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German vintage Tube Amp Roger 52 – 20 Watts – Testrun for Blues Harmonica – SEYDEL 1847 LIGHTNING

Here it is – my new old little big amp. from the 50s the brandname is”Roger” ….not “Rogers”… it is not English but a German amp and it is built like a little PA with three inputs a fat speaker and a flap that can be removed …and the sound is also very good – lucky me. Feedback….seems not to be an issue… …which is very nice. I got a Green Bullet Mexico here… I once added a guitar plug…very practical… and I play on a SEYDEL1847 LIGHTNING in the key of A I’m quite happy 😉 Little resumé about the Roger 52 …no feedback (at this volume level) warm sound as well at a moderate volume level I am looking forward to the next live situation …we will see how it works on stage. …and I hope it will hold out rather long! Your comments appreciated!

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