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FlossTube #23 (11/29/19) : 2019 Wrap Up and What’s Next

FlossTube #23 (11/29/19) : 2019 Wrap Up and What’s Next

38 comments on “FlossTube #23 (11/29/19) : 2019 Wrap Up and What’s Next

  1. Hi. A Sampler Subscription! Count me in! Every other month seems like a good span of time to get them done if they are small. I'm a sampler lover and have been looking for small samplers because, well, life is short, and I'm not a spring chicken. I would like to leave samplers for my famiy and friends and so far, I have stitched and gifted several that will be "remembrances". Mom's "Save the Stitches" bags are adorable! Great idea! So glad Max survived! LOL. Enjoy all your videos! Thanks for taking the time.

  2. I dislike subscriptions so very much. I will never subscribe again. To me, it amounts to buying a pig in a poke and if you don't like it, too bad, you're stuck with it. Two of the ugliest designs I ever got stuck with was through a subscription. One of them came just as Plum Street released the remaining Twelve Days of Christmas as a freebie. The subscription design was so horrid I almost cried. Then I thought, maybe I can use the linen and floss for the Twelve Days. I have 4 more to go and have had to use my own floss but at least I was able to salvage something from the kit. The other kit was a monochrome disaster, absolutely hideous. I didn't even have the desire to open it and it has sat in a file by designer for years. Not only are subscriptions unfair to the buyer, but if the design is sought after, the chart alone will sell for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market, money which should have gone to the deserving designers. I don't see why designers can't release a new chart as a kit or a chart at the same time, which would be the best of both worlds. That's my take on subscriptions, never again. Thank you for the Thanksgiving freebie. It is so sweet! I love it!

  3. Beth! Thank you for Thankful Every Day! also, I will be looking out for WIP It Good, I love it! and the fact that the proceeds are going to charity make it even better! I’m not really into subscription boxes, but I do absolutely love the book idea. My daughter’s birthday is also December 17, I always tried to separate her birthday from Christmas, make it something special unto itself. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. We have no basement or attic, but we have a large organized garage. Hubby hung shelving from the ceiling of the garage and my tubs of Christmas, fall and Easter are stored there. I share my bedroom closet with my large stitched pieces. I love to decorate for the season because in the desert SW there isn’t much change in seasons. Your new design is beautiful! I don’t punch needle yet but Santa has a Morgan hoop tucked away. I have started participating in club kits since retiring but i hesitate to start a new club unless it comes highly rated by others. Even then there are some items that i would never have bought and regret spending the money on. It’s a double edged sword of not wanting to miss out on beautiful things and items i will never stitch. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Love love love love love your thinking about future Beth. I kind of had to do this this year when I’d tried to forgive my then fiancé for cheating and move on but after 6 months I had to think ‘so I want to be stressing about this forever and checking his phone years down the track? No, the stress was already affecting me, so I made the painful here and now decision to end a 3 1/2 year engagement so that I had the chance to find someone who I don’t have to stress over 🙂

  6. I love, love, love the idea of a book release with several small samplers! I don't currently belong to any subscription clubs, but I think it sounds fun. You should go for it… Future Beth would approve I'm sure. 😉

  7. Who would not want to be in a Beth Club? Love the idea! Will get the new release on Dec 06! Growing your own food is so gratifying!

  8. Oh my goodness, I just bought the same wood box from Ikea! I am going to design a round sampler for it 😁 you are an inspiration. Adore the animal news btw🤗🤗🤗

  9. Thank for the beautiful Thankful Every Day pattern – that was so very generous of you! Love the idea of donating toward the cause for those that want to grow produce but do not have land to do this on. Regarding subscriptions, I have not joined any and prefer to wait until the item is available to the public so I can decide if I want to buy it or not. I am fine with waiting though as I know there are a lot of people that enjoy subscriptions. Thanks also for taking the time to make your videos – I always enjoy them!

  10. I always love your videos and so happy to see your old and new stitching. Your patterns are gorgeous!!! Have fun decorating and enjoy your family!!!!

