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Frampan #1: Tô-ji’s Flea Market

I am Lucie, I am from France and I am looking for a kimono for the ending ceremony of the program at Kansai Gaidai. Everyone is going to go there with a kimono that is going to be really nice and I just want to find, like a cheap one, to wear. So, yes that‚ is my goal of the day. My name is Neely, and I am on a mission to find a randosuru, I think that’s the name. It is an elementary child school bag.
It sounds elementary, yes, but I want that bag. It is so cute and I am gonna find it today. Hi, my name is Emel. I am from America and today I want to get a new bag, cause this one is just falling apart. Let me just show you, how bad it is. Like this zipper. It just doesn’t work anymore. Are those samples? I see samples. Okay guys, what are you eating? What are they called? It is like tako- Taiyaki ? Taiyaki Taiyaki Oh yeah okay, there it is.
It is like taiyaki but shaped as a chestnut. And we have some chocolate inside.
Oh, that’s so cool. And there are some yellow thing.
Is that a chestnut? I think it’s a chestnut. Oh it is a chestnut.
Hopefully. I think it is a vintage photo album. Are there photos inside? Oh like postcards? What do you think? I don’t know. I have to wait for Naomi, because I don’t know if it is what I want or not. And I need Naomi’s help. And knowing of the Japanese’s culture to help me. Neely what did you get? I got squid. Roasted squid. But I don’t remember the name. But it is good, salty and,… chewy. See the suckers too. So Emel what are you looking at? Bags. Girl handbags. You want a girl handbag?
No, I want like a nice, cute, little backpack. Like, I want a backpack, it is a shoulder bag but you can turn it into a backpack too. Oh yeah, that’s true. We were walking in the street and we saw some foreigners.
So we decided to interview them. So my name is Kevin, I am from England, I love traveling. I have lived in Japan now for 15 years, in a place called Osaka. Do you do a lot of markets like here? Yeah, in Kyoto, I come 3 times a month from Osaka, For this market and one in Tenjin, which is another shrine in North Kyoto, And also a smaller one here, which is based on antics. So I come 3 times a month. Is that difficult to be foreigner, selling things in Japan? Not so difficult to join the market. I just have to apply and ask the organizers and then show what you want to sell and they say yes or no. Hello my name is Michelle, and I am from the Netherland. A small town, near Amsterdam. And I am here for work. I work as a model. I have to do modelling in shoots and films here. Where you on the fashion week? No, not on fashion week. There is typical Dutch brand. It is called Rituals. They just opened a new store in New York and also in France. It is cosmetics. And why did you come to the market?
I love going to the market. There we have a temple and a market. So it is 2 in 1. And I have just ruined the sequence. It is red! What If I get one, and then-
You should! I can. They are really cheap. Sumimasen, obi ga arimasuka ? (is there any obis ?)
Iie (No). So Neely, what did you get?
I bought 2 kimonos. And one obi. Also some slippers. These are getas. Getas are shaped differently, but these are made out of wood. Anyway, let me show you the kimonos. This is my peach kimono. I am planning on wearing it for the completion ceremony, at my university. It is so nice, very long. I am so glad. Wait, I will hold this. Anyway, close enough. This shows that you are single.
The longer it is, the more available you are. Really, what?
So wait, the longer it is, the more desperate you are ? Not desperate. Usually, it will be long if you are single, then less long if you get married Just take off your socks.
No. Thousands of maybe hundreds of people will see this. Hopefully. The shoes are poorly fitting now. But when I will get the proper socks, they are going to look great. So today, I bought a kimono, that’s a red kimono. It is the right length! And I bought the obi. So the obi is the traditional belt that you wear it with. That is really complicated to tight so we won’t tight it, because we don’t know how to yet. And, with that I bought also something to put in my hair, because here they put lots of stuff in their hair. I didn’t find the shoes yet but it is in progress. So I wasn’t able to find a backpack, sadly. So instead, I got some presents. I got this, I am not sure what it is called. But it is like this big, fabric thing, and you tie it and it becomes a bag. Here are some instructions. And I got some old Japanese coins. Thank you guys for watching. We hoped you liked our video. If you like what we are doing you can subscribe to our channel which is below the video, And you can share it, and put a big thumbs up and comment it. And also we will try to make a video at least once a week, and our next video will be us in Korea. Arigato Gozaimasu!

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