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31 comments on “George Strait – The Man In Love With You (Official Music Video) [HD]

  1. When my husband and I got married almost 7 years ago, he requested this song for me on the radio. That’s his way of saying he loves me and to this day, I melt and cry when I hear this wonderful song. Thank you George!

  2. This song reminds me of my boyfriend in the Army deploed to Syria. He always says he's no hero. I love you Honey

  3. very emotional lovely American Country Song by Dear Handsome George Strait '' The Man In Love With You '' very emotional love song.

  4. I would positively go out of my mind. If someone was this forthright. I would melt. I loved this song since I was a teenager. Not many men will admit that.

  5. So beautiful is this love song…. Thanking God for the man who said .." I'll always be the man who loves you"….💖💖💖💕💓💗♥

  6. I wholeheartedly love one man. I would choose him over all the money in the world. Money and materials mean nothing if you don't have love. God i pray for a miracle.

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