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How to buy antique maps: Every map tells a story

music playing… I first took and interest in maps after college.
I was on a proverbial go to Europe with backpack and Europass traveling around. I found myself outside of London at the British Naval Museum in their gift store and I found this beautiful map. It was just an inexpensive print but I loved it. So, I bought it and rolled it up and put it in a tube and hand carried it back home across the Atlantic, had it matted and framed and it hung in my office for decades. And now, the real thing is up on the wall
behind me. The first real map that I purchased was a
map of Virginia. My son and I had gone to London to watch
some tennis and we wandered into a map dealer who had these beautiful, rare maps and
we bought a map of Virginia. Which was just great fun. I don’t know who was more excited about it, my son or I. It’s turned out to be great fun to have a
shared interest in these old maps with my son and, subsequent maps that we’ve purchased, I’ll call him up and ask him about it, get pros and cons of different maps and so that’s added another whole dimension to it. So for me, most of the maps that I’ve purchased have been through Old World Auctions, again because auctions are fun, but more than that they’ve got great customer service and I feel like I can purchase with confidence. The reasons behind that is they give a really
good description of the quality and the condition of what the map is. I know it’s authentic and
they also provide you with a value range so between the condition and the pricing it allows
me to buy with confidence and that matters to me. music playing…

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