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How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night

How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night

$3,000 profit for three hours in marshals on a Friday you can’t beat that guys Reesie resells follow the hustle what’s up guys we are outside of Marshalls right over here as you can see we marshals and Toys R Us and we’re gonna go on a trip into the store buying stuff for retail prices that we could sell on Amazon or Ebay to make a profit this is called weight caliber Trog and retail arbitrage it just means we’re flipping stuff so if you ain’t flipping you slip in and stay tuned to this video if you want to see how you can make money buying stuff at retail stores and selling it online because I bet you got retail stores right you think they got retail stores where they live I think they got stores okay you’re ready to go hustle yeah that’s what you’re going enjoy guys are up now first we’re going into Marshalls no marshals no marshals marshals I’ll race you to the store [Music] I tricked you so here’s the deal guys you get in the store and then you scan the barcodes of the items that are in the store using an app or even using the Amazon or the eBay app to find out what you can sell for more online than what you can buy it for in store so right now we’re gonna start going through stuff and I’m gonna share a little bit of it with you guys so these shoes pretty cool looking shoes and when you scan them you can see the rank is 8,000 and they sell for 62 bucks and that would payout 4701 but at Marshall’s they’re $49.99 so it’s not a good deal so we found our first score of the day this is a harush a keystone kids baseball cleat and these are priced at 1699 and Marshalls in the rink is 26,000 and you can see they’re gonna sell for 49:37 and payout 36:49 so this single pair of shoes is a roughly at $20 profit which is a hundred percent ROI from the seventeen dollar investment when the retail is 140 and the shoes are 20 bucks that’s a good sign so there was three pairs one was in a different size but similar profit is so that’s $60 profit in a couple minutes so we just came up on these this is a Jordan through flight GG six-and-a-half youth and five-and-a-half youth and these are 40 bucks I check out what this stats say there’s no FBA offer currently and that’s selling for 170 so that’s just that sighs let me scan a different size so this size this is the six and a half it’s selling for 170 FBA which is gonna pay out 138 and the price of these is 40 so this is almost $100 profit it’s probably a little bit overpriced because the eBay comps are around a hundred but this will sell maybe not for just that much either way I’m gonna say this is a solid $50 profit per shoe purchased and look how many of them there are these carts are kind of small but it’s like 310 dollars in profit minimum to as much as 600 dollars in profit in there right there 30 minutes later four more pairs of cleats so we’re looking at 390 to 700 and profit okay guys cart one is done but if you ever hear anyone bragging about Marshalls carts that’s not cool these carts are so small you can fill them up with a small soda so I picked up four pairs of adidas tubular shadows they’re like cheap one of the easies or something they’re 40 bucks and they’re selling for eighty to a hundred so these are going to be fifteen to thirty dollars profit each here’s another sign guys when you see the retail is 140 and you open it up and they look pretty legit quality metal cleats not plastic twenty bucks you don’t have to be a genius to know you can make money off that this is cart number three guys so these Kevin Durant these are 150 and Marshalls just selling them for 50 bucks and I think they’re going for about a hundred on Amazon to where the tail would be about twenty-five dollars profit but the rank on these is nine hundred thousand and that’s way too high these are not gonna sell go look them up they don’t have good reviews the color kind of sucks to not gonna buy those bye guys thanks for helping me with a hustle [Music] full service at Marshall’s that’s what happens when you drop and loop so sometimes you’ll find boxes that are really messed up pull it out and look at it on its own you don’t want to buy shoes with really bad boxes and you can’t sell them on Amazon without the boxes on eBay yeah not on Amazon this is an example of a box I wouldn’t buy just because of the box what a bummer huh [Music] [Music] cart number four I’m in the bra aisle I always make a point to check the bras for resale it’s not usually really huge profits but they sell really really fast one tip that I have for bras is look for the ones that have underwire they usually sell better women’s underwear could this be considered actual Tommy for your mommy look it’s Tommy for your mommy this is the time where I walk around the store and see if I can find any other deals I know I should probably leave but I gotta look I’m glad I stopped because I got a bunch of cool stuff check this out this is discontinued headbands frozen these are like 29 bucks on Amazon and getting it for 12 bucks so that’s like definite 50 profit all right so I think I’m about done at this point it’s been a solid two hours and I am so hungry I am really considering eating the snacks at the front by the register it is Friday I just found out it’s Friday why am I always the last person to find out it’s Friday whoo hunger situation solved all right it’s finally time to head over to check out just a little over two hours and almost 6:00 I’m super hungry I got to get out of here I might skip out on Toys R Us I got a call the wifey and see what she wants to do because I just realized it’s Friday night so we’ll see okay so that hole is over I’m now taking a couple bags out to my car and then pulling my car up to the front so we can load up the shoes one major tip that I have for you if you’re gonna go do retail arbitrage is empty your car first before you go don’t leave your kids bike in the car don’t do that that just makes your life difficult so we’re getting the shoes loaded right now just starting to figure that out got one flat and two carts so the car is packed turn out to be 63 pairs of shoes I would open the back but shoes might fall out so I’ll wait until I got someone to help me catch him but the car is loaded I was going to go to Toys R Us I’m gonna skip that now I got to go home and get dinner with the fan so our final profit numbers are spent eighteen hundred payout back from Amazon a little over five thousand with a roughly three thousand dollar profit for three hours in Marshall’s on a Friday you can’t beat that guys the reason the profit is so high is because I got a lot of cleats please have a really high profit margin so keep your eyes peeled for those cleats when you see them if you guys want to learn how to do this and how to make money doing retail arbitrage make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell alert so that you get notified when I put out new fire content and trust me you guys can do this anybody can do this I dropped out of high school in 10th grade it’s not 1920 you do not have to continue to work a nine-to-five that you hate you can free yourself from the workforce using the tactics that I teach for free on my youtube channel I got over 300 videos you guys can figure it out trust me and then you can start living the life based around the patch that you want and that’s what I want for you guys to do so remember subscribe to the channel hit the bell ler drop a comment down below if you need any help with this and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace [Music]

