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How to create a two colour distress using Chalk Paint®

Hello, I’m Annie Sloan. I’m going to show
you my signature technique which is two tone distress. The idea is that you have
one colour underneath, you put another colour on top, you wax it, you distress it
using sandpaper and you can see the colour underneath. I’ve chosen this chair
because it’s got quite a lot of really lovely carving, and so when I sand it
you’ll see some of the colour and it will really bring it out. I’ve chosen quite
bright colours, quite strong colours. The colour underneath, Giverny, is really
bright and then I’m going to put on top this colour, which is Aubusson. It’s quite
deep, the two colours will make it look quite modern, quite interesting. Of course
this could be completely different if I chose to do it on a rather pretty little
French piece, and I could do it in say Paris Grey and Old White or Duck Egg Blue
and white something like that, make it very, very different. But I love the fact
that this is a technique which can look completely different. I’m going to load
the brush, not too much on there. Then paint onto here. You see the sort of
stabbing motion: that’s to make certain that I get the paint into all the
grooves and the carving. If I paint this too thickly, what it means
is that it’s more difficult for me to rub it back. So paint it and then spread it out. So now I’m ready to wax. This is my Clear
Wax and this is my Wax Brush, this is a bristle brush it’s nice and pointy and
it goes in all the little bits that I need, to all the nooks and crannies. So
you get quite a lot of wax on it, not too much you don’t want to overload it, and
then you get going. So that’s too much. So you’re gonna
spread that out a long way, so a small amount of wax does go a long way. So I’ll take my cloth and very lightly, not going mad, I’m just removing any excess,
that’s all there is. What the wax does is protect the paint. It also gives it a
beautiful finish, quite unlike varnish. Wax is really beautiful in my opinion,
it’s got a very mellow look. The wax hardens over time, so you don’t want to
do it and then leave it and then try to sand it. You’re much better to sand it
while the wax is fairly fresh. You don’t want to do it when it’s really wet
otherwise you’re just removing the wax very quickly and very easily. So just put
it on and by the time you finish this whole chair you’ll be ready to go back
to the beginning. I’ve waxed everything with the Clear Wax
and now I’m going to sand it. I’m going to use my Sanding Pads. They’re really
good because you’ve got the medium one, that’s the green one, the pink one is a
fine one, and the blue one is coarse. Now usually I’ll start with the medium one
and the coarse one because the fine one is for when I’ve sort of want to finish
off. You have to see where you are. Each piece of furniture you can’t
just go from rule of thumb. I’d start with a medium and then maybe go on to the coarse one. So I’m just going to gently sand
that and work out how far I want to go. Now I find I’m
having to rub harder than I want, so I want more to come out so I’m
going to use the coarse one now. And very gently, shouldn’t be hard, do you see what’s
happened, it’s revealed some of the Giverny there. So I’m going to go more
for that now. And this is now a bit like, well this is getting really, really fun
for me because this is where you bring it all to life, and work out what you
want. You can’t do it like you’re just cleaning something: you just polish it
all off. You’ve really got to use the – these are great because they’re
flexible, you can do them how you want. By using the wax to begin with it doesn’t
take it off too easily. Some places I’ve gone right through to
the wood there I really like that. I think it works for this very very nicely. And now I’m gonna start waxing it back in. So it immediately goes quite a lot darker. I really like this because I’ve got the
wood coming through, and the wood is actually coming through rather orange so
it looks like it’s another colour but it’s not. So basically what I’m doing
is I’m waxing everywhere that I sanded. So there we are this is my two
colour distress chair. That’s it finished! I might put a little cushion on there
but that’s it I’m really happy with the way it looks.

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