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HOW MUCH WE SELL? @ FLEAMARKET I bought an abandoned storage unit & sold at fleamarket

HOW MUCH WE SELL? @ FLEAMARKET I bought an abandoned storage unit & sold at fleamarket

you guess we would sell out ladies and
gentlemen boys and girls parents of all ages guests were hi oh man we are going
to the Concord gonna sell for a little bit
we’re right here we’re in the Honda this is our load very small but sometimes
it’s not what you it’s not about the size it’s about the quality we got
quality today about to see it I must wear it all out we’ll see a we commit a
very minimal stuff brand new bow from the 4200 or you know we got tools from
the 7000 or a unit from the $4,200 yeah we got miscellaneous stuff I don’t want
to heat they got this from the 4200 or you know
miscellaneous paperwork video game system we got all of this beautiful
Asian art here this is all good items they want a Saturday Saturdays they’re
very picky buyers so we’re gonna see what we could turn all this and this is
all profit everything you see right here is just profit from the storage units I
used to sell the good stuff first and try to liquidate the crap now I get all
the crap get my money back – only good stuff is profit then we get our money
out of this stuff right now comment below how much you think we’ll make
today grant is Saturday flea markets conquer
flea markets itself has been extremely slow still buyers come out so comment
below how much of this you think will still say like a percent like 10 percent
100 percent and the dollar Matt you think we will get out of this today keep
in mind if we sold the kamon up like a thousand bucks were already good I have
it up on eBay for 1,600 best offers let’s see
yeah okay biggest sale the day laser diamond so far we’ve actually made 40
bucks we have actually finally entered the profit margin if you look it up
that’s like 120 used on eBay 130 there are obviously way more in a store 80 is
a good deal I go 75 is my my best I can do give me 70 that a nice brand new drill 124 that two
drills battery charger this yeah yeah you can go tested I got a 15 minute
warranty that pirates is the art of negotiation see now when you want to
sell some this is my my firm belief everybody out here selling the same
thing you want to sell something always ask more than you want because the
person is gonna counteroffer and they’re gonna feel good when they got a deal
when they were able to talk you down any amount of money they will be like okay I
want it see here we are now one hundred and twenty three dollars end of the day
not bad better than nothing I can oh whatever
nonetheless if you guess less than a hundred twenty three you’ve already lost
don’t forget to comment what you think we will sell it by the end of this day
one hundred dollars the hell of a deal 189 was what it was on clearance
guaranteed to kill a beer probably if you could hit it then you gotta go chase
it cuz yeah you’re one yeah Adam that’s always the fun part well honey sold anything today market is
dead see around there’s no customers it’s 10 o’clock ow that was not a very
good day the flea market granted I didn’t bring out the best of stuff only
brought choice items but that’s how I handle Saturdays you got to know kind of
your markets it’s not a good day to take out cheap stuff
but nonetheless this is a problem that we are dealing with in the storage
business right now there’s a lot of things I’m not quite sure what the
problem is with the flea markets but they have gone downhill the last month
or two maybe a little over two months if you guessed uh anything above or
below $123 you’re lost if you guess we would sell 123 a day you were right on
the money is what it is

55 comments on “HOW MUCH WE SELL? @ FLEAMARKET I bought an abandoned storage unit & sold at fleamarket

  1. Captain the way you Hustle no way I could guess lol 😝 Always go high thanks for the advice 👍🏻☠️🦄✌🏻♥️🙏

  2. Oh ya brother!!! Never!! NEVER GIVE UP THE INTRO!!! That is all you!! To cool!! ….. P.s. waiting on salt P. … Just sayn. Much love from On .Ca

  3. Pirate, I won items from one of your auctions back on Sept. 3, invoice #8103. Grimes Auction will not answer the phones or emails to even discus shipping. I'd like my money back. Do you know what is going on?

  4. Mike, if you show me signed art works (like those Japanese prints in this video) I can give you an idea of how much they are worth. A couple of days ago I identified copper panels for Jebus that are appraised at $25,000.

  5. Hey Pirate you,got any Harley-Davidson stuff? I’ll buy it all if not keep me in mind I collect anything Harley-Davidson!! Signage, Tins, Parts, (etc)

  6. I just wish I was in California only for the stuff you get though not for anything else I'm in Florida lot less political here. And your stuff's too nice bro for flea market I think but I could be wrong. And flea markets here in Florida are down about 90% in the last 10 years nothing like it was in the 90s and 2000's

  7. Im gonna say you'll sell 45% of all your stuff, as far as tools 100% people love tools especially with that warranty bahaaahaaaaaa

  8. Saturdays are typically estate sales retail days and garage sales for most folks. Wasn't it hot last Saturday in Concord? The heat keeps people away too. I also think our economy is starting to show the signs of people holding onto their money. Best way to make your money is get rid of all the junk 1st. Lots of folks have said September has been a slow month on ebay too. Could it be related? Not sure if it's retail fatigue or something else. Have a good one Mike!

  9. Yalls problem is everybody is watching yalls videos and seeing what yall will price stuff coming out the unit. Stop saying what you would price stuff while yall make videos. Love all yall stuff and hole yall keep on doing yall…

  10. When your videos end with you in mid-sentence, I feel like my phone is broke. Especially when it’s a 4:00 min vid from The Pirate. Please add “Your Captain is over and out , Ladies and Gentlemen.” Thank you for your consideration.

  11. Well $123 is better than a kick in the locker nuts and What The Hales there is good Grimes along with Jebus where is everyone gone and big daddy Storage Stalker calling out One Dollar sale One Dollar then free everything for free and not to forget Storage Hunter who quietly hunts down lockers quietly . All of you guys are wonderful people who strangely help me through my days

  12. Мне нравятса твои видео,все четко,и самое что главное,что ты не пижонишь,а то есть такие,которые прям переигрывают,а это только отталкивает

  13. I found that people are leery about going out where large groups are. That will subside but with all shootings even county fairs are down 22%

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