  11. Thank you for the beautiful pattern. I am new to your channel but I have enjoyed your designs and videos. I will keep an eye on your shop for your new pattern. I am grateful to you and all that you do for others. 💜

  12. I only have 1 subscription club and it’s been nice, I would do a
    Subscription for antique reproduction sampler for pattern only .

  13. It is wonderful to see designers doing flosstube. This is the first time I’ve seen your videos. For your question about the subscriptions, I prefer a monthly digital pattern. I like how Tempting Tangles will create a SAL then a Facebook group for everyone to post their progress. Thanks for a great video!

  14. Always so nice to visit with you. Love the new design! You are Awesome in your designs. Love them all. You have a great Christmas. 😀

  15. Love the new design and what a great charity. Love the sampler idea. We do have an attic and everything gets stored up there.

  16. Thanks for a fun video. I like the idea of the subscription- would you be offering it for overseas stitchers? Love 'Wip it Good'!
    We are lucky enough to have a cellar and our Christmas decorations are in my husband's old army chest. It's so full it's difficult to close! Have a wonderful festive season.

  17. I love the idea of a subscription! But as I live overseas, it's usually not available for me. A PDF version would be fantastic!

  18. I Love Kate Atkins! I am interested in a sampler subscription. I am drawn to the simple primitive look just like Kate! Looking forward to WIP it Good, such a worthy charity

  19. Great video – thanks for sharing! I like to think of future Cynthia, too. Future Cynthia will be so glad she did these dishes tonight and so on. – lol. Glad I'm not the only one. Love your work – have a joyous Christmas season – Happy late Birthday 🙂

  20. Loved hearing you sing Theresa's "all into" song! I think a book of charts ala Blackbird would be great. Your mom's project bags are lovely!

  21. Always good to see you. I’m gonna learn punch needle hopefully. I got Teresa Kogut online course. I doubt your punch was undesirable it’s just now gaining popularity again. Thx for visiting and for the lovely freebie
    Patti Dagg

  22. I enjoy your videos, thank you for the free chart, I love the pumpkins. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Patti

  23. Hi Beth…thanks again for a great video…your insight into a future person…yes to a subscription or book for your reproduction samplers…I like any size..I wouldn’t say that to all designers…I don’t belong to any subscription for floss, fabric, or patterns…so couldn’t help with your rules…the new pattern download will be great…especially with proceeds going to such a great charity…and thank you for the Thanksgiving Pattern…there are many problems that need thoughts and prayers along with our family and friends…best wishes and Merry Christmas to you and your family❤️

  24. I would personally like to have a booklet with several samples instead of a subscription. I'm signed up for several subscriptions… floss, fabric, project bag and Halloween ornaments… not sure I would want a pattern subscription as the pattern may not be my taste.

  25. I love listening to you and hearing all about what you're up to. And I just ordered one of the project bags! I didn't get there in time last time but I did today. Woo-Hoo!

  26. What a beautiful free chart Beth!!!!!! I don’t participate in any subscriptions. I’d hate to spend money on a pattern I haven’t seen and then end up not wanting to stitch it. Bbbbuuuuuttttt… I am not in a stage of life with lots of extra cash to spend on my hobbies… I think I’m in a small percentage of people who watch FlossTube. Most folks seem to LOVE subscriptions!

  27. SO. MUCH. YES. to a Heartstring Sampler club!! I've done other clubs in the past and I LOVE getting a full kit with finishing instructions and supplies. I'm happy not knowing what's coming. Heartstring and Sampler is enough. Thank you for the free chart. and I love WIP it Good! What a great charity. Now I need to know what people are growing in their gardens this time of year.

  28. A clean house is overrated, and your kids move out and then blessed be you have grandchildren. Remember how your kids couldn't play in the mud, make slime, have play doh? Yeah, none of that applies to grandchildren.

  29. Love the idea of a Heartstring Sampler Club! I would do pattern only…..I like to pick fabric & floss on my own. Hope you do it!

  30. Your son and I share the same birthday. When I was young, a long, long time ago, the Christmas tree did not go up until after my birthday. Ow it takes a week to decorate at a slower pace 🌲. Happy Birthday to your son🎂

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