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How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Uses of Antique Crocks

How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Uses of Antique Crocks

The use of these pots today and some people
would use the not necessarily highly decorative but the very plain to do some pickling. The
would pickle there summer harvest in these crocks and they still can be used one thing
that we always look out for in here you see a nice clean interior when you pickle you
use those harsh solvent inside here. When you them to pickle they cause the white the
branning actually cause a white film that sometimes stay in the inside of these crocks.
So it doesn’t help the value so I recommend if you wanted to use these just for storage
use a crock that doesn’t have expensive value to it. Such as one like this without any decoration
on it, very simple that would be what I recommend if you wanted to use one of these for storage
today. The other types of ways to use this lots of people would just put flour or store
anything from umbrellas to they use them for storage vessels. But not necessarily liquid
or food you can put just about anything in them. I have some small crocks like this in
the 1 gallon and the 2 gallon that I store just my I might count in my kitchen and I
put my utensils in them. You could put your wooden spoons and that kind of thing and make
great displays and they are great holders of that type of things. I seen collectors
who collect in country and they use these open crocks and they would put this rolling
pins in them in there they make great displays that way. So there is a variety of different
ways you can use these just on today on your kitchen counters. Just to decorate on your
floors or to put any kind I would say dry goods unless you want to use some of the less
expensive crocks for pickling or food storage.

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