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  1. Are we family?? 😂My brother & I have been doing this for years & have made a decent living.. I've learnt either you have the gift of flipping or not.. Thanks for the info-Keep Hustling!!

  2. Aren't all those shoes used though? Idk if they are or not also not trying to be negative just wondering since you're using the new selling prices on all the shoes

  3. Can u make another video like this but after the video make a follow up and show us your true profit as to what u actually sold and what didn't. Basically yeah or a proof and tutorial video show us the rest of the process

  4. Eric is the best he change my life he his honest and trustworthy contact him +1(281) 766-3372 you won't regret working with him..

  5. This video has given me a new activity for the weekend to earn extra money! Very brilliant and fun since I love to shop, lol! I will try this soon.

  6. The sad part about this video is that the little girl is the last generation of kids that will know ToysR'Us in it's original incarnation.

  7. You cant sell other people items that are trade marked with no contact c.f t with them…if you make a certain amount the product company can sue them..

  8. This is why broke motherfuckers can't buy shit anymore because motherfuckers are now flipping shit from stores. They about to fuck the retail game up just like the housing game. How about you get a tax id and buy wholesale and pay your taxes!

  9. I tried this, it’s wasn’t for me. Sold shoes, then they got returned because they didn’t fit correctly. I refunded, and quit trying to sell on eBay. I hope you can invest some of the earnings on your teeth. Best thing I ever did was fix my broken tooth. ✌🏼

  10. Q: How does your shipping overhead come into play? How much did you make last year? (Roughly) and… How to avoid the tax man? IRS? I see you are married… perhaps that's the key? Thx! MF

  11. Hi there … super awesome video!!! What app do you use to scan the bar codes? Watching your videos one after the other!!! Thanks for teaching us …. 😊😊

  12. This is awesome man! I just started doing retail arbitrage 5 days ago and have netted 226 dollars and I still have a lot to learn. Best thing to do is just go for it. Another thing I do is save receipts, so if I dont sell within like 30 days, I can just return it 😂

  13. LOVE THE HUSTLE & most of all your teaching your kids👍🏼 that’s what’s up, I can appreciate your hustle because that’s the drive you got, simply brilliant and all the leg work you included, I think that should of been something we payed to get but thanks for the hard work you just dropped on us to use👍🏼

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  16. Good job bro! I do something similar but on a much smaller scale more as a hobby…. I'm just curious what is the timeline for you to flip all this merchandise??

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  19. You're awesome! You created your own job and became successful at it by educating yourself and thinking outside the box.

  20. But how much is it to SHIP each pair? I tried shipping something that weight and it was 12 bucks. Do you have a special shipping account to get better deal?

  21. Not only does this look profitable, but it also looks FUN! how exciting it must be to find diamonds in the rough! Thanks for sharing, brother!

  22. How long did it take to sell all of the shoes,and did you have any that didn’t sell out of that bunch that you bought in this video?

  23. I work at amazon and I see a lot of things come in with clearance tags on it from different stores and is sold at amazon for way more.. when I put the amazon sticker on it I’ll try to cover the clearance tag idk why the person who send it in don’t take it off..

  24. Great Video by the ways. After this, how long did it take to ship everything? How long did it take for everything to sell? How long it take to receive the 3k in your account from the time you put the products on Amazon and or eBay? Sorry for all the questions. Just wanna get a perspective of this business. Keep up the great work!

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  27. Do you calculate the taxes you pay plus retail price compare to what the customer would pay for the item and taxes on eBay or Amazon to determine whether you will make a profit? Oh I forgot the shipping costs too?

  28. 2 quick questions.
    1. You have not added shipment cost if you sell on ebay. And you have not added amazon commercial account fee+ amazon warehouse charges.

    2. Can you sell name brands on amazon without taking approval? I don't think so. Than how you are doing that?

  29. Step 1 – make a YouTube channel

    Step 2 – Make a bunch of videos that are helpful to grow subs

    Step 3 – Make even bigger clickbait videos that convince people they can sell shoes on Amazon even though it's all but impossible to sell because not one person watching this video is ungated on Amazon.

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