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How we rebuilt our Chevy Small-Block V-8 engine | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E2

How we rebuilt our Chevy Small-Block V-8 engine | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E2

100 comments on “How we rebuilt our Chevy Small-Block V-8 engine | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E2

  1. Hey great video I would like for y’all to do by 307 it’s in my 69 Chevy C 10 I am in Americus Georgia where are you located

  2. As always these videos are amazing to watch and show quality work. Any chance yall would be interested in doing my out of my 87 GMC Sierra Classic? It has a clicking sound and was rebuilt by the previous owner but well… I think it was his first time. Thanks!

  3. 15:20 "how did you learn all this stuff YouTube"… that was funny! but what was more hilarious was when he said "engineering degree"😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Hello folks, I would love to have a old car or truck hagridy rebuilt thee engine in, and thee vehicle professionally restored too originally factory spect. Thank you for excellent videos.

  5. I've loved these engines s long time. Rebuilt one in my garage when I was s kid. But not on this level of accuracy. Point is, they're great motors. Oil leakers, yeh but we didn't t care. Lot of fun. Dear Lord, cork gaskets? They suck

  6. I'm just a shade tree guy who loves working on my old Jeep and watching how you get things done. I always learn something from your videos! Keep up the good work!!

  7. 😍 got a 350 outta 81 Corvette, not a whole lot of power but that'll change, gonna drop it into my 91 Camaro, carbureted and painted Chevy engine blue 😅😎

  8. so my question is you mentioned degreeing the cam, but you put on a stock sprocket with no means of "dialing" in the cam. so why bother getting out a degree wheel? if your not building a HOT engine its a waste of time. especially since your sprocket doesn't allow offsets to actually "degree" the cam. Is it the typical "engineer" thing to do? Most people who build an engine will never do this nor will they have the need. Totally not necessary for a "stock" rebuild. Its only done with high lift cams for high RPM use. Now lets get to the julian date…..you mention about connecting date to car, NOT. As you said its build info for date and shift block was cast, thats it. The serial number for "numbers matching" car is located on deck surface in front of right cylinder head. Youhave also incorrectly lashed the valves. solid lifter cams require the use of feeler gauges and the SPEC for Chevy hydraulic cams is 1 turn past 0 lash.

  9. Damn I really appreciate the host for simplifying and explaining what's happening. I'm just getting into cars and hope to build my own drag car one day

  10. The revolutionary chevy small block and I mean revolutionary is the greatest most legendary motor
    Of all time…350Lt1…is that FACT…

  11. What's the difference between a car small block Chevy and a Mercruiser 350? How far do you have to disassemble to find how an engine ceased? At minimum, will you have to replace piston rings of a ceased engine? Terrific video commentary.

  12. The rocker cover's were wrong the one with the oil fill cap belongs on the left and to between #5#7.

  13. freeze plug holes are for flushing the sand from the casting and some times they will push out . one full turn on the rockers and never use gasket on iron exhaust manifold

  14. A very impressive video, thank you so much for the lesson, it was a great refresher for me to see since I am getting ready to rebuild a 76 350 Corvette small black. Sure brings back old memories…

  15. This in Michigan? I dig when you got gear heads at home who know what's going on with all American motors,build at home not over seas, that old 327 small block Chevy looks damn good! Keep up the good work! Keep it made in America, one day I hope to see us building good old American trust worthy steel again, made in Detroit
    Michigan, given it that good ol' heart 'n soul! I have and old 1980 3/25 GMA Sierra classic born in flint at the old Fisher plant,rockin an old school 454 3 speed auto,with eddlbrock heads/intake with and old eddlbrock 4 barrel carb made in Detroit Michigan USA, I don't trust anything else but
    American motors ,nothing else can
    Stand the test of time! Keep up that American dream guys! Awesome work aswell! Let's go blue!!!

  16. The term freeze plug is slang, the correct name of the press-in plugs is actually core plug. It is mistakenly thought that the purpose of these plugs is to be pushed out and save the block from cracking if the engine has water in it and it happens to freeze.

  17. Say I would want to do something like this but I do t have all the high tech tools would I be able to just buy replacement parts or better parts to put in the engine ??

  18. When I lost 3 solid lifter cam lobes on my 70 LT1 at 48,000 miles, there was zero wear on the valve seats from using unleaded fuel.

