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G. Wood Lithograph & S. Margolies Etching | Web Appraisal | Boise

G. Wood Lithograph & S. Margolies Etching | Web Appraisal | Boise

GUEST: This print I found in my parents’ home
after they moved out. I had never seen it before in my life, I was
very surprised. My aunt gave me this one here and she told
me, “You take good care of it because I know it is valuable because it’s a Grant Wood so.” APPRAISER: Now, were your parents or your
aunt, were they art collectors? GUEST: No, they weren’t. They weren’t, no. APPRAISER: But they had these two works of
art– GUEST: But they had those, uh huh. APPRAISER: And did you remember this hanging
in your parents’ house? GUEST: I don’t, that’s why I was so surprised
to find it, it was up in the closet. APPRAISER: So what you have here closest to
you is actually an etching. GUEST: An etching, okay. APPRAISER: And that’s an etching by Samuel
Margolies. GUEST: Uh huh? APPRAISER: Who’s best known as a printmaker
working in and around New York City in the ‘30s and ‘40s and he did these wonderful
urban city views of the skyscrapers in New York. GUEST: Oh. APPRAISER: And this was a much more sort of
bucolic New England winter landscape. You can see his signature right down here,
very neat script signature. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: The print closest to me is a lithograph
by Grant Wood. GUEST: Uh huh. APPRAISER: Who was the top regionalist artist
in America in the 1930s and 1940s. Both of these prints were published by an
outfit in New York known as Associated American Artist. Each of the prints published were issued in
the edition of 250. So in each case here, you have one of 250
impressions. It’s interesting that your parents had that
in the closet. It’s a notable artist, but not one of his
better images. Do you have any idea what the value of that
is? GUEST: I have no clue. APPRAISER: At auction, the Margolies would
probably bring between 800 and 1200 dollars. GUEST: Oh, wow. APPRAISER: Now, the Grant Wood is a little
more exciting because he’s one of the top American artists of the first half of the
20th century. The other thing with this image is it has
the horses in it and collectors love that, especially collectors of regionalist art like
this. GUEST: Uh huh. APPRAISER: Have you ever had this one valued? GUEST: Never have, no. APPRAISER: It would likely bring between six
and nine thousand dollars at auction. GUEST: Really? APPRAISER: And I would actually put a replacement
value on this of somewhere around $18,000 to $20,000 sooo. GUEST: Oh, my golly. APPRAISER: Very nice. GUEST: Yes, it is. Thank you very, very much.

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