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Four Facts | Octopus

Four Facts | Octopus

For the past 300 million years, octopuses have been some of the coolest
and most intelligent creatures of the sea. Here are 4Facts about octopuses
you should know. Fact 1 Octopuses are cephalopods
which literally translates to “head foot,” and contrary to popular
belief, their limbs are not tentacles – they actually have eight arms. Fact 2 Unlike us humans, these creatures have
three hearts and blue blood. Why blue? Well, their blood is copper based which is more efficient
for transporting oxygen throughout their entire body. Fact 3 There are about 300 different species of
octopuses found all around the world – these include the mimic octopus, the
giant Pacific octopus, and the blue ringed octopus. Fact number 4 They are masters of disguise. Octopuses use thousands of
color-changing cells called “chromatophores” to camouflage
into their surroundings. Check it out! So if you didn’t love octopuses before,
I bet you do now. Join 4ocean in
supporting octopuses. They actually have eight arms!

23 comments on “Four Facts | Octopus

  1. I love what you guys are doing for the ocean. Me and my sister just bought some of your bracelets and I'm so excited to wear mine. ❤️🌊

  2. This youtuber have not high subs because all trash the ocean, or don't care about this, it's only ocean.

  3. Really love your mission to save the ocean, but I can't really support you all other than a comment. It's because our finances are not in a good status right now, but i'll look for your merch when I can afford it! 🙂

  4. I think you or some other people should conduct research on why people dont recycle. First outline where people dont recycle most, and then why they do it.

    Its not possible to stop pollution at the geographical cause/start, it can only truly be stopped at the mental cause/start.

  5. I bought everyone in my family a bracelet for Christmas instead of some other stupid gift that doesn't help the universe. If I was much younger, I would be an employee of 4Ocean. I love what they are doing.

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