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going to the flea market: a crack story

Yes [music] Hi Introduce yourself I’m crackhead number one What’s your life like? Um…sad It’s pretty You two look like a good match A lot of people say I could do better, but I disagree This guy just came by with his like…totally wiped down the tables and just stood there like one swipe past my arm That was uncomfortable I don’t appreciate Invading my personal space Life is not goin’ great right now, it’s not… Doing good things for me I need help Me too, I need a lot of help Yeah Oh my god do you wanna be therapy buddies? Yes. Great, let’s get matching insurance for it too Let’s start a new after-school program just like For therapy? Yeah These…these are not gonna fit They are too small I literally… try these on You think my big-ass head is really gonna fit No, you’re gonna break them I’m not feeling it sis. I’m really not Hey Rachal Hi, welcome back to my crib What’s in your crib, huh? Um a lot of pins… kind of broke don’t really have furniture I have racks though I also have a rack…totally different story [outro music]

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