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How to Make DIY Chalk Paint

How to Make DIY Chalk Paint

How do you turn this, into this? You won’t
believe how easy, inexpensive and satisfying it is! Looking for a fun, fresh way to finish
furniture? I’m going to give you an easy paint recipe you’ll use again and again. This is a chalk-finish paint and it gives
this pretty matte finish to almost anything. You can paint wood, metal, wovens, glass and
the best part? There’s little to no prep. That’s right no stripping, or priming necessary
— all you need is a clean dry piece to work on. The Recipe
This is the key ingredient – Plaster of paris. This is what gives it the great matte texture
and helps it adhere to almost anything. Mix a third of a cup with a 1/3 of a cup of cool
water, and stir that up really really well until the plaster of paris is completely dissolved.
Then add a cup of paint, just plain ole latex, and stir. That’s it! This may seem like a really small batch, but
you’ll be amazed at how far it will go. This isn’t about getting a completely smooth
finish like you would with a glossy latex or an oil-based paint. You’re going to see
some brush strokes and you’re going to have some texture in the finish. This is why I
love this stuff, I didn’t even sand this and look how easily it covers. Since the paint does have a more brittle finish,
you want to protect it from wear and tear so you can use a spray poly, or a wipe on
wax. This step helps seal the finish and protect the paint. You can do just one color, of if you really
want that aged, worn patina, you could layer colors, creating more depth and interest.
I love the raised patterns on this frame, and by adding almost a wash of the chalk finish
paint, it’s really going to highlight all that beautiful detail. Since the paint has
such a soft matte texture, it’s really easy to distress and blend. That’s one of the best things about this paint,
you can get lots of looks and it’s very forgiving. I love using this, it’s so user-friendly and
it’s fast and fun and really — you don’t need a lot of expertise to get really great
results — so give it a try!

11 comments on “How to Make DIY Chalk Paint

  1. 1/3 cup plaster paris, 1/3 cup cool.water, 1 cup paint = something that resembles played dough???? it thickened right up – tried it twice same results.

  2. wow had no idea I could blend a latex paint to make a chalk paint. have been struggling to get good coverage from rustoleums new chalk paint.

  3. From a Lowes associate please start explaining every step you use in this video, its extremely frustrating to explain to customers that if you don’t follow the directions to a T it won’t be the same. Such as how you used a fork to help stir… wasn’t shown in the video.

  4. hi i live in spain and when i try to find latex paint i only get white latex for priming wood. can i use acrylic paint? i want a specific colour that i cannot obtain in chalk paint; the colours here are really limited. i only need a small amount, and wall paint comes in 4l containers here; no test pots unfortunately

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