  19. General comments requested. My cam gear for the timing set has 3 marks , TDC, a plus and a minus mark. I'm guessing the plus gives it a couple of degrees in advance. Application is 4×4 manual transmission truck, no more than highway speeds as well as creeping or hill climbing.
    It is a low RPM cam. Any suggestions or just go top dead center?

  20. Thank you! I didn't grow up doing this type of work, so I don't have the same understanding as so many others who really enjoy these videos. These are skills that need to be taught to the young people of today.

  21. Amazing how far our oils have come since then. Look how grimy that is with 80,000 miles. With today’s Synthetics it would still look new in there.

  22. Anybody ever get bored with fooling with Chevys?? Everybody has a small block Chevy. I’m not a brand loyalist so I think it’s fun to play with different stuff. I’d like to rebuild a old FE big block Ford. Love or hate you gotta admit those old FE Fords sure sound good!!

  23. I like how the time lapse video was 3:48 seconds long the 350's stroke is 3.48 inches! There my favorite videos on youtube thank u for takeing the time to make them!

  24. My only question is 'do you take mechanic interns?'. Would love to learn how to properly do this kind of stuff without the thousands in tuition lol

  25. Where can I find videos without the time lapse obviously you guys record real time where are those videos so I can follow step by step easier overall great work keep it up 👌

  26. Those are not freeze plugs they are core plugs and the ONLY reason they are there is to let sand out of the casting during casting process, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, yes they will pop out in freezing weather but in severe cold your block will crack,

  27. I would have liked to see more on tightening the rockers down to correct any rattling. My pops used to say quarter turn and listen for the noises to correct them.

  28. That is truly a vanishing art. I'm in The San Francisco Bay area, and there's Not too many machine shops in my part of the country anymore. Engine rebuilding used to be common place in the 80s . The labor is just too expensive now. And It's Hard to compete with Chinese and Central American Machinists, making third-world wages.

  29. You mentioned looking at pictures in manuals…
    I was talking with a guy at work about looking at catalogs. He said, "All that stuff is online…why do you want a catalog?" I said, "Y'know, that's true…but as a kid I used to look at J.C. Whitney's catalog. I got to know the parts & what they were called. When I rebuilt an engine later, I was familiar with what things were called." Like a short block vs a small block. 😉

  30. I just get the biggest kick watching these rebuilds! I have never rebuilt a motor. But I do my best to take care of them. Very educational!

  31. i have a stock 305 ho in my 88 monte carlo. it has 156k miles on it,, what are the things that would need replaced that wear out? like what would you change on it? it runs good, but has a weird intermittent power,, one minute it runs strong then the next feels like its being held back, could this be timing chain? or what would you check?

  32. The Same Engine Colors Over and Over Again Red, Orange, Orange, Red, How about an Engine Paint that Changes Colors with Temperature? Monkey See Monkey Do this Culture is Created a Bunch of Parakeets that Repeat and Recite Each Other Including their Mannerisms .

  33. A very good educational bit for beginners. But I've torn apart my fair share of small block chevies. I've seen a 350 dropped into everything from Volkswagens to go-karts. I always enjoy it when something other than a 350 is built.

  34. Wonderful Break down for us enthusiasts,

    Who doesn’t have the Awesome equipment to do that Great Job..now

    If you can install it on my 69 ElCamino 👌🏽😅

  35. nice video! i currently drive a stock 1965 chevelle coup with a 283 & stock 2-barrel Rochester carb.. it has 252,000 miles, 3 on the tree, AM radio…i'm original owner, car bought brand new in 1965 from B & B Chevrolet in yorba Linda, ca… there is a long story behind this car on where it has traveled to for all these years… it was involved in a minor fender bender back in 1981, repairs were fair for its day, i thought about replacing the r/f fender, but i know i'll be buying a Chinese fender & i really don't want to do that…. i would love to find someone to rebuild this eng correctly, but i just don't who to trust anymore.. i live in Fullerton, ca & if you can recommend someone, i would appreciate it! thanks! terry…

  36. Hey I was curious what this service cost and anyone know a good community for this type stuff looking to do my first build 400 sb from 72 step van to 72 suburban any guidance would be appreciated

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