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How to Collect Oil Lamps : Pricing for Antique Oil Lamps: Part 3

So that is something to keep in mind if you
want to just collect rare oil lamps. Then we have a few other patterns here and this
one is the Periwinkle which is a really difficult pattern; not difficult but not as easy to
find. This Periwinkle would range in the $150 range. Where you start to get into a lot of
money is the color; cut to clear, art glass, font anything in that range with color. You
will find these in red, ruby red and blue you will find the thumb print which is a dot
print in red and white. Those you will find started $300 range and go up. It could be
upwards from $600 to $900 depending on the pattern, color and rarity. One thing to remember
color glass in 19th Century Oils are going to cost. They are the top end of the range
in collecting and top end of the range in investments. So that is something to think
about when you are thinking about when you collect.

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