dropping it at first like oh yeah ten dollars fifty –
okay and then you saw I was looking at this and a few other things so like five
minutes later it’s like yeah I’ll do five for crew – I was like okay well I
never use any of the other haven’t seen the first I gotta get the first one now
but both you and luke is so good keep telling me to watch them so I’m just
trusting you both because I I know I can and I got it the guy kept dropping the
price I’m like okay well for five bucks and it’s sealed I didn’t mention that
but it’s sealed so it was kind of a no-brainer and then the other one I was
as for was double impact which I’ll flip my dam which I also didn’t see but it
comes highly recommended from Lucas and this is one of those cool retro VHS
packaging with the be kind rewind and new release sticker which i think is
kind of neat I love these ones pretty cool oh yeah those are my finds
of the day and my last fine was from this same kind keep like lowered it down
by like a lot which was us so I got this seal brand-new for around like 10 bucks
I couldn’t pass it up at that price and man I I love to get out and everything
I’ve seen about this I haven’t actually watched the movie it looks fantastic so
I’m happy to have it collection like I would show the disc like I said but I’m
gonna have to watch both that one and get out all ghetto was fantastic I look
to see behind that as well but I mean was it will actually no it’s not
oh okay hold on hold on now let’s scramble in the moving vehicle
neither of us drive it so you got yours come on what do we show first of course
the woman we both got together okay okay we’re ready for this yes oh we got
different packaging okay BAM got gremlins trading cards the gum is still
inside so we’re hoping these like probably see we can trade them later
yeah sure we would here we grow again yeah then I was like this kind of stuff
these were we would have got more these were two dollars you know that’s like a
little pricey but maybe these ones that I got we’re like 50 cents pukey Mon
cards I couldn’t resist because I was a big into Pokemon collecting back
but you can see like the fading doesn’t gradually so this one would be like
definitely like the prime time player because he is like fully like colored
and as opposed to like would get later to the Sunday animation you see like the
massive difference we have couldn’t resist few people’s
heads I remember these and I was like what I’d never heard it’s cool yeah it’s
a cool play on words you come on I get it it’s all just like Barroso Pokemon
it’s weird the last one I got you pretty much told me like you’ve got it yeah
again I threw down money for you because I like you got it yeah all the ones cuz
I am a big fan of this show I love this show so much it’s from the 80s you know
the song jump known on Jump Street yeah one Jump Street train is hot hits
haunted show off there’s only five cards but has become as well so tasty should
be wholly bash to go nasty go we’re gonna have an eating gap we’re gonna
have a gum-chewing competition of who just all Dustin gross party pooper
alright so there you have it folks the finds of the game one of my on the back so thanks for
tuning in guys and thanks for bearing with us like there was a it was a hot
news wasn’t that hot but just the Sun was beaming right on us so but overall
was an exciting day out of class with all you guys did you guys find anything
in the front driving I can’t remember what you guys got I don’t know I’ll try
to cut it if it cuts in then yes you can but if it doesn’t damn it whoa it’s me I
know not what you were expecting but only just months later here we are it’s
taking me way too long to edit this just because we shot so much footage there
was a lot to take in I know I’ve said that a few times in here but man like
there was just boots on boots off of it so regardless here we are I did say we
were gonna go over the stuff that Amanda and my sister Anna got we never got a
chance to shoot it happen unfortunately so just very briefly my sister picked up
I have a copy of this as well bump in the night Night of the Living bread I
know they’ve since released like full seasons of this or at least just one
full like complete season or Elite Series DVD but this has got 8 episodes
on it or 8 chilling episodes to be more precise and it’s pretty cool to have I
got mine a few years back and we saw this there so my sister picked it up I
think she also got the Little Mermaid on blu-ray if I’m not mistaken and I am
Anna got like the soundtrack for his Anna do and I think that’s about it so
hey we you know there was a lot to see and I think we all got away with some
really good stuff so lastly after we did all this running around we all stopped
to get some food at this really cool diner which I’ll cut to right here Jex: What’s going on, guys? We’re here at JJ’s Restaurant. Alex: We already said we were here, but yeah, we got the food… Jex: Yeah, but now we got the food, it’s been like half an hour! So what, you got “The Wuss”? Jex: “The Wimp”! “The Wimpy”.
Alex: Oh sorry, “The Wimpy”. [Amanda, off-camera]
And you got “The Jughead”. Alex: Yeah, with a Poutine. and yeah that was it so thanks for
watching hopefully you enjoyed we had a great time so I’m hoping to go back
again next year and hopefully I’ll cut together videos much faster in the
future so thanks again and later guys you

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