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How to Make the Most of Kovels’ Price Guide [Kovels.com]

How to Make the Most of Kovels’ Price Guide [Kovels.com]

>>Terry Kovel: Hi I’m Terry Kovel and I’m
one of the authors of Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide.  This is a book that has been
around for over 40 years and is really one of the best spots there is to get some information
on prices.  There is a lot more in the book than just prices and a lot of people don’t
know that.  So, I’m going to walk you through the book where they have the special things.  First of all, the book is done with a computer
and everything is computerized.  It is alphabetized in a very strange way and you have to get
used to that.  If you look in the book in the very beginning,
you will find there is a section which says “read this first”!  Now, I know nobody
does! Every year I write it and I say “I wonder why am I wasting my time on this, because
nobody is going to read it.”  So please if you get the book, try that.  In it, it
explains a lot of things and gives you a lot of information that you would not expect like
high prices for the year and the record prices on a great many things are in here.  There
is a whole section on record prices which is very valuable.  A lot of people use that
information during the year.  It tells you the biggest; smallest, most expensive and
least expensive.  We always have fun with this part.  We also have a section on the
weirdest.  Those are really fun like false teeth or guillotines.  Lots of funny things
so you have to read the books and see.  They are brand new every year.  We also have a list of all the people who
give us pictures in the back of the book.  If you are interested in anything that is
in the book that you would like to know more about, you can look at the back of the book. 
There is a list there which gives you the name and address of all of the people who
furnished us pictures and the number of the page the picture is on which is very handy. 
I think you will like that feature.  The dealers like it because they have been getting
a lot of calls.  Now every picture has been outlined and is in great shape.  We also have tips and sidebars and they are
different.  One of the tips in this book says “if you have a piece of pewter, you
can clean it with cabbage leaves.”  I rather like that one.  That is kind of fun.  One
of the sidebars in there
tells you about different companies and some of the funny things that happened and when
a company might have closed.  Some things that you would not find normally.  It may
also tell you things like “men’s handkerchiefs are back in style again in a pocket, so maybe
you want to buy handkerchiefs this year.”  You never know what is going to be in a sidebar.  Terry Kovel: We also show you a lot of things
in the copy in the front and back that you would not get otherwise.  The section which
we are particularly proud of is the updated company information,  because we update them
every year.  If a company closes during the year, we have that information in the paragraph. 
It is just as current as it can be.  So be sure to read the paragraphs as well
as all the tips, the indexes and all the other features and you have great information that
nobody else has.  This is Terry Kovel and I hope you go out
and look for some antiques this weekend!

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